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geezus i need therapy x_x disappointing doesn't even begin to describe this crap lately.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. i so declare it. (gawd it better be. pleeeeeez be)
new body, new home, new relationship, new life, and now a new job. i really am starting over. wth.

but hey, i'm drawing again. woo!

wedding is in 19 days. eeeeeek.
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ok, as a note from an artist here, to anyone else who thinks they'd like to put some crazy tron-based, bizarre looking alchemical symbol on a t-shirt, please run yourself through a few things first before you make your final decision. I know your guild just HAS to have them in order to be more proficiently professional and show off your dice rolling pride, but still. take a moment.

  • your WOW buddies and your mom probably thought it was cool, but think to yourself how many times you're going to be wearing this outside of the basement.

  • if its drawn by hand, USE A RULER. if you traced it, FOLLOW THE LINES.

  • use a compass if you want that many circles. never used one? google it. it's SO EASY. hell, trace around one of those empty dew cans if you need to.

  • if it's meant to be symmetrical looking, then bloody well make it symmetrical.

  • don't scan it as a bitmap, holy hell, especially when there's both ink AND pencil still in the design. the blocks, sweet zombie jesus, the blocks x_x my eyes!.

  • and for god's sake, if you see a mistake in it, don't correct it in MSpaint. you're just making it worse.

    ugh, that took way longer to redraw than it should have XP cleaning up some little kids drawing with lines all over the place is all well and fine, but i hate when i get some piece of art from a self righteous wannabe that's crazy picky with 'my artz is bestest' and trying to tell me what to do like i don't already know -.- *hissss*

    happy friday! /bitter
  • >:F

    May. 13th, 2009 11:06 am
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    If the little weeble that sits next to me at work doesn't stop snatching shit off my desk like she's fucking entitled to it, i swear to gawd i'm gonna yank her hand from her wrist.

    you are neither cute enough nor smart enough for me to care how much you bleed, you annoying little twat. STOP FLIRTING WITH TECH AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL.

    She also used my computer while i was away and REARRANGED EVERYTHING.
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    So I should totally be in bed right, but since I spent most of the day watching/listening to House, I figured one more couldn't hurt. (loldum) it's an awesome show, and i love intelligent shit like this that does it's homework anyway.
    So this last one I was watching (while i was inking, btw) had a father/daughter combo who'd lied about their ethnicity and where they'd come from, which ended up, was where their disease came from. of course. House saves day, roll credits.
    HOWEVER. the last name that the dad dude gave them was MY last name. and not just that, but the original version of it, complete with the accent in original Moroccan context.
    I'm not actually gonna write it out here, but it's not a common last name. trust me, i've googled this.
    I bout spat water all over my poor sketchbook (cause i had OF COURSE been drinking at the time)

    In other news, i successfully worked my OT from home this weekend and therefore proved that I will be able to do so in the future should I need to.

    I have also come to the depressing realization that I am avoiding seeing my family because I'm ashamed of the way I look right now. Easter is going to suck.

    Ok, I'm done. Now the bed thing.
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    Ugh. )
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    Weekend of lazy and awesome.
    I love it.

    toooootally empty house, since the roomies are in Atlanta (OMG MOLLY, I MISS YOUR MUSK.) but i've been gladly filling up my time with last minute artiness getting set for prints to take to previously mentioned con, and all around doing nothing. it's fan-fucking-tastic. X)
    aside from the very lonely and needy cats. christ.

    the spn season premiere was fabulous. yay for angels, and yay for new stuff. have been trying so INCREDIBLY HARD ever since then to ignore/tolerate every fucktwat and their fanbuddy quoting angel shit online from wikipedia, but then, it's not like books are readily available anymore, right? or, ya know, credible sources, or maybe some actual research or old school impossibilities like that. *facepalm* srsly. srsly? no.
    it's like a train wreck tho, i can't stop seeing it.
    anywho, s4 show? good.
    crazy, random, batshit fandom? bad.

    oh, speaking of random. So Dan and I were in Claires today (yes, claires) and the three cashiers were all talking amongst themselves and apparently grossing each other out. a conversation of which i missed, but happened to see the aftermath of. Dan caught it, however, and i was amused by the conversation that followed when i asked him what happened.

    me: So i'm curious what the hell grossed her out so much. was it really that bad? she looked green.
    D: well, yah, they were talking about burn victims.
    me: that's it? srsly?
    D: ...
    me: no really, we're not talking about how serious it is, but how gross. i mean, was it specific? cause it really depends on the burn as to what kind of gross this means here...
    D: what, do you have a stomach of IRON or something!?
    me: well, think about it. i mean, was it a second degree or a third? was it bad enough to need a skin graft? a small area like a hand or a large one like the whole abdominal cavity? Was it enough to sever nerves? burn away muscle and veins? maybe even something deep enough to go to the bone and prevent re-growth?
    me: and that doesn't even begin to touch any kind of infection...
    D: you're not invited to my birthday anymore.
    me: :(

    hahaha X) i had such a healthy upbringing.
    in related news, while at said Mall, i picked up a bottle of blue hair dye which i'm totally planning on playing with sometime soon. maybe even tomorrow :O! nothing dramatic, but fun nonetheless. i've been wanting to put color back in my hair for awhile now.

    Friday was...man, i dunno what to call it. Isaac and I (the other EPA captain) were given the opportunity to take a class at a nearby place in tysons in order to get more info and learnin on Illustrator. We went right for the advanced class with the hopes of learning more in order to teach others on our teams, and it was all sprung on us at the last minute like, the day before. regardless, we go without much of a problem.

    first off, holy crap, Nina was teaching it. lol. however, she was pretty sick that day and ended up going home after about an hour. so they got this other guy instead.
    after that tho? man. I thought Isaac was gonna throw himself out a window, we were that bored. nothing against the teacher, in fact he was a really nice guy and a decent teacher, but we both knew pretty much -everything- he went through. by the time 3 o'clock rolled around, i'd about had it. Isaac was crawling in his seat by noon.

    It just surprised me more than anything else. I mean, have we really gone through everything there is to know of the program? that couldn't possibly be, yet that's what it feels like.
    Still, on the plus side, it pulled me out of my drawing rut since i kept myself sane by doodling. which the teacher ended up asking me if he could see and complimented them, haha. ballpoint pen mess that it is. he had a good sense of humor, and was a freelance illustrator himself.
    I am not looking forward to the prospect of a photoshop class in the future, unfortunately :( i fear the same might happen, despite how much i'd love to see if there's more to learn.

    annnywho, going to see 'Burn after reading' tonight at tysons :3 happy saturday all!
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    SO. ten more days til I leave for Florida.
    worked my butt off, but got all of the gift artwork done for the trip that i wanted to X) which is fabulous since the moment i finished, almost -immediately- my creativity took a nose dive. haven't drawn or colored a damn thing since. woe. but, again, glad to have gotten done what i neededwanted ^.^
    still doesn't stop me from hesitating about this whole thing in general, but then, that's gonna be right up to the moment i try to hand the art over, methinks. yarr.
    i'm looking forward to this like crazy, yet dreading it at the same time. wth. why did it have to be florida? XP and why am i such a DAMN CHICKEN?

    aside from that? meh. days are passing.
    pissing myself off diet-wise, which basically means i'm ignoring it. cause i'm a hyprocrite.
    i have, however, been working out, so there's a plus at least. aside from the fact that it feels like i've been beat to hell every morning x.x ouch.
    the new job's stressful, but what new job isn't? again, working through it as best i can.
    i think i'm getting sick, but not in the painful way (thankgawd) just in the annoying way.

    my roomies are evacuating for a trip to Georgia this coming Wednesday, so that'll be about four days of me on my own :o not that it'll make much of a difference, but meh. who knows? i might actually do some DDR now that i'm not afraid of my lungs spontaneously combusting like they threatened to do the last time i tried.
    (WHICH, btw, i have only touched my inhaler but ONCE in the past three weeks. and it was only cause molly had just vacuumed, and dust is not a breathable substance)

    whelp, regardless of just how much of an idiot i KNOW i'll make of myself when i head down to florida, i plan on chilling out and having a good time regardless X) the new Supernatural season starts this Thursday, and I have every intention of nerding to my hearts content.
    so there.
    i've been itching to draw my angels lately too. so here's hoping after this craziness has passed that i'll be inspired to draw once again :3
    here's hoping.
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    just got home from a long(ish) weeked in Richmond. *le tired*

    plus on a whim, got a second tattoo. ouch. X3 (j/k. didn't hurt even a quarter as much as the first one did. sweet jesus)
    the upcoming family reunion is gonna be fun tho [/sarcasm] gives my mother something to focus on aside from the family sucking at least.

    i'd call of work tomorow simply out of exhaustion if not for the fact that i'm in charge of the trainees. *sigh*

    hellboy 2 is full of beautiful and win. had it's fair share of cheese and odd/slightly confusing story arc work, but the pretty made up for it.

    i just realized July is already halfway over.
    come oooooon september.
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    cause i needed a good chuckle.
    oog. man. schedules are crazy and EVERY.ONE.WANTS.TO.SEE.ME.ALL.OF.A.SUDDEN.WTH.
    when did i get so damned popular? x.x
    and i'd totally be up for going out and just hanging with everyone if not for things being so crazy lately. so bear with me, humans. i am but a single (yet awesome) person who hates making plans. work with me here.
    work is hectic, yet manageable. gonna be in charge of training for the next two weeks, so getting prepared has been kinda nerve wracking.
    been drawing like a madwoman (when i have the time), but not enough coloring.
    kat wants me this weekend, going camping next weeked with sako, family reunion the following one (without my brothers tho. WOE.) and then...something something something i should write these things down.
    peaceful sleep is for the weak.
    my next planned vacation will be a scheduled week long coma methinks. i'll be traveling first class, of course.
    guh, why can't i lose weight when i'm stressed like normal crazy people? XP
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    I am really damn tired of being sick at this point.
    and I know I'm whining, but geesus...i'm used to getting smacked with an illness for one gut wrenching awful day only to be left ok but shaking the next. not this holding onto it for a week thing and we'll see what happens in a few days or so. XP LAME.
    this kinda thing reminds me as to why i'll -never- do narcotics. i really can't stand not being able to think straight. srsly, it drives me crazy.

    and at the moment, considering how little i can breath through my nose, i am greatly irritated by the fact that i have to choose my pacing between eating/chewing and breathing.
    ugh. gross.

    tried doing the work thing for the second time this week today. and although it's a far better attempt now than it was on wednesday, i'm still not doing all that great at it -.- my eyes keep going lazy for one thing, which doesn't help when i'm trying to focus on a redraw. ugh, driving to hagerstown is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

    on the plus side, i'm looking forward to seeing my family, meeting my little brother's new girlfriend, and possibly meeting my my mother's new boyfriend (weird.) anyone else lined up that i should meet? i'm on a roll here.

    I'd give anything to curl up in someone's lap/arms right now and just sleep for days, but as of now I am still yet to be reincarnated as something as small as a cat and still somehow end up on the floor. damn disease. no snuggles for E ;.;

    on the plus side, doing nothing but sleeping and vegging yesterday did my nerves a world of good. i forgot how nice it was sometimes to simply not be concerned about anything. (even a horrendously filthy house. guh. that's gonna suck next week when i'm out of excuses)
    that, and i actually had a date on wednesday night :O (while being sick, yes, i AM insane) and it left me in a good mood X) not knockin that anytime soon.

    guh, my poor nose.
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    once again...crisis averted.
    tho i at least had a good reason this time. the potential was there for something awful, but there was a miscommunication and my nerves just made it worse. not my fault. NOTMYFAULT.

    although I hate that my last few entries have been nothing but whining, so since this is a good day, I'll share ^^

    Things are looking up.
    Had a decently calm and non-upsetting weekend. the house was stuffed full of friends, but thankfully my room is still a safe-haven for such events. not that i wasn't social, but hey, alone time is nice.

    I got accepted into a multi-fandom rpg after much coaxing and assistance from roomies (nearly all of them actually) and despite the awkward shyness I was born with, i'm looking forward to it ^^ hopefully, it'll get me into writing again. that and I get to play with my fandom, so no qualms there.

    got approved for my days off for katsucon (finally. yikes) looking forward to that next week in the usual ways, lol. i'm not sure if i'll wear my loli dress or not...i doubt it'll fit like it used to, lol.

    my lil bro randomly showed up at my door on saturday night. OMGYAY. i was ecstatic, and it was sooooo good to see him :3 he's so in love right now, it's adorable. he was telling me all about his new crush. that, and he brought me his guitar hero (!) cause he's been playing nothing but rock band but knew that i've been wanting guitar hero for awhile, so it's on loan. ^___^ happy! broke my heart to watch him leave that night after only a few hours, but still. i never realize how much i miss my family until they're right in front of me again.
    yah. even Dave.

    This week at work i start training :O and i don't mean for me, i'm the one DOING the training! omg! someone's putting me in charge x.x
    another thing that, despite the awkward shyness, I'm looking forward to it, lol. that, and it's something different that keeps me from getting bored with monotony. always a plus.

    Went out to get some new pants on saturday at Ross. unfortunately, no such luck considering the selection, however i was able to find some nice capris ^^ and wouldn't you know it, they're another size smaller ^___^ and not even stretch! made me so happy. srsly. i'm going to have to do another pants run tho, cause even tho i love how these capris fit and i'm wearing them, it's still too cold to show this much leg @.@
    also reminds me just how damn pale i am. yeeesh.

    dude, just when i think i wanna change my layout for lj, it reminds me all over again just how ANNOYING it is to put in a new mood set. geesus, i mean srsly. good thing i like this new Ed one, cause man. tedious.
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    So, I did it.
    I survived another year. Made it through another birthday.
    Who knew? X)

    Regardless of the fact that I didn't get to spend my birthday sitting around and relaxing, I had a decent day nonetheless ^.^ Most of it was spent in running meetings at work (ugh, my voice is swiftly retreating into the far distance) but all in all it was a decently easy work day.
    Molly took me out to dinner afterwards where I promptly had my weight in sushi <3 omgyum.
    which was followed by me being a dirty rotten cheater at Coldstone and enjoying every inch of it. u.u which means a shit ton of water drinking will be had tomorow XD lol.

    Of which, speaking of tomorow, it appears as though the weather forecast is already screaming for snow. crap. damnit. damnitdamnit. shitfuckcunt. i hatehateHATE driving in this area when there's snow. The commuters of northern virginia are incapable of handling such a thing with any decent driving skills. *hisssss* DAMN this state for making me hate what i used to love! *shakes fist* (but on a brighter note, it alllllmost snowed on my bday <3)

    For now, I can honestly say I'm doing well. Lonely, for various reasons, but otherwise doing well ^.^ I have the luxury of work, my art, my story and my fandoms to keep me distracted for now. It's not much, it's as good as it's getting.

    This weekend I'm having a girls weekend back home wiff me mama for some after-birthday birthday jazz. Should be interesting. I got a zillion and a half text messages and calls today with wellwishers and whatnot with good spirits in turn, but just to reiterate on my end: OMG ATTENTION I LOVE YOU ALL. and thanks ^.^
    now if only my mom would call me @.@ *sniffles* (sometime before midnight would be nice) EDIT: two minutes before midnight. nice save mom XD. too bad i was already in bed, lol. /EDIT not that i was expecting anything from david, but james called me twice <3 damn him for being so far away. ;.;

    ugh, ded. cold. tired. bed. *plop*
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    ugh, being sick blows XP
    i should have expected this, considering i was sick for the past two years of christmas *insert finger here* but then, so many people have been sick at work that i guess it was inevitable. that, i may just get lucky.

    thankfully (or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it) temporary sicknesses and myself don't get along. I have a tendency to get through things quicker than others do, but with a heck of a lot more intensity x.x I think i'm through the worst of it, but it's like a damn marathon. PAINPAINPAINPAINPAIN for a few hours, then it's gone. just like that. i've never been sick for weeks at a time, and although i'm certainly counting my blessings for that, the whole painpain part is non too appealing.

    i love the person that invented meatloaf. it's strangely become a comfort food for me today :D which is good, since i'm trying to avoid all the little sugary giftbaskets and candy circlets that were sent to my job.

    mostly all christmas shopping = done.
    all that's left is random small stuff and maybe one or two people i know i'm forgetting...

    One of my coworkers spotted me shivering and bundled up this morning and offered me her space heater @_____@ *CLING*

    a surprisingly decent friday. this illness better be on the out, i don't wanna deal with another day of using the dry erase board for communication -.-

    RANDOM: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2007-12-16/live-action-dragonball-film-casts-bulma-mai-yamcha
    that better just be a joke. XP DO NOT WANT.
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    How things stand so far wiff ma knee )

    as a side note, i just ate the slimiest salad known to man. *shudders* and what i thought was a kidney bean, was a purple olive. now that one caught me off guard x.x (/random)
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    I'm in between good and bad.

    I think that's ok tho, considering that the lesser of that spectrum would suck, so i'm not trying to curse myself by not being spectacularly happy.
    there's therapy for shit like this.

    still, i'm getting by. still on the diet, and actually doing fairly well :3 better than i thought i would, compared to my track record. Still stuck with eating veggies and those damn shakes, but i'm not really craving anything anymore and i don't eat as much (DEFINATELY a plus) i'm hoping the longer i ignore myself and just do this, the easier it will be to form it into a habit. i wants skinny legs!

    which, speaking of, to my great irritation, i'm having knee problems. not the usual tho, of which i don't really speak of, but like, seriously awful wake me up at night and hurt when i move knee issues XP i should probably see someone, but i know what'll come of it so i'm not bothering unless it's seriously bad. (trust me, i'd know the difference)
    but anyway, what really gets me about it is that it's (a)only one knee, and (b)it only hurts to BEND it. which is new. walking doesn't hurt, it just feels like a wooden board. :\ the hurting comes from holding still for awhile or trying to crouch down/kneel.

    so i'm comparing them both last night (knees, that is) and it ends up that the one that's hurting looks really different from the other. my theory on this is that i'm losing weight really awkwardly, and whatever support that knee used to have is now gone. crap. which explains why it doesn't hurt as much when i support it with my own hands. wraps are useless, they don't stay on, and i have yet to find a brace that doesn't fall. so...fuck. i'm gonna ask my fatdoc when i go see her next, but still, how random is that? You'd think that knee issues would be in -gaining- weight, not losing it D: but whatever. i just hate being gimpy all the time.

    looking forward to this weekend which i will be spending with my Crissy at an EGL tea party :D! of which, i should probably pull out all of my costume stuff that got shoved in with con crap. ew. should actually do that today...

    Got myself kicked back into gear with re-writing my novel, which makes me happy ^___^ it's been far too long since i've been able to kick something outta my useless ass, but since i haven't really been RPing anymore, my writing brain is starved x.x (amazing how that works) so, props to working on the first book, which i hope to get finished by next year (fingers crossed!)

    just recently got myself into FullMetal Alchemist, which is an AMAZING series and i love it a great deal :3 wish i'd given it a chance before, but then, there hasn't been much reason for faith in anime lately. still, glad to be proven otherwise XD i'm almost through all the dvd's, but methinks then i'm gonna have to get myself into the manga (so sayeth Shadra). no regrets there. I'd doodle some FMA art if i didn't think all the cool stuff has already been done, lol. ^^;

    everything otherwise? nothing too interesting. we went to Atlanta a week or so ago for AWA. it was fun, the drive was not, but then, me shoved into a little car for ten hours isn't exactly high on my list. Nekocon is coming up at the beginning of November, which also brings the chance for me to finally get my first (and only) little YoSd dolfie ^.^ (tho the doll and the con aren't related, just so you know)

    October has my favorite holiday (durrr if you don't know which one) and I love this time of year in general, but damned if i can get into the spirit yet :( usually i'd be counting the days to halloween since, like, july, but i got nothin. no costume either, which really bums me out ;.; WHAT SHOULD I BE?!

    i crave a pumpkin. e.e

    day 7

    Sep. 12th, 2007 01:07 pm
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    i need better things to do than count days of the week XP

    dude, i just did the shirts for the staff of manganext, tho. only I and few others would think that's as cool as i do.

    i know i've spent quite a few of my journal posts recently simply bitching and moaning, but i've got another lovely slap to add to the pile.
    as of this morning, i was introduced to a moral dilemna.
    i HATE moral dilemmas! especially when it's an unecessary trap between what you -shouldn't- do, and what you reallyreallyREALLY want to do. *insert adult language*
    and to think i actually thought i had a shot at getting back into online rp >.< fuck it. it's always something, like you can't do rp without the drama, right?
    but man do i miss writing. i want a third option.

    yah, that was vague, but i don't need a lecture when my own head is doing it for me e.e

    my biggest savings grace today is that they had some cooked squash and beans downstairs on the salad bar thinger. which means i get more than salad...thus making me happier than i would normally be.

    on the non-bitchy side (well, sort of) my favorite shirt doesn't fit me anymore. my esteemed zombie food shirt is a bit big, fresh and clean from the hot dryer. which is cool, yet not. cause it's my favorite shirt.

    i need a new vice.

    buh dum dum

    Aug. 1st, 2007 12:31 pm
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    I went and saw Phantom at the Kennedy Center last night with my mother.
    it's actually the most fun i've had with my mother in a long time, we didn't even argue. <3
    and the play was wonderful, i couldn't get enough. so i'm listening to the movie here at work, namely to hear the music but also cause you can't really get around the hotness of Gerard Butler :P

    otherwise? i'm exhausted. i have no idea why, but i feel really icky and crappy and wasted. like i decided to get up at 2am and go for a jog without letting my brain know. ugh.
    not even caffiene can help me now @.@

    on the plus side, i don't really have a job that i have to deal with people, but on the not-so-plus side, i'm staring straight through my monitor.
    and i'm hungry. tired and forgetful in morning means no lunch for elisse ;.;

    EDIT: someone brought me lunch @.@ luv! *munches*
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    Having a -much- better day. thnkgd i can be easily distracted from my bad days and my moods never stay angry for long. ^.^ it really was terrible to have to deal with both the construction and the noise and the work yesterday, so I'm actually rather glad I took the time to cool off and do something else. I am no use to anyone if I'm an anxious ball of nerves. x.x

    yay friday! (wow, it's nice to say that) not that I'm doing anything particularly spectacular this weekend, but i'll like the sleeping thing. I need to wage war on my room and get some other things straightened out, but otherwise there really isn't much going on. o.O kinda bizarre without the usual OT to do.

    Still going for one day of Otakon yet now happily going to get to sport two costumes instead of one! yay! Was originally just going in belly dance garb, but I was convinced to bring my lolita too because Diz will have space that I can store it while not being worn <3

    so, i'm still feeling under the weather, but it's tolerable. still under the tolerable stress levels as well, so methinks i'm up for a good weekend. here's hoping.

    thanks everyone who gave me the hugs yesterday :3
    tonight i'm gonna curl up with a good ewan movie and draw/color. totally a boring but perfect friday night.
    BBQ on sunday tho, woo!


    Jul. 12th, 2007 09:36 am
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    i shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning ;.;

    they're doing construction -everywhere- in this damn building, i swear to god. and it sets off the fire alarm every other day. i LOVE going up and down 5 flights of stairs at 9 in the morning. DO NOT WANT.

    but today, of all lovely days, they're doing the damn construction right over my head. seriously, there's this like, gaping hole above me where some guy is crawling around feeding wires and making it sound like a chainsaw is gonna crash onto my head at any moment. It's making me jump every two seconds and the ladder is practically right behind my chair where i can't see it unless i'm literally turned around and staring at the guy to make sure he's not falling on me.
    it doesn't help that i haven't been feeling good all week and i'm cranky because of that, but now my nerves are already shot for the day.
    half day? plz?
    EDIT: bless them, they're letting me go home early @.@ which is good because now there are precarious wires dangling behind my head and i'm sneezing more. e.e not so good a combination really.

    i need a hug.
    or a shotgun.
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    just so you know, i'm venting. bad day = vent. don't care? don't read.

    gawd i hate wednesdays. nothing good ever comes out of them XP and they mock me with a whole nother half of the week to go. yuck.

    work has sucked today and i've had a headache since early this morning since someone so nicely decided to leave our gas stove running all night. ew and yuck and don't light a match. i love breathing in noxious fumes first thing in the morning, don't you?

    i'm too scatterbrained to get anything done today, and the road outside is looking way too tempting. is it 3:30 yet? @.@
    these are the days where i wished i could turn off my IM and tell everyone to fuck off. yah, in that order that took me an hour to do i made a small mistake that you could've taken two seconds to fix, but you're quite welcome to shank it out of my paycheck instead. >.<

    i think i need some me time, but hell if i know where to find it.


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