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I am, thoroughly enjoying myself today X) for all the wrong reasons, haha. Today is decades day here at work, and i was totally looking forward to it just because i get to play dress up as an adult XD could there BE any better reason??
I scoured through my cloest and most of room last night pulling something together and finally managed to pull off a pretty decent, tacky looking 80's outfit. Unfortunately (or not?) my current wardrobe has far too little in the way of bright, happy colors, so i had to go with a grey shirt that has REEBOK scribed across the front with the bottom pulled into a side scrunchy :3 i'm wearing stark white, narrow legged jeans, bangles and beads up my wrists (thanks Diz!) a teeny little side ponytail with my short hair, GOGGLES (hahahaha) bright blue eye makeup and glitter. i also have this obnoxiously flourescent pink, dangly earings that Nikki let me borrow. i'm having WAY too much fun. XD
only a couple other people dressed up, but i don't care if i'm a rare breed. i'm luvin it. most other costumes were 80's, but one of the OC's came in with middle age garb. it's absolutely hilarious.
not too bad for a thursday :3

Going home this weekend to see my cousin in Beauty and the Beast, broadway style. then David's b-day is on Sunday so we can have the excuse to go see Pirates 3. not so much digging the home time as i am the movie, which is sad, but at least i'll get to see James and Mom <3
Been getting ready for the next con with supplies and stuff to sell, and trying not to stress myself out at the same time *breaths*. i always end up pushing a bit too hard and getting myself frazzled before i even realize it, so i'm trying to recognize this before it really gets to me this time. as much as i love going to cons and selling stuff/doing art, the preparation for it all is killer x.x

outfit update:
dress, shoes, petticoat = got!
accessories, jewelry = got! just gotta fine tune some of them.
stockings = not got :( damnit, gotta get around to that.
makeup = got!
wig = on it's way! so sayeth my email

i think i may have been overpracticing my belly dancing stuff, because i suffered most of last night with either internal hemoraging or a pulled stomach muscle. i haven't died yet, so i'm assuming the latter. holy fricken crap, i didn't even know you COULD pull that muscle x.x!! OW. Sako and I got to discussing getting together for more practice outside of classes and with some DVD stuffs we have, which i'm totally all for, but man, suffering for my art indeed...

i've had 80's music stuck in my head since the moment i walked out the door this morning. it must come with the outfit, like, as a mandatory thing. if only i could have found my krimper -.-
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costume update:
dress = got
shoes = got
wig = bought (ended up with the auburn one afterall :3)
petticoat = bought (a big fluffy white one!)
socks = not got
stockings = not got
makeup = debatable

sooooo close! i think i may actually have everything i need before AMA, let alone otakon. which rox cause i totally wanna wear it to AMA for a test run <3 i r teh dork. molly's getting her costume together too tho, so i won't be the only one ^.^ *happy*

in other news, i started taking belly dancing lessons this week ^.^ and despite how awkward it was, (me being one of the biggest/tallest people in there with a bunch of short little asian chicks with no hips) i actualy had a lot of fun. Nikki is doing it with me which makes it better, tho i really wish i could have kat or sako with me also :\ still, i'm gonna keep up with it. i've got the hips for it so i may as well, i'm also a fast learner ^.^

this saturday, kat actually invited me to *ahem* the first ever belly dance convention of nothern virginia! lols. i'm honestly just going for the vendor stuff, (jingles! noise makers!) but it'll be fun to see kat in her element XD i just wish this thing wasn't out in the bf of nowhere, purcellville. wth. mapquest blows XP i'm so gonna get lost.

DUDE, someone hacked into my ebay account yesterday. it totally sucked cause i had to get in touch with help support on ebay and let them know that, no, i wasn't selling a $2,000 television, nor would i like the fees with that plzkthnx. the support was really nice at least, and got it all quickly taken care of, but damn. stoopid hackers. XP

i've been in a drawing rut. again. damnit. got a couple things i'm trying to start on my own, but it takes me kicking myself in the ass and refusing to believe i can't do it. wth. whoever thought drawing porn could be so difficult?
i am SO glad it's friday. regardless of the fact that I have a busy weekend.

-humorously annoyed
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Sometimes i wonder if it's worse to only be highly stressed at certain times, or to be medium stressed ALL the time. I think I've been hanging around that range lately of medium stress, and it really starts to chip off of you after doing so for a long period of time. You start to wonder what it feels like to be stress free, like it's something that hasn't happened for so long that you forget what that's like.
don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining...i just wish i had more of an outlet sometimes. :\

Saturday should have been my day to chill out, but i cleaned instead. (it needed to be done, no regrets) Sunday was mother's day and a whole lot of driving, being back in hagerstown, planning things, keeping up with my bro and all that jazz. it was relaxing in the mental sort of way but not really a good chilling out day. So monday came up quick, and I'm not sure whether it was actually food poisoning i had or my anxiety turning my stomach into a knot, because i got real sick quick.
So monday i stayed home and couldn't do much of anything but sit still, eat toast, drink water and draw.

Despite how tired I am from having to be physically sick, i really did appreciate that day of doing nothing. it's been awhile ^^;

I think I'm doing better with the current situation I'm in anyway, especially since I've had a great deal of help from friends where I needed it most <3
tonight is the first of the belly dancing classes i want to go to, and now i'm reeeeeally nervous about it, lol. though i'd really like to dance, and from what I saw of Kat's performance, it looks like fun and something i could do ^^ we'll see how my courage stands this evening >.>

cosplay update:
Dress = GOT! zomg! Dizzy signed for it yesterday when i was home sick (ironically) and it fits perfectly XD i love it so much, and it's actually more flattering than i was expecting <3
so now, all i need are white petticoats to go under it, a curly wig, and really cute socks :3
tho i'm still debating on the wig...originally i was going to go with a reddish-auburn color, but after trying the dress on (which is hunter green btw) i noticed that it looked pretty good with my brown hair. so now i'm torn. i think it'll look nice either way, but, as sako said, it looks like it may be down to a coin toss :\

so that made my week ^^ despite being tired and sick and still feeling the funk from the trauma of the previous week. i may survive all this after all.

-humorously annoyed


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