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hello there internet :)

i know, i know, it's been ages, and i'm sorry about the large gap in between posts, but unfortunately it was for a few personal, irritating reasons. (and just may i say, for the lawyer who is currently stalking my LJ? eat me. no, srsly, kiss my ass and find someone else to bother. i'm through being concerned over your problems. eat a bag of dicks.)

so anyway, in all better news, things have been pretty well for me :) i'll recap later, this post happens to be for the purpose of a proposal of sorts.

most of you who know me, also know that i avoid doing commissions at all costs. not because i hate them, per se, i actually quite enjoying drawing for others, but because i feel bad charging for it and can be fairly lame when it comes to finishing them. now i know, boo hoo, what an issue, but srsly, i have a hard time with this sometimes, so therefore i avoid it.

that being said, one of my oldest and most bestest friends is going through horrible financial issues right now, and nothing seems to be getting any better anytime soon :( she lost her job last year, is in debt up to her ears, shares the deed of a house with a husband she's trying to divorce who also has no job and no money, and she's trying to be in school at the same time.
i hate seeing what life is doing to her right now, especially since i've been so blessed recently. tho despite being poor myself, i don't have a money sucking anchor of a husband, crazy debt or a severely low paying job like she does. she's living with my mother, the poor thing.

anyway, tl;dr, i'm going to try doing what i can by seeing if there is any interest in art commissions out there. i'm talking to all my fellow fangirls out there in LJ land, would any of you be interested in commissioning me for art? i could do sketches, inked, full color, multiple characters (not so great with backgrounds), multiple fandoms, slash, fluff, (any nc-17 stuff would have to be negotiated to see if i can do it, but you're welcome to ask) and original characters with good descriptions/references. srsly, try me.

is there any interest at all? i'm also willing to offer prints of any of my existing stuff. i have art throughout a few different fandoms of supernatural, fullmetal alchemist, sailor moon, and a ton of original angel characters.

if there IS an interest, i can lay out pricing and reasonable timelines for both the drawings and the prints, but i'd like to know i could actually pull this off reasonably. I really, REALLY want to help my friend, but without commissions, i don't have much to give :( i don't mean to use the sympathy card, if really, this is the first time i've ever truly asked, but it really is for a friend in need. i think that's worth a little expended effort on my behalf.

what say you? commission me so i can help my friend? anyone? :3
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geezus i need therapy x_x disappointing doesn't even begin to describe this crap lately.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. i so declare it. (gawd it better be. pleeeeeez be)
new body, new home, new relationship, new life, and now a new job. i really am starting over. wth.

but hey, i'm drawing again. woo!

wedding is in 19 days. eeeeeek.
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aaaaaaand i'm off to vegas. right now.
then headed to the grand canyon for this ten day river trip up the colorado 8D

a year ago, i wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do this.

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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sammywhatammy
oh hai distraction )

One of these days i'll actually get around to finishing the Golden Compass books. *stares at dusty bookshelf* among other things.

In other news, fanfiction is an amazing distraction for a whole lotta awful. now if only i could get my stupid ass to WRITE IT, i might avoid a last minute panic next week.
*coughs* lets see how long those good intentions last me -.-
I'm srsly LOLing at myself right now for reading Legion fanfic, but damnit, it's better than the movie. more Gabe/Mike plz, i miss my own.

and of course, my heart goes out to my poor [livejournal.com profile] fauxfaia. <3 u bb, i'm here if you need me and you know it. day or night.

wedding 101

Aug. 8th, 2010 08:46 pm
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] authoressnebula, cause i could.

mememememeeee )

Been horribly busy. between working, drawing, trying to be semi-social and then organizing as much as i can for a wedding...i have no life.
which, btw, i don't care what anyone says, planning a wedding is a veritable nightmare if you haven't been dreaming of it since birth. srsly. i had no plans, nothing in mind, no image of what it was all supposed to look like when that life altering day would come and everything would just fall into place. pffft. bullshit. its hard.
i am going to be ECSTATIC when i can just BE married and all of this can be done. did you know the average wedding costs 27k? THAT'S AVERAGE. WHERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING THIS MONEY.

on the plus side, the design aspect of it is rather fun, but well, saw that coming since i have an affinity for design. that and so far there have been plenty of people around to keep me sane. so far so good. the wedding itself will be on March 25 of next year, so who knows what'll happen between now and then. at this point, if i don't kill my mother (or myself) before this is all over, i'll consider it win/win. possibly.
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So, a good long while back, i promised a recap of my trip to England/Asylum. yeah...so didn't get to that. my apologies if anyone was waiting for it (which, i certainly hope not because i can be really friggen boring) i am actually going to do a separate entry for that since i do have some awesome pics to share, but i'm not really gonna go into detail. sorry bout that guys, i fail, i know. i've just been hampered down with a lot of stuff recently and haven't had the time for blogging *gasp*

but hey, free moment. like, now.

so onto inconsequential stuff.

So i saw Toy Story 3 and loved it...SPOILERS )

i've heard horrid things about Airbender, so i'm not even bothering to give the theater money for it. i'll take my chances with assistance from netflix tyvm. its how i saw g.i. joe *shudders* so i'm sticking with that. i heard twilight was better than airbender, which is the saddest thing i have ever heard.

its too damn hot for words this week. i hate running the AC all the time, but i'm on the top floor. in a hundred degree weather at the top of an apartment complex that cooks and does laundry ALL THE TIME? if not for AC, i'd be dead.

is it friday yet? i'm ready for a road trip.
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So this week is actually shaping up to be better than last. thankyou, whatever deity may be out there, cause srsly, i couldn't take another train wreck like that.

my apartment is back to...i wanna say decent working order? i guess? the complex was apparently under the assumption that if you had your place sprayed for bugs once, having moved everything you own away from the walls and into the middle of the damn room, you would then of course KEEP IT ALL THERE FOR THREE WEEKS FOR WHEN THEY COME BACK.
which is ludicrous. srsly. i live in a one bedroom place with a decent amount of belongings, and there's no way in hell i could live that way for three weeks. fuck that. and i told them this, since they neglected to give me any kind of information after it was done as to whether or not i had the all clear. assholes. your wormy apologies make nothing better, especially since all of the bugs came from my stupid neighbors who brought them in then had the audacity to complain about it.
my ratties and my fish are still over at M's place and i miss them @.@

they finally fixed the ceiling fan-o-death in my breakfast nook (no, really, it sounded like the kind of fan you'd hear at the end of a horror movie where the protagonist is trying his damnedest to knock the killer into it and save the world. loud metal on metal screeching, it was amazingly terrifying.) but my dishwasher apparently needs a part ordered so that it drains correctly, and is not fixed yet. i'll take what i can get at this point.

the commissions i'm doing for this year's Asylum conventions* (note the plural) are NEARLY DONE OMGYAY. even with all the crap going on, i still managed to work my ass off for this crazy deadline and i cannot wait til i get through it. SO.CLOSE.NGGGGGGHHHH.
my writing muse has been niggling at the back of my head this whole time tho, and i fear the day she becomes impossible to ignore. one more week, that's all i ask, then i'll slash things, i promise.

my awesome boyfriend gave me Left 4 Dead 2 and i can't even touch it yet cause of all the crap i have due. ;___; May is gonna be nutz.

got an email from the guys who're sending me my first issue of the Last Unicorn comic, apologizing cause its late in coming. of which, i'm ok with this, cause i forgot i pre-ordered it to begin with. so yay for things i forgot to be annoyed with!

'Dirty Jobs' is an odd show to listen to at work more than watch. At least i have a decent constitution and am entertained enough to keep playing them tho, cause damn...ew.
but i ran out of mythbusters.

its almost May! gah, there really aren't enough non-sleeping hours in the day.
cheers to a better week.

oh, and amusing work convo is amusing. )
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So at lunch today, more out of curiosity than anything else, i stopped by Old Navy since its been more than obvious lately that my pants no longer fit. old navy ain't the greatest when it comes to curvy humans, but i figured a ball park would work well enough regardless and i'd know what i was working with.

In highschool, i wore a size 26/28 jeans.
Today I pulled on a size 16.

I've lost a total, to date, of 73 lbs X) GAH.
(that's since surgery on 9/16/09)

there are no words for either my utter glee or my insatiable disbelief, lol.

now if only i could AFFORD new pants, then i'd be in business. *mental note to find self a belt* damnit. anybody got any size 16's laying around they don't want anymore? 8D (as long as you're over 5'5", i'll take em)

in other news, my apartment has heat (WOO \o/) but my stove doesn't work and i'm still sick. *sniffles*
but my mood has improved tremendously thanks to an awesome weekend with an awesome boyfriend <3

as soon as i get myself really settled and comfortable in the new place, much arting will be had once again! oh, and internets, must get internets. i wanna kill me some zombies.


Jan. 20th, 2010 11:04 am
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I apologize if I haven't responded to comments/gotten back to people I intended to recently. This week has been kicking my ass and running me over with a truck x_x repeatedly.

I'm in the process of moving from one apartment to another, my place is a mess and i have limited internet between homes :(

this was basically the reason i didn't sign up to do the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fundraising campain (which is awesome, btw, check it out!), despite the fact that i reaaaally wanted to. i just knew i wouldn't have the time and i didn't want to disappoint . So i apologize to anyone who was hoping i'd sign up.
However, a lot of really amazing artists and authors HAVE signed up, so go check it out before the bidding ends! or if anything, Misha's Minions are still collecting through UNICEF and will always take contributions, I'm sure.

anywho, since i'm at work now, i won't make this long. just know that i promise to catch up as soon as i can and i thankyou all for having patience with me <3
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Oog this week X__x

so far, i'm halfway through my first week of being officially back to work. full days and everything. hasn't been as difficult as i thought it was going to be, though there's been some juggling about what to do with figuring out the protein shakes i need to get in, along with taking lunch everyday. i never did that before, but hey, whatever's easy on the wallet, right?

on the other hand, because of all the protein i've been taking in (not to mention the still healing thing) i can only go for about two hours before i HAVE TO GET UP and walk around or something. I used to be able to go a full day without getting up from my desk for anything aside from food or bathroom. it's weird actually having energy. totally not angry about this, tho i gotta make sure i still get my work done in the process, lol.

eating is still weird. but peanut butter no longer hates me. HUZZAH.

Zombieland is my new favorite movie. no, srsly. totally gonna be a zombie for Halloween X3

was having kind of a blah day today which ended with me picking up my mail and finding a bill for the hospital that's around $600 :( which, unfortunately i knew was coming, it just wasn't nice to see.
HOWEVER, i then proceeded to open the rest of my mail which included a check from my insurance for the short term disability for work (SCORE) along with a letter from where i bought my car telling me they got my final payment.
the car, my Gabe, he's officially all mine.
that, and hanging out with friends tonight cheered me up immensely. if only my scar hadn't been hurting all stupid day. how very harry potter of me.

despite everything tho, i've been in pretty high spirits throughout everything. i have my bad days, but i've been more positive lately than i have in YEARS. <3

hurray for thursday! and for the weekend, looking forward to hanging with moar friends and being outdoorsy. should prove interesting, especially since i'm GETTING A PUMPKIN. WOO!
*dances* it's that time of year again!! *gleeeeee*

now if only this friggen Steampunk picture i've been drawing for the Dean/Cas fusion thinger would just ink it's own damn self e__e as much as i missed being a detail whore and have been having way too much fun steampunking the Imapala...aaauuuggghhh innnkkkinnnggg

speaking of steampunk, i've got a costume pulled together for Nekocon that i'm totally gonna sport. 8D stupid, nerdy excited doesn't even begin to cover it.
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oh hai gaiz! :D

sorry for the internet silence lately. i didn't mean to worry anyone, I've just had a week of no internet (oh the horrors), and have been trying to get myself to do other things with the time i have off from work. not that i can do much, but it's the principle of the thing. of which, i actually go back to work next wednesday ^_^ not a bad thing, i'm kinda looking forward to rejoining the rest of the world. and feeling better, that would be awesome too.

still healing, still getting used to all this new stuff and goings on with me. my brain and my body aren't all too happy with each other right now, but we're workin on it. sleeping still kinda sux mainly because i sleep mostly on my stomach, and seeing as there's a great big incision there, that's kinda not happening yet. tho my staples are out, and they told me that everything is looking great :3 so yay! no infections plz k thnx. they also told me i had already lost 13 lbs, but that was last thursday so i haven't a clue about now.

i stopped taking the pain meds two days ago, so i can officially drive again *glee*

eating is...weird. my meals are very small and are limited to things that can be thoroughly turned to mush before swallowed. no sugar. i'm on a timed schedule to help me with everything since i don't really get hungry yet, and i'm in almost a constant state of drinking. otherwise, it's not too bad. i started out thinking i would be hungrier with so little, but my stomach really IS that small now. bizarre.
eating out isn't so hard either. i sure as shit spend less.

but all in all i'm ok :3 i get exhausted really quickly, unfortunately, because i'm still not yet used to how little fuel i'm taking in. i'm also tired most of the time simply because sleeping is such a chore. laughing and sneezing don't hurt as bad as they did before (srsly, first time i sneezed after surgery, i was in tears, omg) tho i still have to hold my stomach when doing so, lol. each day is better than the one before, so that's a plus.

i've had a shitload of support. from both family and my friends and i love you all for it and cannot thankyou all enough. for those who came long distances to see me right up with those who are down the road and haven't stopped coming, i <3 u guys so fucking much.

the next few months are gonna be interesting.

on the plus side, i've found some mojo for drawing/coloring and FINALLY finished with [livejournal.com profile] tracy_loo_who's bday present (woo!) apologies for it being so late darlin! but a very merry belated birthday to you <3 hope you likes ^__^
warning, snuggling angel/man love. you heard me.

ohhhh, also also, so, there was this fantastic fic i read in the renegade angel exchange on the dean/cas comm that was incredibly impactful to me and inspired a picture that forced me to do *gasp* a background AND perspective. WHUT.
the fic is called In the Silence After, is an apocalypse fic, and is gut-wrenchingly sad, but VERY well written. (dunno who wrote it yet!) i love this kind of inspiration.

so the pic actually came out kinda awesome and i was really proud of it what with the hatching fun tiems and all. BUT. EVEN BETTER. [livejournal.com profile] aesc agreed to do a collab with me on it and proceeded to work her magic and make it SO MUCH MORE AWESOME.
She posted it in her journal here
(sorry for leeching your link hon) and i srsly love what an amazing job she did. I LOVE COLLABS. SO.MUCH.FUN.

oh, and for the record? I love my show. srsly, srsly gaiz, apocalypse and sorta!zombies ftw. now one of my fav episodes and it was written by the creator of The Tic. I LOVE THIS. (SO MANY L4D REFS. I THINK BEN EDLUND PLAYS IT. gawd i miss that game ;.;)

and damnit [livejournal.com profile] fauxfaia, why'd i listen to you and watch Glee? cause now i can't.friggen.stop o_o
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Spent the 4th of July with [livejournal.com profile] psychosako and our Bellydancing troupe. we were surrounded by people setting off fireworks for like, miles around. yummy food, awesome people. no crowded, crazy DC metro.

i signed up to do the Dean/Cas anonymous fic exchange, and of COURSE they gave me someone who was really awesome to write for that i am INCREDIBLY INTIMIDATED BY. gawdamnitall.
gonna do it anyway. as soon as i grow some balls.

Stein played with my desktop for a bit (cleaned it mostly) and i can at least play L4D again with only the slightest bit of hiccups. as opposed to how bad it was before.
i keel zombays! and asplode ma teemates!

i haven't been able to draw all weekend -.- as much as i wanted to. even writing has been sparse. i think i sapped out my muse. *slaps her cheek*

My little brother's fiancé (my soon to be sister in law) called me tonight to confirm the details for their engagement party two weeks from now. coo, family weekend it is.
then she asked me to be a bridesmaid ;___;
*sniffs* uh...YES.

chipped a DAMN TOOTH. on potato chips DX
aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh so.not.cool.


I know I'm a year late, but... )
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I am officially killing all of my poor plants =__=

damnit. there just isn't enough sunlight coming into my room and i can't put them out in the apartment cause Christie's kitties will devour them.
i can't tell which is more cruel. death by starvation or death by cat. :(

I'm actually starting to gain some respect for Twitter.
not because i want to be uselessly dull on it, but because of how its fitting into the current issues in Iran.
gogo Iran-anon.

finally got around to getting Left4Dead, only to play a day's worth before my computer suddenly won't play it anymore ;.; such a damn tease. if only my brothers were nearby enough to fix it.

I was just working on a redraw for a shirt that i thought was a funny looking little monster thing until i realized it was actually China.

i need more sleep.


May. 20th, 2009 12:00 am
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Yesterday it was brought up in idle conversation with my friend Kat that I couldn't remember the last time I had been to Hagerstown. Or to my Mother's.
Then she said December.
And I realized she was right.

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Let's try this again. Less emo this time.
i gotta stop letting other people's troubles get me down, especially when i've got my own issues to worry about atm.

I greatly dislike wednesdays, but I'll deal. it'll be better than yesterday anyway. Last night suuuuuucked, but I called Kat and she cheered me up with her crazy. <3 you woman.
still haven't called any family, but i'm workin on it.

the commission pics are FINISHED. Or at least, I've sent off the final colored versions for approval. once i get the thumbs up, they are dun. *eep!*
so now i've got the ACEN stuff i gotta get finished for AngelJules along with whatever art i'm taking overseas at the end of May.
*phew* busybusy. which is good.

In other news, and because i'm going to happily let myself off the hook and geek out a little...
why does Misha have to be so friggen cute? I watched some of the vids from the LA supernatural con and GAWD. like i really need more reasons to turn beet red when i finally get to meet him? STOP BEING AWESOME. ACTORS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE JERKS.
ok, that is all. <3

hey [livejournal.com profile] sammywhatammy! where's that chibimoon/helios sketch?! *grabby hands*


Mar. 8th, 2009 04:59 pm
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i am sick to death of being stuck in bed on meds. i wanna go ouuuuuuut >.< if only i hadn't forgotten daylight savings, they might have waited for me ;.;

there is someone in my apartment building, i assume of which is fairly close to the room i'm in, that plays very LOUD and obnoxious polka music. every weekend. never fails.
i feel like i'm living under a carnival.
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heyyyy, lookit that.
crazy snowy weather outside.
and awesome, the parking lot is gone.

my car is ill-equipped for the ice age. i choose life.

zombie food

Dec. 2nd, 2008 11:33 pm
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So, my friend Garth totally just finished the art i commissioned from him at nekocon of me as a supernatural hunter X) (if for nothing more than my dorky ego)


damn him and his awesomesauce shadows.

This totally made my day ^______^

there's gonna be an spn convention in new jersey next year. right up the friggen coast.
and the guy who plays the angel dude is gonna be there.
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somehow...i assumed that would be lower.
i'm almost a 50/50! :D neat!


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