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So, a good long while back, i promised a recap of my trip to England/Asylum. yeah...so didn't get to that. my apologies if anyone was waiting for it (which, i certainly hope not because i can be really friggen boring) i am actually going to do a separate entry for that since i do have some awesome pics to share, but i'm not really gonna go into detail. sorry bout that guys, i fail, i know. i've just been hampered down with a lot of stuff recently and haven't had the time for blogging *gasp*

but hey, free moment. like, now.

been working on a comic for my friend [livejournal.com profile] psychosako that is eating up, like, all of my time. its short, thankfully, but i'm a detail whore so even 12 pages seems like a crazy amount. thankfully, it's horror and steampunk mix, so it continues to be interesting as i go. which i need, cause otherwise my attention span would be somewhere else very quickly.
so there's that.

he's adorable, and i love him. a beautiful, very finely marked bright orange tabby male which i've named 'Dantes' after Edmond Dantes. he's a needy, clingy, lovey little ball of floof who is not very bright, but is at least very sweet. he can be a bit too needy at times, but thankfully isn't obnoxiously so. he and my rattie, Yuri, have made friends and actually play together, its kinda cute. on the other hand, Dantes is one of those cats who loves water, so he's gotten into the habit of dunking his face in his waterbowl and making an incredible mess that i never see until i step in it. in my SOCKS, of course.
*sigh* but...i has kitty. <3

my little brother is getting married this weekend ;__; and i'm in it. which, holy crap, my BABY BROTHER *sob* plus the fact that i'm getting shoved into a prom dress (blegh) cause his little wifey-to-be was nice enough to ask me to be in it (yay!) :) should prove interesting, at least. but awwww, baby bro @.@ i'm such a sap.

i'm engaged. yeah...so, surprise? surprise! i know i haven't mentioned much on here about the fact that i've been happily dating since november of last year to the absolute love of my life, and now i'm getting married next year. ho snap. X) i don't talk or gossip about it much because its very personal, so unless you physically know me, you probably won't hear much.
although, i may bitch/pose questions to the public here randomly if i'm looking for wedding advice.

I've lost 96 lbs since my surgery last september. which is crazy, because i look so incredibly different sometimes that it takes me by surprise. its been an interesting couple of months, and while i admit i'm unfortunately having a VERY difficult time coping with this, i'm still working on getting my head on right. its just...a bit challenging when you see yourself every day as a stranger rather than the familiar face you've known all your life. don't get me wrong, i LOVE how easy it is to get by now; how awesome my knees feel and how wonderful it is to fit in chairs and smaller clothes, but its a slow going process of acceptance too. its amazing what stress can do to the mind when it comes to this >.<

but YAY, nearly a hundred pounds off. that's like, a small person. yikes.

i still remain to be a little socially inept, but its a hell of a lot better than when i started. there's a long history of being disgusted with how i look and fearing the assumption in others (some voiced, some not), so there's a lot of kinks to work out that will take awhile ;.; but i'm ok.

all is basically well :3

aaaand, i think that covers it? maybe? the big stuff at least.

so onto inconsequential stuff.

So i saw Toy Story 3 and loved it.

no, srsly, it's an AMAZING movie, and i'd gladly see it again. Bravo, Pixar, not only for making a sequel that doesn't pander to the misgivings of social mediocrity, but for MAKING IT NOT SUCK. not to mention the animated short at the beginning was so mindboggingly adorable <3 what i wouldn't give to hang out with these people, srsly.

so, toy story 3.
The Awesome
- Buzz and Jessie. BUZZ AND JESSIE <3 <3 <3 MOAR PLZ.
- Buzz in spanish mode (could not.stop.laughing)
- BONNIE <3 <3 omg!adorablechild
- Ken. in all his ambiguously gay/at least bisexual outfit changes. even Barbie was cute (the high heeled shoes, omg you know Ken wore them)
- pretty much all of Bonnie's toys, especially the unicorn and the thesbian hedgehog

and then...
Things you Can't Unsee
- THAT DAMN MONKEY. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhNIGHTMAREFUEL
- the cockeyed baby doll *shudders*
- the trash hell/inferno. um, yikes?
- watching your toys watch you leave them behind with mournful looks in their eyes *sob*

i've heard horrid things about Airbender, so i'm not even bothering to give the theater money for it. i'll take my chances with assistance from netflix tyvm. its how i saw g.i. joe *shudders* so i'm sticking with that. i heard twilight was better than airbender, which is the saddest thing i have ever heard.

its too damn hot for words this week. i hate running the AC all the time, but i'm on the top floor. in a hundred degree weather at the top of an apartment complex that cooks and does laundry ALL THE TIME? if not for AC, i'd be dead.

is it friday yet? i'm ready for a road trip.

Date: 2010-07-07 06:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bouncy-erbear.livejournal.com
Best. sequel. EVER. I agree with all you have said about this movie. Although, another one of my "The Awesome" moments was the scene at the beginning that played like a Blockbuster action film XDb So. Epic.

;__; It makes me sad that TLA got put through the meat grinder. How can someone who supposedly loves the series DO THAT to it? The more I hear about how bad it is and the details of the badness the sadder I get.

Date: 2010-07-07 09:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oatmeal-queen.livejournal.com
my toys were just as epic.

ugh, i cannot even begin to talk about how upset i am over TLA. what the hell were they thinking? it was like someone watched the series, got an idea in their head to make it live, then stuck their fingers in their ears and LALALA'd all the way to the box office. i really REALLY hope this discourages them from doing a second, cause i will PISSED if they screw up Toph.
they even had like, a half an hour of footage with Suki and the Kyoshi warriors that was removed! like, completely taken out of existence of the film. WTF.

at the same time though, this unfortunate mishap *coughs* is going to make it impossible for a full length animation now :(


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