Feb. 2nd, 2010

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So at lunch today, more out of curiosity than anything else, i stopped by Old Navy since its been more than obvious lately that my pants no longer fit. old navy ain't the greatest when it comes to curvy humans, but i figured a ball park would work well enough regardless and i'd know what i was working with.

In highschool, i wore a size 26/28 jeans.
Today I pulled on a size 16.

I've lost a total, to date, of 73 lbs X) GAH.
(that's since surgery on 9/16/09)

there are no words for either my utter glee or my insatiable disbelief, lol.

now if only i could AFFORD new pants, then i'd be in business. *mental note to find self a belt* damnit. anybody got any size 16's laying around they don't want anymore? 8D (as long as you're over 5'5", i'll take em)

in other news, my apartment has heat (WOO \o/) but my stove doesn't work and i'm still sick. *sniffles*
but my mood has improved tremendously thanks to an awesome weekend with an awesome boyfriend <3

as soon as i get myself really settled and comfortable in the new place, much arting will be had once again! oh, and internets, must get internets. i wanna kill me some zombies.


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