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aaaaaaand i'm off to vegas. right now.
then headed to the grand canyon for this ten day river trip up the colorado 8D

a year ago, i wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do this.

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Cheers to the universe where:

-Fat jeans are just jeans
-tummy pudge means your food isn't rotten or poisoned
-someone loves you because you make them laugh instead of how perfect your shape is
-happiness doesn't come in a weight loss can
-you can dance without caring what you look like or if there's music
-no one understands what 'ugly' means, or how to spell or use it
-laughing is everyone's favorite exercise
-you can look in a mirror and smile because you're above ground and breathing (no more reasons necessary)
-matching socks are optional

today was gorgeous.
i had to wait way too long for this weather <3 thankyou for FINALLY being september! bring it on, autumn. i missed you.

this was a rare, but good day :3 i didn't even mind working for ten hours.
gonna go home soon and doodle.
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just giving my self esteem a little kick in the ass, don't mind me.

An unplanned, but interesting comparison )

Asylum 4

May. 19th, 2010 01:40 pm
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I went all the way to England so that Lucifer could tear a big ol hole in my pack of gum.

well, that wasn't the only reason. X)


i can't tell if its con crud, travel crud, your best friend was sick before you left crud, or some other kind of crud, but its crud nevertheless XP laaaaame. and while i'd love to write up a con report for the AMAZING weekend i had, i'm having a hard time braining this week due to dizziness, throat pain, all around tired to the boneness, and falling asleep with my eyes open. yikes. never done that one before.

BUT, on the plus side, i escaped from London with a volcano quick on my heels *breathes* and made it back pretty much in one piece aside from the whole sick thing. and really, its a small price to pay for the wonderful time i had. i met some incredible human beings, from actors to staff to just plain ol regular folk alike, and i will cherish that for years to come. i had a great deal of trust given to me as staff this year and i'm pleased to say that it was maintained throughout the weekend. i got to assist the actors in their comings and goings, speak with them one on one whenever they felt like a conversation, and generally make sure they were ok and not being harassed. which was pretty damn cool. i worked my ass off as much as they let me, and i think i came away the better for it <3

again, i'll go into more detail later when i can think straight and i'm not hopped up on cold/flu meds. work itself is hard enough to get through right now, yeesh.

to be clear, YES i talked a great deal with the actors as a staff member and personal assistant, and NO i will not be sharing everything that was discussed. i was granted a great deal of respect for both their time and their words (and the fact that people tend to forget i'm in the room when they're speaking for some reason), and that respect will be upheld. what i'm going to be reporting on is what happened to ME. cause its my journal, and that's what i do. you want gossip on these guys? go somewhere else.

oogg, and that's where my braining power ends.

although, i wasn't kidding about the gum thing. Mark Pellegrino (he plays Lucifer on SPN) wanted a piece of mint gum in the green room, so i offered him mine. (cause i carry it EVERYWHERE) it was one of those trident packs with the back flap thing that always opens in your bag and dumps them everywhere. he, however, was so tired that he didn't notice this and he tried opening it from the side. so i stood there for a minute, debating just how rudedeadly it would be to point out to Lucifer that he was doing it wrong...when he finally looked at me, defeated, and said he was having some issues. whereas i then hesitantly took the opportunity to point out the great big flap on the back.
he got his gum, after pausing and giving me this look that's difficult to describe aside from how tired, amused and defeated he was at the same time. i gave him a smile of condolence before he thanked me for the gum and went to his q&a. lol, the poor dude.
on the other hand though, since there was now a great big hole in the side of the pack, my gum wouldn't stop spilling all damn weekend.
worth it? probably.

more stories to come X) especially about the artwork and some AMAZING and EMBARRASSING blackmail worthy pictures XD
this is my karma, making up for the past few weeks of suck with a single weekend of amazing. i srsly don't know what i did to be so lucky <3
to be continued...
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gah, falling behind. DEAR MAY, WHY SO BUSY. yikes.

so, in ironic news, after fighting with the apartment office and being obnoxiously belittled by the suits who think i don't know my ass from my elbow, i have air conditioning. \o/
which, of course, means that the entirety of this week was a balmy 60 degrees or so, and i never once turned it on.
of course.
but, as M reassures me, its the principle of the thing, and i don't regret putting my foot down. they're doing the second bed bug spray this weekend and all my crap is moved all over the place again so that they can get it over with. if this happens again though, my neighbors are getting an H2SO4 care package. complete with bow. cause i'm sweet like that.

In awesometime news, things aren't sucking as much anymore. WHICH IS GREAT, LEMME TELL YOU.

I took my mother to King's Dominion over the weekend for a nice change of pace to mother's day and had the most amazing time in the history of amazing. no, really, i can challenge this. For those of you who know me, or have been following along with my recent surgery and weight loss struggles, one of the biggest things i've wanted to be able to do is ride as many roller coasters as i can. not because i just barely fit in them and can, but because of the strength of my courage. and last weekend? there wasn't a single coaster i didn't fit in. so i got to pick them according to whether or not i'd chicken out instead of the size of my ass.

it was, in short, UNBELIEVABLE. i was beside myself at just how easy it was to fit in and just be normal, for once in my life. i loved it so damn much, and was grateful that i made it through the entire day without once bawling like a little girl when i found out (at least til i got home, lol. stupid chick flick moments) after all the years of going with M and her family to amusement parks and just wishing and hoping that i could ride everything with her without having to do that horrifying walk of shame, i finally got to do EXACTLY THAT.

and there are no words to describe how grateful i am. if i never lose another pound, i will be happy being just...normal sized, for the rest of my life. i don't wanna be a stick, i just want to blend. and i did, and it was wonderful. no one stared at me, barely anyone even knew i was standing there and i LOVED IT. <3

aaaaaand finally, in other news:
I'm going to London.
sweet fancy moses.
if anyone else is going to be attending Asylum 4 this weekend, well, APPARENTLY SO AM I. AGAIN. last minute like whoah. but feel free to chat it up if you see me there! i'll be that weirdo in the blue and brown bunnyhat, just like last year ^___^ probably running around helping staff <3

hopefully, my art will be there too, but that depends on whether or not they listened to me this time about printers screwing things up. Cause that never happens, amirite?

wdghjklghlqeg i'm so not ready for this x_x FLYING. DO NOT WANT.

anyone who spoils me gets stabbed, i'm not even kidding.

i have a ton of replies to leave for the kittenCas!fic i wrote for the Dean/Cas exchange (yeah, that was totally me. i'm not ashamed, i can admit it) buuuuut slightly distracted. long work days and crazy tiems had to make up for the time i'm taking off, so yeah. internet, que?
i'll get around to it, promise. :)

cause i'm leeeeeavin, on a jet plane. i don't know when i'll be back again...(monday, actually.)
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Update on the AC situation is sort of in limbo.
Not because i didn't go to the office or anything, but because i'm waiting to see if what they told me today is Actually What They Mean To Do.

of which, i've been duped before. )

In other news, Iron Man 2 thursday midnight showing tickets for me and M, GOT. friday morning is gonna suuuuck, but i don't care XD i need more Stark in my life.

also, apparently i wasn't as done with the asylum commissions as i thought? x_x LAST MINUTE GUESTS AHOY. at least it's an easy one tho, so i know what i'm doing all of tonight. possible change of plans for next weekend too...tho not completely certain yet. May is gonna be the death of me.

I'm thinking i'm gonna do King's Dominion this weekend hell or high water. Cause i really do just wanna go, and i wanna do something with my mom for mother's day since i can't remember the last time we did something that wasn't church XP we'll see how things pan out with M's poor mama. and with poor M too, actually, since she is very sick :( *gives her tea and kittens*

On monday night i dreamed about tornadoes at my grandmother's house. which i didn't really think much of, cause well, (1) dream, and (b) my grandparents living in upstate new york. like, syracuse area upstate new york.
so i get an email from my mother last night to let me know that all of the great big willow trees are down at my grandparents place along with a bit more damage too cause of a freak mini tornado disaster that nearly took out their house.
.____. que?

my life is so weird.
but it better be well air-conditioned when i get home 8|
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i was on fandom!secrets. O: wts?

*sniffles* My day, it has been made.

now if only my drawing muse was still around to enjoy this...*sets out cheese*

thankyou to [livejournal.com profile] simithedemon for letting me know. see how quickly i rush to nerd of this inspiring news?
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So at lunch today, more out of curiosity than anything else, i stopped by Old Navy since its been more than obvious lately that my pants no longer fit. old navy ain't the greatest when it comes to curvy humans, but i figured a ball park would work well enough regardless and i'd know what i was working with.

In highschool, i wore a size 26/28 jeans.
Today I pulled on a size 16.

I've lost a total, to date, of 73 lbs X) GAH.
(that's since surgery on 9/16/09)

there are no words for either my utter glee or my insatiable disbelief, lol.

now if only i could AFFORD new pants, then i'd be in business. *mental note to find self a belt* damnit. anybody got any size 16's laying around they don't want anymore? 8D (as long as you're over 5'5", i'll take em)

in other news, my apartment has heat (WOO \o/) but my stove doesn't work and i'm still sick. *sniffles*
but my mood has improved tremendously thanks to an awesome weekend with an awesome boyfriend <3

as soon as i get myself really settled and comfortable in the new place, much arting will be had once again! oh, and internets, must get internets. i wanna kill me some zombies.


Jan. 16th, 2010 12:41 pm
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Thankyou everyone who has sent me birthday wishes today!!

It was really unexpected and totally made my day to wake up to so much love, I <3 you all n____n and I love my fandom!
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Well hi there 2010 :3

and as an added bonus, something to remind myself that the stuff i drew this year didn't suck even half as much as a few years ago.

cut for my sanity and your browsers )


Dec. 12th, 2009 11:59 am
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and therein lies my spirit of christmas <3

this year might just not suck afterall 8D
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it's playing at Tysons! woo!
[livejournal.com profile] psychosako, [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar and I are in for the live one on Wednesday so far, WHO ELSE WANTS IN?! 8D YOU KNOW YOU WANNA
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my day just got SO much better.
(omg, two posts in one day)

went for my daily walk out in the parking garage and just randomly found out that i can run.

icanrunicanrunicanrunicaunicanRUN and it doesn't hurt!!! \o/ no stomach holding, no pain, no awkwardness, no asthma.
not for very long, cause i'm not used to it yet and i'll need more knee strength to maintain, but still.

if i can run, i can jump.
and if i can jump, i can dance.
and DDR.


Nov. 15th, 2009 12:58 am
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dear today, thankyou for being awesome.
no, srsly, thankyou.

i don't think i could stop smiling even if the world exploded.

^_______^ <3
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Oog this week X__x

so far, i'm halfway through my first week of being officially back to work. full days and everything. hasn't been as difficult as i thought it was going to be, though there's been some juggling about what to do with figuring out the protein shakes i need to get in, along with taking lunch everyday. i never did that before, but hey, whatever's easy on the wallet, right?

on the other hand, because of all the protein i've been taking in (not to mention the still healing thing) i can only go for about two hours before i HAVE TO GET UP and walk around or something. I used to be able to go a full day without getting up from my desk for anything aside from food or bathroom. it's weird actually having energy. totally not angry about this, tho i gotta make sure i still get my work done in the process, lol.

eating is still weird. but peanut butter no longer hates me. HUZZAH.

Zombieland is my new favorite movie. no, srsly. totally gonna be a zombie for Halloween X3

was having kind of a blah day today which ended with me picking up my mail and finding a bill for the hospital that's around $600 :( which, unfortunately i knew was coming, it just wasn't nice to see.
HOWEVER, i then proceeded to open the rest of my mail which included a check from my insurance for the short term disability for work (SCORE) along with a letter from where i bought my car telling me they got my final payment.
the car, my Gabe, he's officially all mine.
that, and hanging out with friends tonight cheered me up immensely. if only my scar hadn't been hurting all stupid day. how very harry potter of me.

despite everything tho, i've been in pretty high spirits throughout everything. i have my bad days, but i've been more positive lately than i have in YEARS. <3

hurray for thursday! and for the weekend, looking forward to hanging with moar friends and being outdoorsy. should prove interesting, especially since i'm GETTING A PUMPKIN. WOO!
*dances* it's that time of year again!! *gleeeeee*

now if only this friggen Steampunk picture i've been drawing for the Dean/Cas fusion thinger would just ink it's own damn self e__e as much as i missed being a detail whore and have been having way too much fun steampunking the Imapala...aaauuuggghhh innnkkkinnnggg

speaking of steampunk, i've got a costume pulled together for Nekocon that i'm totally gonna sport. 8D stupid, nerdy excited doesn't even begin to cover it.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 10:46 pm
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I know it's kind of obvious how desperate I've been to distract myself lately, but this is just going to be another one of those things that I need to share.


do please check it out and play, preferably if you've got headphones or speakers available. this has gotta be one of the more beautiful things i've come across on the internet <3

my next week is filled with doctor's appointments, an attempt to put everything in order that i'll need for before and after surgery, and basically trying to keep my head on my shoulders. (along with cleaning before my mother gets here) i've gotten to the point that i get sick almost every day now, but thankfully i know its just nerves and not a virus or anything. just too much to think about.

writing and drawing have been practically nonexistent, but it doesn't stop me from trying.
gawd i am so friggen tired.

but i'm ok :3 truly.

13 days til surgery.
and 7 days til supernatural. oh boy!
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hello to new people!! you guys are in for a very boring time, sorry bout that XD i'm really not that interesting, promise.

I just slept for about twelve hours x__x
anyone know what day it is? i lost track last week.

my room is an amazing mess *laughs* it looks like i got home from vacation and just exploded.
feels like it too.

gonna have to go out eventually today and get some food, seeing as i have none. not that i'm really all that hungry. going for five days while barely eating and running all over the place can do that to you, lol. i told myself before the trip that all that dieting was so that i could eat whatever in the UK and enjoy myself, right?
totally lost five pounds while i was there. no wonder the plane seat was more comfortable on the way back. oops?

ugh, i need to start swearing off large fluffy kitties q.q my poor eyes and lungs.

Also need to go out and find myself a good 11x14 frame. i'm so proud of this picture, and that's kinda rare for me. not so much because i think it was done well, as to what it now represents to me <3 This is the picture that will be sent out to every one of the Asylum Attendees/Guests (or so i'm told, here's hoping) as it was supposed to be in the registration packets to begin with. Stupid printer was stupid, which is why they didn't arrive in time.

Here it is, all signed and stuff, if anyone is interested )

I still can't stop smiling. it's making my face hurt but i don't care XD
now for some small shopping, lotso cleaning, and writing. probably not in that order.

wow asylum

May. 31st, 2009 06:35 pm
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did that all srsly just happen?
i mean...i didn't dream it, right? the past three days DID happen, right?

now that it's sunday night, and i finally have the chance to sit down and breatheat and process everything that i was lucky enough to do this weekend...i don't think i can wrap my head around it.

whatever i did to deserve the last few days, i am so incredibly grateful <3

some thoughts/goings on )

there's so much that i will never be able to tell *laughs* i owe them all that much.
my life is so strange. XD

LOL, i found this crazy blurry picture through [livejournal.com profile] tracy_loo_who's con post. that blotch of maroon back behind the left side of Matt? (if the pic was vertical) yeah, that's me X)
ignore that caption tho, the dude on the right is Josh, Amy's bf X) Matt was there with his fiance, not his brother. this sneaky photographer thinks they captured something great, but really, at that moment we were all comparing our freaky and gross double jointed talents. hollywood is all glamour, i tell you.


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