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Cheers to the universe where:

-Fat jeans are just jeans
-tummy pudge means your food isn't rotten or poisoned
-someone loves you because you make them laugh instead of how perfect your shape is
-happiness doesn't come in a weight loss can
-you can dance without caring what you look like or if there's music
-no one understands what 'ugly' means, or how to spell or use it
-laughing is everyone's favorite exercise
-you can look in a mirror and smile because you're above ground and breathing (no more reasons necessary)
-matching socks are optional

today was gorgeous.
i had to wait way too long for this weather <3 thankyou for FINALLY being september! bring it on, autumn. i missed you.

this was a rare, but good day :3 i didn't even mind working for ten hours.
gonna go home soon and doodle.
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So, a good long while back, i promised a recap of my trip to England/Asylum. yeah...so didn't get to that. my apologies if anyone was waiting for it (which, i certainly hope not because i can be really friggen boring) i am actually going to do a separate entry for that since i do have some awesome pics to share, but i'm not really gonna go into detail. sorry bout that guys, i fail, i know. i've just been hampered down with a lot of stuff recently and haven't had the time for blogging *gasp*

but hey, free moment. like, now.

so onto inconsequential stuff.

So i saw Toy Story 3 and loved it...SPOILERS )

i've heard horrid things about Airbender, so i'm not even bothering to give the theater money for it. i'll take my chances with assistance from netflix tyvm. its how i saw g.i. joe *shudders* so i'm sticking with that. i heard twilight was better than airbender, which is the saddest thing i have ever heard.

its too damn hot for words this week. i hate running the AC all the time, but i'm on the top floor. in a hundred degree weather at the top of an apartment complex that cooks and does laundry ALL THE TIME? if not for AC, i'd be dead.

is it friday yet? i'm ready for a road trip.
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Update on the AC situation is sort of in limbo.
Not because i didn't go to the office or anything, but because i'm waiting to see if what they told me today is Actually What They Mean To Do.

of which, i've been duped before. )

In other news, Iron Man 2 thursday midnight showing tickets for me and M, GOT. friday morning is gonna suuuuck, but i don't care XD i need more Stark in my life.

also, apparently i wasn't as done with the asylum commissions as i thought? x_x LAST MINUTE GUESTS AHOY. at least it's an easy one tho, so i know what i'm doing all of tonight. possible change of plans for next weekend too...tho not completely certain yet. May is gonna be the death of me.

I'm thinking i'm gonna do King's Dominion this weekend hell or high water. Cause i really do just wanna go, and i wanna do something with my mom for mother's day since i can't remember the last time we did something that wasn't church XP we'll see how things pan out with M's poor mama. and with poor M too, actually, since she is very sick :( *gives her tea and kittens*

On monday night i dreamed about tornadoes at my grandmother's house. which i didn't really think much of, cause well, (1) dream, and (b) my grandparents living in upstate new york. like, syracuse area upstate new york.
so i get an email from my mother last night to let me know that all of the great big willow trees are down at my grandparents place along with a bit more damage too cause of a freak mini tornado disaster that nearly took out their house.
.____. que?

my life is so weird.
but it better be well air-conditioned when i get home 8|
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ugh, the E feels ill.

and no, not in the bacterial infectious sort of way, just in general. cause srsly, the past two weeks have been like a great big running gag. but there's no punchline. and there really needs to be one by now.

on the plus side, the commissions are finished. Done and done, art for Asylum 4 and Asylum Europe are out of my head, out of my sketchbook and off my computer. Done.

Also good, even though i don't get to go to England, I'm going to NYC instead. sweet. happy b-day to the sako.

i'll be working on a comic project as soon as i can get character sketches done and that'll last for a bit too, but won't be as manic as this last thing was. so yay for things to work on.

so yes, the stress of the commissions is over. and no, it wasn't -that- bad.
WHAT MADE IT BAD, was everything else happening at the same friggen time.

This is what i'll call 'an understandable reason for rage' )

EDIT: i called. they said the manager will be in meetings all day today and doesn't have time for me. he'll call me when he's ready, probably tomorrow.

or probably never. assholes. FUCKSHITCUNT I HATE THIS.
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Stupid snow.

Ended up trapped out in boonyville after getting completely winter raped by mother nature 8|
will be tempting fate tomorow and at least TRYING to get back to the city...For, y'know, work on tuesday or something crazy like that.
Should be interesting.

Stupid LOTS of snow.
NoVa is going to suuuuuuck this week.
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excuse me while i revert to being a six year old
*plasters face to window*

ok. so now...auuuuuuuuuggggghhhhCRAP. driving to charlottesville in this is going to suuuuuck x_x
i know how to drive in this weather, hell, i LEARNED to drive on ice, but lord knows the rest of this state can't ever seem to manage it =.=

i wanna go roll in it *_*
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Memorial Day weekend. and I've done more the past three days than i have in weeks. yikes.
on the plus side, lots of awesome stuff went down and i got outta the housemy head for some good times.
on the not so plus side, i feel pretty ill XP

on Saturday I went with [livejournal.com profile] psychosako to the VA Ren Fair. which is small, but cute, out in the middle of nowhere virginia. The most fun was had with her friends, however, half of which are in the belly dancing troupe that i've been involved with recently <3
i got some SUN. holy shit. my arms are a slightly darker shade of greenish-tan now, as opposed to the veiny pale i've been for the past two years. win.

Sunday I got to see Terminator: Salvation.
If you like the series, see it. I was not disappointed. the crazy plot holes from the first three were once again amusingly obvious even in this 4th installment, but oh well. robots kill all humans without reason gets old fast, so i was just in it for the pretty. awesome visual effects, tho the young digi-arnold was slightly creepy. ok, more than slightly.
ya know, i like christian bale, but the dude needs to try something different. musicals perhaps? i loved newsies, shutup :D

Monday was sleep in and then picnic day. I went with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar, [livejournal.com profile] psychosako and Mama!Rachel out with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar's family for some bbq fun. Which was actually a lot more fun than i thought it would be (no offense Molly, i've just been frazzled lately) with good food, good company and HOLY SHIT DOWNPOUR. we got rained on like crazy and ended up completely drenched to the bone. Cold and soggy, we all bundled up in borrowed clothes and towels to dry off at the Stackwicks as the storm passed through. The absurdity of it all just made me laugh. It was almost refreshing X)

i've got two days til my plane leaves for europe.
Finally finished the inks on the sailor moon busts for [livejournal.com profile] ssfseiyakou and trying my damndest to get them colored before i leave x_x atleast the coloring is all thats left.
the asylum guys got the art. so all is (hopefully) well on that front. here's hoping i actually have a hotel room and conbadge to go to. aaaaauuuugggghhh

we had such awesome food this afternoon for lunch, but i spent the rest of the day feeling nauseated and have been unable to eat anything more, even if i wanted to. my nerves will one day be the death of me. here's hoping i can sleep this off and it doesn't get worse...but methinks that'll be wishful thinking until i'm in the air. *cry*

i am going to be useless at work tomorrow, damnit.
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There was a 30 degree drop in temperature from yesterday to today.


is there anywhere on this planet i can live and NOT get pressure migraines because of this crap?
cause srsly. wtf. i couldn't even sit at my computer without wanting to claw my eyes out. everything about yesterday SUCKED.
(except for you [livejournal.com profile] psychosako. you made my day so much less suck with the yummy food the geeking and the artiness, i ♡ u)

Bring it on ACen, i am so ready for a road trip.
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It was a hundred degrees yesterday and today.

and the a/c in my apartment is busted.
the Galileo thermometer on my desk has informed me that the current room setting is set on Hell.
Sleeping tonight is gonna be awesome.

on a better note, Video Games Live on saturday was AWESOME. I look forward to going again with my brothers in July.
ya know, july, when its supposed to be this hot. not april.

got my hair cut today :3 not much, but enough so that i'll be able to do Lexaeus without looking like a pineapple. just prioritizing for chicago.
i'm also down ten pounds. woo!

this would all be such a great weekend if not for the GODFORSAKENHEAT.
i want winter back ;.;
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eeeeee thunderstorm! 8D

*makes sure to save the crap she's working on*

and holy shitkitties, it's hailing ice marbles.
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heyyyy, lookit that.
crazy snowy weather outside.
and awesome, the parking lot is gone.

my car is ill-equipped for the ice age. i choose life.
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So i'm feeling less like a lump lately.
but still have been very quick to get both irritated and angry, so i'm not out of the craptasticness yet. i'd apologize, but meh. i'll work through it. just don't count on a lot of conversations that don't end in 'ok enough, please piss off.'
it's just one of those weeks.
or months, depending on how things go with The Move and various other responsibilities i'd prefer to ignore. i'm grumpy and that's ok, cause its gotta work its way through my system eventually.

on the plus side, i've gotten myself back into some art, and have been happy to play with my new awesome laptop and my upgraded to UBER pc. Cs3 for the win. i love this fricken program. not only that, but it came with after effects and flash, which i haven't played with in years. if i'm bored enough, i may just fiddle :3
not that boredom has been an issue at all.
i was also lucky enough to a small, copic airbrush kit that i've been both itching to try and terrified of making some unholy mess.
the laptop is adorable tho, i love it. it's one of those that has a screen that flips around to become a tablet. i can even draw with my finger if i want :3 i've named him Sammy <3 *nerd*

oh, speaking of nerd. the latest SPN spoiler crisis is amusingly irritating enough for me to put out the effort to poke fun at the fandom once again. (not that i really need a reason) i was chatting with M about it at work today.
cut for spoiler amusement, but cut nonetheless )

it's a good thing fandom is around, really. definitely a decent reminder that i'm really not as crazy and uptight as i think i might be.

yuck. early mornings suck on rainy days -.- I DEMAND SNOW.

heading up to NYC next weekend for my birthday ^___^ i love new york in the winter, so i'm really looking forward to it.
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Car ended up worse than I thought. about a thousand bucks worse. damnit. daaaaaamniiiiiit.
but it's fixed now, and i have him back so i'm not shooting myself in the foot anymore than i have already by cursing myself. this is what credit cards are for, i guess. it's just another one of those things at this point.

called my mother early this afternoon to tell her about it and she interrupted me to go do something with her boyfriend. (didn't really specify what.) said she'd call me right back.
she still hasn't called.
fine then. didn't wanna tell her anyway.

blah day with blah weather and fighting an all around blah feeling. i'm in between healthy and sick, but i'm working my immune system back up from where it's been by taking vitamins again. i forget why i stopped.

more luck with apartment hunting for christie and i, so it's only a matter of time and picking between our top choices along with who's running deals. so far, i'm optimistic with this. but it's not like i was ever worried about moving. funny, just one of those things i -don't- stress about.
short list.

thanksgiving didn't suck, thankyou to the beautiful Stackwick family.
spent yesterday evening with the BF for some well-needed love.
caught up on my sleep, no recent nightmares.

I'm not the praying sort with any kind of focus, but it'd be really decently awesome for some good stuff to go down in december. it doesn't have to be anything amazing, simply being neglected by bad stuff would be good enough for me.
i'd pray for that. even if i'm the only one listening.

fuck this. i'm gonna have an awesome christmas regardless.
in case anyone needs this that i haven't told already:
My Amazon.com Wish List
do please share if you have one :)
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So...when i mentioned back in february that I couldn't wait until warmer weather...
this isn't what i meant.
not by a long shot. yikes.

[livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 and I about DIED on saturday when we went on our weekly hike to Manassas battlefield. i went to a bbq that evening and was ready to pass out by six, i was that exhausted from marching through the scorching three digit heat. ugh. thankgawd for sunscreen x.x

AMA is this weekend. not overly excited, but not hating the idea, so we'll work with what comes X)

we had James' birthday this past weekend with a trick my mother came up with to try and get David to have a birthday too. i was reeeeally hesitant and unsure of just how he was going to react to that, but in the end, once faced with gifts and smiling, guilty faces, he gave in :3 which made me so gloriously happy. So the weekend was well spent with good company and family and fun was had by all. An immense relief from the tension that had been building between us. It was nice to see my mother happy ^.^

i was given an LJ virtual gift! :O zomg! never had one of those before :D NEAT.

Been doodling LOTS. lol. so i figured i may as artdump as i'm being yelled at for only posting in lj communities that none of my f-list are in, lol. SORRY. most of it is supernatural fanart, so as a warning, some of the jokes may not make sense. thus warned.
not dialup friendly. ;) when i say ARTDUMP, i mean it this time.

here thar be art )

art aside, things are normal. i'm doing well, if not a little overworked and overtired. one of the shelves in my room collapsed this morning and made a monstrosity of a mess out of a now 'rest in pieces' ceramic plate x.x but most everything else made it out intact. including the dolfie i had sitting on the edge of it *breathes*
crisis happily averted.

i just got the 'tin man' series in the mail from netflix today, so methinks some drawing/watching is in order for me this evening X) so not complaining.
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So, I did it.
I survived another year. Made it through another birthday.
Who knew? X)

Regardless of the fact that I didn't get to spend my birthday sitting around and relaxing, I had a decent day nonetheless ^.^ Most of it was spent in running meetings at work (ugh, my voice is swiftly retreating into the far distance) but all in all it was a decently easy work day.
Molly took me out to dinner afterwards where I promptly had my weight in sushi <3 omgyum.
which was followed by me being a dirty rotten cheater at Coldstone and enjoying every inch of it. u.u which means a shit ton of water drinking will be had tomorow XD lol.

Of which, speaking of tomorow, it appears as though the weather forecast is already screaming for snow. crap. damnit. damnitdamnit. shitfuckcunt. i hatehateHATE driving in this area when there's snow. The commuters of northern virginia are incapable of handling such a thing with any decent driving skills. *hisssss* DAMN this state for making me hate what i used to love! *shakes fist* (but on a brighter note, it alllllmost snowed on my bday <3)

For now, I can honestly say I'm doing well. Lonely, for various reasons, but otherwise doing well ^.^ I have the luxury of work, my art, my story and my fandoms to keep me distracted for now. It's not much, it's as good as it's getting.

This weekend I'm having a girls weekend back home wiff me mama for some after-birthday birthday jazz. Should be interesting. I got a zillion and a half text messages and calls today with wellwishers and whatnot with good spirits in turn, but just to reiterate on my end: OMG ATTENTION I LOVE YOU ALL. and thanks ^.^
now if only my mom would call me @.@ *sniffles* (sometime before midnight would be nice) EDIT: two minutes before midnight. nice save mom XD. too bad i was already in bed, lol. /EDIT not that i was expecting anything from david, but james called me twice <3 damn him for being so far away. ;.;

ugh, ded. cold. tired. bed. *plop*


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