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and since i haven't gotten to say that very much recently, i thought it would be good to take note. especially considering how soon lotsa stuff is gonna start snowballing. (ie; big trip through grand canyon, surgery, holidays, moving and marriage) BUT THAT'S ANOTHER DAY, LALALA.

i had my doc appointment this morning that i'd been putting off due to both insurance/money issues, lack of getting my bloodwork done, and basically just all around avoiding it in general. cause well, doctors. yuck. (i'm allowed, i'm related to them) BUT, this went a hell of a lot better than i thought it would considering that the doc basically sat me down and told me that i just went through a year of crazy shit and came out on top for it. and literally, she congratulated me cause i reached the point of healthiness. literally, THE point. as in, if i so chose, i wouldn't need to lose more weight than i already have, cause i am healthy. HEALTHY. AND AT A GOOD WEIGHT. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. IDEK.

most of my bloodwork numbers were good, my blood pressure was annoyingly low (i say annoying only because it makes me lightheaded. its not life threatening, just annoying), my cholesterol was next to nothing, my protein levels were FANFUCKINGTASTIC (she didn't say that, but it would have been awesome if she had) but that i still needed work in some areas. like vitamin D (of course. stupid sunlight), of which i now have a prescription for. doh. AND, my iron levels are like, obnoxiously low. and by obnoxious, i'm not exaggerating here.

Doc: you need more iron.
Me: yeah, i know, its a bad habit of mine.
Doc: i get that, but srsly, you need it. it makes you all zombie without it, and studies show that fatigue sucks. normal iron levels are around 45 or so.
Me: ok...so how far have i got to go to boost it?
Doc: well, your level was at 4.
Me ....oh.

as funny as that was...yeah. i went out and got iron today.

ALSO ALSO, i think i finally found something of which to celebrate myself (heee) that isn't food (Cause srsly, going out and celebrating consists generally of what? food and/or booze. sup with that.) thus i got myself about four more pairs of knee high socks as a celebratory gift that is awesome 8D eeeeeee.

Tropical Depression Nichole is currently putting my neighborhood under a foot or so of water, but i'm digging the whole staying indoors thing atm. (northern VA is just so amazingly GOOD at fucking up everyone else's day whenever it rains like this, so yeah...i choose life) completing it all with getting take-out and making up for lost time with gettin shit done at home.
i'm really starting to love thursdays <3
if only the cat would FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WHEN IM HERE. other than clinging to me. that would be awesome. *glares*

so anyway. Kat is getting some E-attention tomorrow (not that cat, mind the k) and then on Saturday, the Molly is kidnapping me and we're gonna get everything done that we need to for this crazy ass trip coming up x_x which is gonna be interesting, lemmetellyou. hwargh, that's gonna be a rough day.

in conclusion, and seriously here, hearing from a professional...someone with a fucking DOCTORATE that i'm healthy, finally healthy and don't need to gain or lose any kind of weight if i don't want to? i really didn't think i'd ever hear that in my lifetime. i've been unhealthy as far back as i can remember. it was all anyone ever talked about with me, and it came before everything else. EVERYTHING ELSE. my cousins dreamed of being doctors and scientists and astronauts while i sat there and dreamed of being thin. cause that was all i knew. sad as shit for a child, lemme tell you. if i ever get the chance or opportunity to promote equality for fatties, i am so there.

i'm far from thin, don't get me wrong, but thanks to the persistence of my cute-but-biased fiance, i'm actually really starting to like the size i am now. i fit in roller coasters (OMGYAY), i can shop in normal stores for clothing (stuff i never dreamed of wearing before), no one stares at me or treats me any different anymore, no one throws beer bottles at me (its happened), or calls me horrible derogatory things anymore (fuckyouverymuch hagerstown). i'm just...here. like everyone else. big hips, large thighs and everything that comes with it. boo-yah. i don't need to be a size 0-3 for that, i just need to like where i'm holding at a healthy size 14 <3 and get the hell over it.

now i just gotta work on the being happy and content thing, and i'm allll set.
gimme a few on that tho. workin on it.
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