Mar. 4th, 2010

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auuuughgawd x_x four hours of sleep just doesn't work for me anymore. srsly. goodbye college years.

One of those weird personality test thingers )

there are no words for my tired today, not to mention just how much crap i've had to do this week which is quickly rushing up on me now that its reaching the end. I miss the 'having nothing to do on the weekend' thing, i srsly do.
-Richmond early tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get off work and Kat gets her ass to DC to pick up my ass.
-STILL NOT DONE WRITING, FML. *insert expletive deletive here* see all that personality shit i posted above?? DEADLINES, DNW.
-got laundry to do today and errands to run, and all around shit to figure out before tomorrow, tho [ profile] happytemplar saved me from having to do grocery store. i <3 you like pie woman.
-work had stupid EARLY MORNING MEETING, hence the four hours sleep, after waking up to the asshat downstairs sharing his morning cable tv with me. THNX BUT NO, REALLY >8|

i feel rushed and stretched and not as excited about this weekend as i was before, but gotta do it anyway apparently. this is why i don't make plans x__x

check please?
(i actually kinda missed bitching on the internet. let's never fight again @.@)

oh, note to self: If you don't get in all that awesome protein you need, you can't walk in a straight line. i know we've discussed this before, but srsly, you look funny. think about it.


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