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Got my prints done at Kinko's tonight, and they look awesome. :3 hurray for being productive! and doing everything at the last minute lol.
My co-worker today asked me if i was packed yet. pfffffft. yer funny.

I drew tonight! Woo! Some slashy fun times, (warning! mantouch! :O) but it was still drawing. and slash. and that made my evening. how bout yours? X3

i am so happy what time of year it is now, you don't even know. October is NEARLY HERE. Halloween baybe! woo!

ouch, man my throat hurts. i'd like my REAL voice back plzkthnx. I'm sick of either sounding like a dying, cancerous old woman or a twelve year old, bronchial child. wtf. if i still am not in possession of my correct voice by friday, i am going to be many different flavors of pissed. JamesBro called me yesterday and had a field day making fun of what he was hearing. damnit. that gives me no hope -.-
i need to invest in a punching bag.

still haven't convinced myself to go to the gym, BUT i DDRed for like, an hour yesterday with NO ASTHMATIC ISSUES. *so very much love* my knees gave out before my lungs even started to.
BLUE HAIR IS BLUE! or at least, parts of it X)

oh! forgot to mention earlier, [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 took me to my first ever concert last week :3 which was loads of interesting and fun to be had, but i think my ears are still ringing from the noise x.x good lord. hot, crazy chicks dancing on stage and some mad guitar and drummin skillz all around. good times were definately had ^.^ just thought i'd make note since it WAS my first real concert. FINALLY.

sleep tiems ahoy. roomies are home and passed out, i should prolly do the same. didn't sleep much last night cause i think one of the cats discovered my pillow and left me with a great urge to claw my damn eyes out before benadryling myself unconscious. fucking cat fur. XP
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I am officially an Advair fangirl.
no really, i want a t-shirt. or a banner. i don't know why my stupid, stubborn ass didn't try this stuff before, because holy friggen crap.
and not just, ya know, take in air, but BREATHE. LIKE HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO.
my swiftly emptying inhaler hasn't been touched in 24 hours. i slept through the night without waking up in a breathless panic. i can evacuate all air from my lungs without strange noises or using more muscles than i'm supposed to. i can walk up ten stairs without even getting winded.

dear fluffy fucking lord or whatever is listening, THANKYOU.

went to the doc's, obviously, and happened to mention that there was this purple cheesewheel looking inhaler that my brother's swore by. mainly because, well, my asthma was getting from bad to worse, even with the kitty gone (*sniffs* miss you Smudge) and how the inhaler had pretty much become my lifeline. which is bad. very bad. constant steroid use kinda bad.

so the guy listens to my lungs and i can see him cringe when i expel air. (AND I WASN'T EVEN MOVING. I WAS AT REST DAMNIT.) thus agreeing, with his condolences, that my breathing sucks. which was kind of a no shit sherlock moment that went unsaid since it felt like he would have said it first. i kinda liked this guy.

i'm still dizzy and achy from the whole, new medicine deal in the bloodstream and all that annoying jazz. but it's manageable so long as i don't push it. and i'm not, for once. honestly, promise.

wasn't much doc-man could for my shoulder, but he gave me a recommendation. which is cool, i take what i can get.
and as far as i'm concerned, i got way more than i thought i would.
i may be able to do DDR again soon :D!

fuck you asthma. TAKE THAT.
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genked from [livejournal.com profile] lunarei

What is your ideal religion?
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You scored as Secular Humanism

As a Secular Humanist,you are very closely related to those with agnostic and atheistic beliefs, although you are more of a philantropist, and work for causes that improve humanity. You are very open minded, and care about your fellow man.

Secular Humanism




New Thought
















sounds about right, actually.

The weather is freezing again, and for some dumb reason it sent my asthma for a loop yesterday ;.; didn't sleep, wheezed all night and am still wheezing today. It's freezing and i can't breath. marvelous. from bordering on having too much medicine and a severe lack of oxygen, i am a zombie. I'd be angrier about it if i didn't feel so stoned x.x ugh. i hate this feeling.


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