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It's seventy degrees outside.

As nice as that is, don't get me wrong, I can't stand this weather jumping. I'm having a hard time adjusting as it is, so it doesn't help when my knees and shoulder ache every other day. i'm AVOIDING painkillers tyvm XP hopscotch weather is not appreciated u.u
not to mention that it's still freezing at work. what's up with that?

All irritation aside (*snort*, sure) Things have been pretty decent.

I'm all excited about tomorow, as I'm going to be heading into D.C. with my lil bro and his best friend for my first hockey game. woo! It's the Capitals vs the Avalanches (the latter being my bro's fav team) I dislike having to go into D.C. at 5 *shudder* but i'm looking forward to this nonetheless ^.^ it'll be the only time i get to spend with my bro around my b-day anyway. What better way than to watch men kick the shit out of themselves on ice? X3

I haven't been as moody for no reason recently. Definately a plus.
That, and I've found it easier to let things roll off my shoulders without getting into unecessary arguments. How adult of me. It's a bit refreshing compared to all the build-up that came before christmas.

diet still going, nothing new to report until I've had my doc appt this thursday. Not that I'm expecting much considering the holidays, but now i'm back on track ^.^
I find it interesting tho that I can -still- be surprised by the fact that some of my old clothes don't fit. This morning I was hesitant to pull on one of my fav tees due to a previous issue I had of it being too tight on me. Regardless, i pull it on anyway (as i'm half asleep) only to realize that it not only fits, but it's actually a bit big.
I really don't think there's any way to prepare for this kind of issue, lol.

my birthday is next week :O zomg! i hope it snows.
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ugh, being sick blows XP
i should have expected this, considering i was sick for the past two years of christmas *insert finger here* but then, so many people have been sick at work that i guess it was inevitable. that, i may just get lucky.

thankfully (or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it) temporary sicknesses and myself don't get along. I have a tendency to get through things quicker than others do, but with a heck of a lot more intensity x.x I think i'm through the worst of it, but it's like a damn marathon. PAINPAINPAINPAINPAIN for a few hours, then it's gone. just like that. i've never been sick for weeks at a time, and although i'm certainly counting my blessings for that, the whole painpain part is non too appealing.

i love the person that invented meatloaf. it's strangely become a comfort food for me today :D which is good, since i'm trying to avoid all the little sugary giftbaskets and candy circlets that were sent to my job.

mostly all christmas shopping = done.
all that's left is random small stuff and maybe one or two people i know i'm forgetting...

One of my coworkers spotted me shivering and bundled up this morning and offered me her space heater @_____@ *CLING*

a surprisingly decent friday. this illness better be on the out, i don't wanna deal with another day of using the dry erase board for communication -.-

RANDOM: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2007-12-16/live-action-dragonball-film-casts-bulma-mai-yamcha
that better just be a joke. XP DO NOT WANT.
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'hello again, welcome back to limbo.'
ugh. pass.

as if this week hasn't been irritating enough, today's rain is just making everybody INSANE. no exageration. city people can't cope when there their world is wet, it seriously makes them crazy, wtf, STAY HOME.

gawd i'm freezing. i'm in long sleeves (of which to note, tis a shirt i haven't been able to wear in years, woo) but i can't feel my fingers. which blows since all i work with are my hands. a.r.g.h. it's one of the drawbacks to loosing weight, unfortunately. pretty much the top of the list.
and oh yes, there is a list.
most of the people i know have never actually lost a great deal of weight (notice, i said most) but despite how much i know this is going to be good for me regardless, i'm out of my comfort zone and it's driving me nuts.
for example:
-i'm cold (still) almost all of the time.
-my rings keep sliding off my fingers. i'm terrified of losing them.
-i can wear some of my old shirts, but i have very few pairs of jeans that will fit me now. it makes me feel dumpy and it's still too soon to buy new ones :(
-i'm uncomfortable in my own skin. (that's a big one)
-i'm not losing weight everywhere, so i'm finding that i look kinda disproportionate :\ doesn't really help the esteem issue.
-i'm more nervous in public now than i was 25 lbs bigger. which makes no sense aside from the fact that i feel awkward.

and this is just the beginning. i've never been small. atleast, not that as far back as i can remember. it's like, losing a limb, slowly and one piece at a time. dealing at through stages where you are left without assistance in coping.
now, i KNOW i need this. seriously i do, but this is where, everytime i've done this, i end up giving up. because i'd rather be comfortable than miserable and i only have myself to listen to. which, isn't very promising.
i've found myself missing my family a great deal lately and i've been having horrible nightmares.
i miss hugs something terrible. real, honest hugs. and i'm lonely in a house full of people, it makes no sense.

i'm grateful for having my drawing muse back, tho i miss my writing one. i keep getting stuck on stupid(STUPID) parts of the story and it makes me want to stop and forget about the entire damn thing, as if it would really be that easy. new fandoms have been great, but fleeting. i'm living day to day again.

but enough of that. i just needed to vent, as usual.
i'm grateful that this diet is working, even tho i miss being warm.
i'm looking forward to halloween. which makes me smile because i fell in love with a pumpkin this week and i get to carve it. <3
i finally got my hands on Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness and I have been enjoying them immensely along with any other scary movie i can get my hands on in the house X)
my knee is MUCH better, and i want to try some cardio stuff -soon-. (ddr, bellydance, etc.)
tomorow i'm going to 'field of screams' with some friends at work. ^_^
i may be cold, but i'm not dying of heat.

but finally, THIS looks terrifying.

EDIT: oh, btw, is there anyone on my f-list who thinks they might have the time for me to bounce some story ideas/problems off of? preferably someone with writing experience that i can reach over AIM? i'd appreciate it if anyone's willing ^.^


Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:48 pm
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it's 96 degrees outside.
and i just pulled on the biggest, fluffiest, warmest sweater I could find.
*snuggles in warmth*

which sux, cause i know i'm gonna walk outside and DIE when i get outta work.
note to self: take off sweater before leaving building.

oh, and for the record?
I look really cute in a large fluffy sweater <3


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