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So. My wedding dress came in the mail today. (fortuitously on a day when I was visiting my mom since it was sent to her)
and it's gorgeous and exactly what I was hoping for. Better than, even, since the pics did not do it justice.
Had it custom made from scratch, my specific measurements and everything.

Cept it doesn't fit.


So that weight I hadn't thought I'd lost in the canyon? It was in inches apparently.

Also, they were supposed to send me three yards of fabric to match the dress so I could make a veil.
They sent me three yards of trim.

I wore it on my head anyway.


Nov. 8th, 2010 04:33 pm
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yeah, so...obviously, i am no longer at the bottom of the grand canyon. which is where i have been for the past two weeks. wilderness. middle of nowhere. horror movie fodder. you get the picture. BUT IT WAS AWESOME THO. just sayin.
but anywho, i survived the Colorado River (WOO!) and tho i didn't really miss the internet all that much, i am happy to have it again.

THAT BEING SAID...to all of my Supernatural buddies out there *eyeballs* you know who you are. i am incredibly reluctant to meander through LJ right now until i catch up on the last three eps. so, this is a call out for assistance please. anybody willing to give me some links? y/y? please pretty please? the last ep i saw was Weekend at Bobby's, so the three after that is what i'm missing.

so...otherwise...did i miss anything important? <.< >.> (y'know, other than spoilers. dnw.)
cause yeah. wilderness. peeing in a river. fuck yeah.
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aaaaaaand i'm off to vegas. right now.
then headed to the grand canyon for this ten day river trip up the colorado 8D

a year ago, i wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do this.

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So...there's no denying it or avoiding it any longer. I officially MUST get hiking boots x.x
srsly, my feet hurt so bad right now. Which is completely my fault for trying to be cheap and simply work with what i had. BAH. not even two pairs of socks, gel inserts or moleskin could save me. By the end of this week's hike, i had bled through both pairs, busted two toes (*weep*) and had a nice big ol blister on my HEEL, of all things. wth? So now i'm limping around in my sneakers because i refuse to wear sandals when it's so cold and wet out. argh.
molly has kindly offered to take me out to get some good shoes at places she knows are worth going to, of which i will gladly take her up on that. no more excuses.
and what have we learned here?
-s'what i get for being a cheapskate.
-despite how much i HATE feet, i need them attached and in decent condition.
-the difference between hiking boots and snow boots is apparently beyond me.

unfortunately, i need new sneakers too since my fav ones are getting holes in them (;.;) everything happens at once, i swear.

why i am not doing as well as i may seem. )

in other random news.
Had a fantastic time at the NRA shooting range with [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 last week and was surprised to see that i'm a fairly decent shot. for a beginner ^^; I'd love to try it out with my lil bro too and finally see what he can do with a rifle. Odd how i never thought this kind of thing would be appealing to me.

mother's day didn't really go anywhere since my mom ended being too sick for visitors *luvhugs* so i basically spent it with [livejournal.com profile] ubermorte instead, geeking over every type of mythology we can't help but love to discuss and watching an SPN S1 marathon for that same reason. He gave me enough of a distration to give me something to draw all day, which was more than i was able to do myself, and i'm glad of it. I'd have called it a good day if I could have just shaken the guilt of everything else. Of which, i could SERIOUSLY do without.

i don't mean for this all to sound negative (too late), there are good things going on right now i swear...but considering the state i'm currently in, it could have certainly been worse.
i need to laugh like i need to breath.
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I'm not sure how I made it through the weekend.
But I did, so I'm not cursing it.
my stress level isn't where I want it to be, tolerance-wise, and there is a lot i need to tolerate right now if I'm going to stay sane and keep from exploding. exploding = bad news. especially days before a con.

i hate this bad habit i have of not dealing with little things as they come. hateithatehateit. because if i did just deal with it all at the time, then maybe it wouldn't add up so quickly and kill me like this. XP LAME.
thankyou [livejournal.com profile] shadrad btw for your generous verbal kick to the head this weekend and then getting my ass out of the house. you helped more than you know (heart!)

on the plus side, i'm art inspired. (will post some of that later) however, in retaliation, i've lost any want or will to write. for like, anything. (cept bitching, obviously)
i also have my own room now, which is something i haven't had since i lived at mom's. also a plus, and i get to work with my re-organizing/anal retentive nature in a non-self-destructive way. cheers.

i tore up my feet on my weekly hike this past saturday x.x ended up with no skin on my ankles, along with breaking a toe and basically all around tearing the bottoms of my feet to shreds. mmm, bloody socks. note to self: wear double socks (triple?) next time, and get some damn insoles for those boots. idiot.
i haven't been barefoot for this long in years (necessary for healing atm, cause socks hurt like whoah) i feel naked without atleast a single pair.

my hair is red ^^ and short. as of the beginning of this month and in preparation for the Lexaeus costume I'm doing for Acen. should be interesting X3 i'm looking forward to seeing people and hanging out. it'll be weird not having an AA table, but good to get away.

Saw Ironman with Dana. gonna see it more times this week too with all of the nerdy friends i know and love XD not that i'm complaining; damn good movie.

going to fire my first gun this week with [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 at a shooting range. I'm truly excited for this this, however, another important note to self: don't go angry, stupid.

i should plan a trip to NYC sometime soon. seeing and all-around hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] sunseenli would do me a world of good @.@ you got any freetime in the coming months hon?

i don't want to crash from all of this, but there may not be a choice in the matter if it continues. something needs to change.
it's happy music time x.x
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David is doing better.
He's home, on pain meds that also help him sleep, and with breathing/heart rate back to normal.
they still haven't a clue what happened.

James calls me up in noteworthy pain the other day to ask how bad traffic was on the beltway at 9 in the morning. He apparently couldn't sleep or eat recently due to his teeth bothering him enough to disallow most anything. Therefore, he's just had his wisdom teeth removed and is with my mother recouping. (traffic was fine. it was going the opposite way he was at that time of day, but i digress.)

my poor mother.
Still, she seems to be in good spirits despite being exhausted after taking care of the both of them. I think deep down she likes getting to take care of her sons again. I was more than willing to help, but mom said i didn't need to, and i ended up having to work way more than expected anyway and couldn't get there. Today was my only day off this week.
Regardless, my brothers are both ok :3

in other news.
One of my roomates is officially moving out in two weeks, maybe less. I think we'll be ok with just three, but here's hoping anyway. On the plus side, i'll have my own room.

Went out to Manassas with one of my co-workers today and hiked the 5.6 mi trail across the battlefield. It was actually quite fun, especially since i really like walking now. And though I know i'm going to really feel this tomorrow, I think i'd do it again :3 the heat sucked tho.

i am so itching to take a trip somewhere, omg.
*ack. tired. bed*


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