Nov. 8th, 2010 04:33 pm
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yeah, so...obviously, i am no longer at the bottom of the grand canyon. which is where i have been for the past two weeks. wilderness. middle of nowhere. horror movie fodder. you get the picture. BUT IT WAS AWESOME THO. just sayin.
but anywho, i survived the Colorado River (WOO!) and tho i didn't really miss the internet all that much, i am happy to have it again.

THAT BEING SAID...to all of my Supernatural buddies out there *eyeballs* you know who you are. i am incredibly reluctant to meander through LJ right now until i catch up on the last three eps. so, this is a call out for assistance please. anybody willing to give me some links? y/y? please pretty please? the last ep i saw was Weekend at Bobby's, so the three after that is what i'm missing.

so...otherwise...did i miss anything important? <.< >.> (y'know, other than spoilers. dnw.)
cause yeah. wilderness. peeing in a river. fuck yeah.
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aaaaaaand i'm off to vegas. right now.
then headed to the grand canyon for this ten day river trip up the colorado 8D

a year ago, i wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do this.

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As it seems to be my tradition (despite nearly forgetting this year, ack) I finally got around to finishing my end of year holiday pic :D as every year, sorry for the spamming!

i actually had a REALLY good idea for both a funny and/or serious pic that i could do for the holidays this year, but i seem to be completely cursed into doing nothing but nauseatingly cute. x_x not that i'm complaining, but i really did try to do something different, i swear.

Thus, Castiel is my victim this year. and he's chibi, of course. for those on my f-list that don't know, he's the big eyed, stare-face angel from Supernatural. :3

everyone else? hopefully you can just tell X)

as always, regardless of what you celebrate, where you are in the world or who you're with, i hope EVERYONE has the most fabulous of holidays. i love you all and continue to appreciate your support for yet another year gone. to new and old friends, to new and old obsessions, to finding that one small space in the universe where you aren't so insignificant. thanks you guys, for making me feel so awesome so often <3

Title: The First Snow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] oatmeal_queen
Character: Castiel
Rating: harmless. srsly, cavity inducing.
Spoilers: if you didn't know about anjuls
Medium: drawn/inked by hand, colored with copics then run through PS CS3 for effects

quit yer mushing and show the art, damnit )

also, if you're interested, here are some previous years:
2008 - young Sam and Dean Winchester (supernatural)
2007 - Michael and Lucifer (original)
2006 - young Ed and Al Elric (fullmetal alchemist)



Dec. 12th, 2009 11:59 am
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and therein lies my spirit of christmas <3

this year might just not suck afterall 8D
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so hey, how bout a real entry this time.

post surgery stuffs, some slightly TMI )

in other news, no Supernatural til January :( still working on the fifty things i gotta finish drawing, coloring and otherwise FINISHING for people (but am happy to be inspired regardless)
gotta apartment hunt very friggen soon, so i'm moving NEXT MONTH. WHUT.
i cannot believe it's December.


Jun. 21st, 2009 12:15 pm
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Happy Father's day out there to all of my buddy's daddys that i have met and love <3
have an awesome day! :D
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Ok, so.
Now that I've had a couple of days to let it all sit and stew, I think I can actually do a decent con report. Or decent enough. Like I've said previously, and let me just reiterate this, there is going to be a -lot- that I leave out.

I'd love comments and I do not mind answering questions concerning my weekend, but I will not be answering anything when it comes to personal info of the actors or anyone else I was with. Srsly, it's not worth getting worked up over and I'm not budging, so get over it.
I do have some pictures I can post of my trip in general and a couple from the bustrip, but it will be minimal. please do not ask for more, as i've gone through them very carefully and considered what should or should not be online for specific reasons.

Keep in mind that this is my personal journal, not a fanblog, a magblog or anything of the sort. I'm focusing on the ME here, cause i can and damn well should since it's MY JOURNAL.

Gawd, this is nutz that i have to write that. wth.

blah blah blah, get on with it already )

Friday )

I'm sure i'll forget about some things as i go here, so may go back to fill them in later when i remember. there was just so much x_x

but holy crap that was long-winded. tl;dr much? if you got this far, you must be bored. or really amused.
*hands you popcorn*

More to come once i pull together Saturday! it won't be as long, promise.
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for my reference, totally update-able
(or if anyone else can think of something i'm missing, cause lord knows i'm not thinking straight.)

-get laptop/camera from sako
-pack. try to use the smaller suitcase if you can.
-pull together whatever sketchbooks/art stuff you're taking (YOU NEED ERASERS. GET THEM)

-email your mother every number/address/plane time you can think of, or you know you'll never hear the end of it.
-give rent/cable checks to Christie
-remember to eat
-scribble down/print out all the addresses and info you'll need.
-water your poor plants
-sew up your poor shoe
-do NOT forget the bunny hats
-do NOT forget to take that pic from the wall
-charge your ipod/laptop/phone/DS and anything else that needs it
-make sure you've got ittybitty with you in case you need those art files again
-finish the sailormoon pics if you can
-call Kat

i'm debating whether or not i should actually sleep tonight, since that may increase my chances of sleeping on the plane :\ not sure about that one, since there's a possibility i won't sleep regardless -.- then that would be two nights of wtf. lame.
here's hopin i'm not sleepin on the streets once i'm there! 8D tho i hear they're cleaner than ours.
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Memorial Day weekend. and I've done more the past three days than i have in weeks. yikes.
on the plus side, lots of awesome stuff went down and i got outta the housemy head for some good times.
on the not so plus side, i feel pretty ill XP

on Saturday I went with [livejournal.com profile] psychosako to the VA Ren Fair. which is small, but cute, out in the middle of nowhere virginia. The most fun was had with her friends, however, half of which are in the belly dancing troupe that i've been involved with recently <3
i got some SUN. holy shit. my arms are a slightly darker shade of greenish-tan now, as opposed to the veiny pale i've been for the past two years. win.

Sunday I got to see Terminator: Salvation.
If you like the series, see it. I was not disappointed. the crazy plot holes from the first three were once again amusingly obvious even in this 4th installment, but oh well. robots kill all humans without reason gets old fast, so i was just in it for the pretty. awesome visual effects, tho the young digi-arnold was slightly creepy. ok, more than slightly.
ya know, i like christian bale, but the dude needs to try something different. musicals perhaps? i loved newsies, shutup :D

Monday was sleep in and then picnic day. I went with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar, [livejournal.com profile] psychosako and Mama!Rachel out with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar's family for some bbq fun. Which was actually a lot more fun than i thought it would be (no offense Molly, i've just been frazzled lately) with good food, good company and HOLY SHIT DOWNPOUR. we got rained on like crazy and ended up completely drenched to the bone. Cold and soggy, we all bundled up in borrowed clothes and towels to dry off at the Stackwicks as the storm passed through. The absurdity of it all just made me laugh. It was almost refreshing X)

i've got two days til my plane leaves for europe.
Finally finished the inks on the sailor moon busts for [livejournal.com profile] ssfseiyakou and trying my damndest to get them colored before i leave x_x atleast the coloring is all thats left.
the asylum guys got the art. so all is (hopefully) well on that front. here's hoping i actually have a hotel room and conbadge to go to. aaaaauuuugggghhh

we had such awesome food this afternoon for lunch, but i spent the rest of the day feeling nauseated and have been unable to eat anything more, even if i wanted to. my nerves will one day be the death of me. here's hoping i can sleep this off and it doesn't get worse...but methinks that'll be wishful thinking until i'm in the air. *cry*

i am going to be useless at work tomorrow, damnit.
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I'm going to England.

now if you'll excuse me, i've got two months to fit back into my old jeans.
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JDM quote! *points above* gawd that man is fantastic.

So Valentine's was actually pretty cool this year. :3
I cleaned and straightened up for most of the day in order to get some semblance of an apartment and actually succeeded in getting a lot done.

I also drew stuffs (YAAAAY) but unfortunately my scanner decided to die on me so i can't scan any of it -.- LAME. here's hoping it's just the power source since that can be replaced. i really don't wanna have to get a new one, i love this giant piece of shit <3

[livejournal.com profile] happytemplar and I went out last night to go see the Friday the 13th remake. Which was awesome. cause i got to stare at Jared Padalecki on a GIANT SCREEN for an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. which was actually a fairly decent movie, considering. the deaths weren't as predictable as i usually expect from a slasher film, so kudos to that. i had such a hard time disassociating tho, lol. my inner SPN nerd was waiting for Dean to show up and help his brother XD
Of course, I'd have enjoyed the movie a heck of a lot more if i wasn't getting a spanish commentary to my right (how do you say 'shut the fuck up' in spanish again?) and the fact that SOMEONE BROUGHT A BABY. WHUT?! augh. and not just that, i watched a couple people walk by throughout the film that had, like, ten year oldish kids.
i'm no parent, but srsly? i mean, it's violence, lots of sex and nudity, lots of stoner references and blood/gore. sounds like a family film to me! :D
but anywho, i got to see a bloody slasher fic for valentines day. not complaining.

got to see Coraline this past week too with [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737, which is an absolutely -amazing- movie and everyone should see it. I wish all fairy tales were as awesome as the ones in Neil Gaiman's head.
didn't go anywhere near Katsucon, but I heard it was overloaded anyway and that the security was tight for badges, so meh. no big loss on that one. i'm looking forward to ACEN anyway, especially since i'm going to be getting a new Lex coat that'll be long enough to actually cover my big ol' boots and have a nice big zipper down the front.

yar sunday. more work to do, more things to draw (woo!smut), places to go and a new roommate to annoy. hurray for good weekends.
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I just sat in a freezing car for a half an hour, listening to my mother go on and on about the drama that is ALREADY happening before the cultfamily disasterget-together this weekend for Christmas.

The more I hear/think/worry/stress/speak about it, the more I would like to smash my head onto something. repeatedly.

Preferably something sharp.
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Majel Roddenberry, 'First Lady of Star Trek,' dies;
Lwaxana Troi! The voice of the Enterprise! MY CHILDHOOD!

aw, man. so much lame. her final send out will be the voice of the ship in the next star trek film tho, so at least they got that right (so far). had to happen sometime tho, i guess.
how is Shatner still around? man.

I am STILL getting through all of the comments from my last post. good lord. XD i'm so glad everyone liked that picture so much! which reminds me that i still need to finish the rest of the art I've been working on for christmas gifts and the like. >.>

Tricked myself back into doing crochet again and am enjoying every minute of it (aside from the carpal tunnel, but we don't talk about that aloud) otherwise, i'm generally keeping myself distracted to avoid loosing it before the holiday.
and oh, it's coming.
next week.

augh, man. so msn news has lists of the ten most popular boy and girl names of the year, and just for shits and giggles i checked it out.
the top name chosen for girls for this year was 'Isabella'. and i'm like, ok, that's cool, it's a pretty name...
and then it dawned on me as to why that's the top one. and i suddenly feel badly for an entire year's worth of young girls.
ironically (thankfully) there was no Edward in the top list for boys.
but there is a Jacob.
i hate that i know these damn characters XP stupid proxy.

I'm debating on trying to get back into some serious writing now that I've been granted a few random prompts here and there of interesting ideas. Fanfic, yes, but it's better than no writing at all and at least it gets the wheel's churning. of course, i'd like to do something that'll force me to pay attention as well, like limiting to a certain number of words. hard to believe, but that's actually something i have a great deal of difficulty doing.
Conversations with Molly and hearing about Joe's recent adventures with 'Dead Space' have spiked a morbid interest back into Silent Hill. Psychological horror isn't something I've really played with when it comes to writing, but I'll try anything once. If only to see if I can.
Diz also dared me to do a short fic in the SPN universe involving two OC's just to see if i could pull it off without getting too wordy. I may just take her up on that X)

i'm looking forward to seeing my family. this is a good thing. let's see how long it lasts.
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i just wanted to share the love ^___^

FINALLY! finished the holiday picture that i was hoping to finish and got it up before christmas. AND NOT AT THE LAST MINUTE. for once. ^__^ woot.
yes, i know, it's photoshopped, but i wanted to get the whole lighting effect without ending up stabbing myself with my markers in the process. besides, it worked regardless, despite my inability to use a tablet to save my life. i'm workin on it. XP

i hope everyone on my f-list and beyond has a most awesome holiday. regardless of what you celebrate or don't, who you see or who you avoid, what you get or what you don't, doesn't matter. i still hope the best regardless and love you all. cheers to good friends and more smiles than i could keep track of.

last year it was baby mike and lu, this year it's baby sam and dean. i go straight for the sap each time, i swear. X)

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Car ended up worse than I thought. about a thousand bucks worse. damnit. daaaaaamniiiiiit.
but it's fixed now, and i have him back so i'm not shooting myself in the foot anymore than i have already by cursing myself. this is what credit cards are for, i guess. it's just another one of those things at this point.

called my mother early this afternoon to tell her about it and she interrupted me to go do something with her boyfriend. (didn't really specify what.) said she'd call me right back.
she still hasn't called.
fine then. didn't wanna tell her anyway.

blah day with blah weather and fighting an all around blah feeling. i'm in between healthy and sick, but i'm working my immune system back up from where it's been by taking vitamins again. i forget why i stopped.

more luck with apartment hunting for christie and i, so it's only a matter of time and picking between our top choices along with who's running deals. so far, i'm optimistic with this. but it's not like i was ever worried about moving. funny, just one of those things i -don't- stress about.
short list.

thanksgiving didn't suck, thankyou to the beautiful Stackwick family.
spent yesterday evening with the BF for some well-needed love.
caught up on my sleep, no recent nightmares.

I'm not the praying sort with any kind of focus, but it'd be really decently awesome for some good stuff to go down in december. it doesn't have to be anything amazing, simply being neglected by bad stuff would be good enough for me.
i'd pray for that. even if i'm the only one listening.

fuck this. i'm gonna have an awesome christmas regardless.
in case anyone needs this that i haven't told already:
My Amazon.com Wish List
do please share if you have one :)
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ok...so. my computer is working. GAWD.
after a very long and involved weekend of taking care of my brother after his surgery and getting amazingly miffed at my clueless mother (tl;dr) Dave was nice enough to hook me up with a copy of Adobe CS3. which made me so immeasurably happy in the hopes that perhaps SOMETHING good came from such an undeserved migraine.

but my hopes were soon dashed, only to find that as soon as i installed both photoshop and illustrator, Orion2 FUBARed like crazy to the point that i was expecting flames. i still kinda am.

so i call up superjew, and he asks for my specs. well, embarrassingly, it ends up that this was something i have neglected to keep an eye on for my poor, awesome computer for nearly four years now. since i haven't really upgraded a damn thing in him. oops. not that i really think about these things, but still. SOMETHING should have snapped in my mind to tell me that the more involved a graphics program is, the more awesome my comp would need to be to run it.

Regardless, i am now looking at a total overhaul. technically, i could go without, but it's a timebomb at this point considering all the crap that needs to be wiped clean here. Which means i'll probably be set back a good three hundred if i do it now instead of waiting for the computer rapture. where it would undoubtedly be more.
the amount isn't as bad as it -could- be, considering my relation to superjew, but still. damn. merry fucking christmas.
last year it was my car.

i want my holiday back and i want it back now. *stamps floor*

gawd i'm tired.

on the plus side, i know my brother won't steer me wrong in any way, and that he's barely charging me for the work he'll do. he was also able to hook me up with an uber printer for a decently awesome price to take with me for when i move. not to mention him dealing rather politely with my cranky ass on the phone trying to fix it all.
all good things. *counts them*

i'd vent about the family crap, but it feels like beating a dead horse at this point. i'm glad my mother is happy, (no really, i am) so i'll just let that be it and avoid the topic. if she decides to pull her maturity together and stops trying to get me to make her damn decisions, then this wouldn't be a problem. not that saying anything will make ANY DAMN DIFFERENCE since she's so head over heels in love. whatever. i'm over it.
be my guest and bail on Christmas, i don't care.
it's not like it'll ever be the same again anyway.
*beats that horse again just for the hell of it*

someone let me know when the holidays are over, i'll just be over here making cookies.
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so the holidays are done.
aside from new years, but that doesn't really count imo. i was never all that hyped up about celebrating new years anyway. meh. i'll see friends, that's about as fun as it gets X)

christmas...wasn't too bad. honestly. it was easier this year than it has been, and that's really saying something. I enjoyed the time with my family for once, and didn't feel like i stuck out like an annoying, sore thumb. there were other, far more irritated family members to do that for me. which was fabulous XD. thus avoiding being the center of attention, i breezed on through and made out with some decent loot. mostly dvd's, but that's never something i complain about ^___^ moviesyay!
will prolly end up with the same thing for me berfday too. ^.^

one of my cousins got this uber awesome art set from my grandfather that immediatly put stars in my eyes tho *.* i slunk across the room to my confused little six year old cousin as she clung to her oil/acrylic/watercolor paints and pastels and was more than happy to show her how to use it all XD there's something both riveting and mischievous about walking away from a party covered in art supplies. or maybe it's just me. X3

been experimenting more with mediums and having a grand old time doing it. Between Sako's suggestions of working with shadows and Joe's assistance with the watercolor pencils, i am up to my elbows in new technique. found some beautiful new art styles i'm in love with too and am more than happy to fangirl over.

unfortunately today however, (at least at the moment) i am a hovering waste of space XP most people took off work for new years and nobody's really ordering shirts so there's like, nothing to do. the internet can only amuse me so much, i swear. at least, with that which is work-safe X3
sleeping is my only plan for being off tomorow.

for new years.
-diet time is reinstated hardcore as of wednesday morning. *fist* for as of next year's official coaster season, i WILL ride a roller coaster. i may not reach cosplay size yet for a good while, but the coasters are definately up there as a priority.

-by the end of next year, i will have finished the first book in my three book story. *second fist* which involves a whole hell of a lot of re-writing, but it needs to be done. i'll not sit on this another year without going crazy, methinks. i'm so starved for continual projects due to lack of assistance, but biting the bullet and getting it done on my own is going to be only way i can trust the work being completed. i hate these realizations XP and i know i'm not the only one.

and that's pretty much it, resolution wise. don't wanna make it too hard ;)

my grandfather gave all of his grandkids either a nice big present or money to get what we choose. It's the kind of thing that could be useful for bills, but at the same time, i think my grandpa would be a lot happier if we got something we liked instead :3
thus methinks i see more copics in my near future D: did the same thing last year, might as well XD he knows i use the hell out of those things anyway.

happy new years my lovelies!
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ugh, being sick blows XP
i should have expected this, considering i was sick for the past two years of christmas *insert finger here* but then, so many people have been sick at work that i guess it was inevitable. that, i may just get lucky.

thankfully (or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it) temporary sicknesses and myself don't get along. I have a tendency to get through things quicker than others do, but with a heck of a lot more intensity x.x I think i'm through the worst of it, but it's like a damn marathon. PAINPAINPAINPAINPAIN for a few hours, then it's gone. just like that. i've never been sick for weeks at a time, and although i'm certainly counting my blessings for that, the whole painpain part is non too appealing.

i love the person that invented meatloaf. it's strangely become a comfort food for me today :D which is good, since i'm trying to avoid all the little sugary giftbaskets and candy circlets that were sent to my job.

mostly all christmas shopping = done.
all that's left is random small stuff and maybe one or two people i know i'm forgetting...

One of my coworkers spotted me shivering and bundled up this morning and offered me her space heater @_____@ *CLING*

a surprisingly decent friday. this illness better be on the out, i don't wanna deal with another day of using the dry erase board for communication -.-

RANDOM: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2007-12-16/live-action-dragonball-film-casts-bulma-mai-yamcha
that better just be a joke. XP DO NOT WANT.


Dec. 12th, 2007 01:23 pm
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Gawd, it is WAY too close to christmas.
i'd like to say i didn't see it coming, but i did. i just ignored it.

Still, keeping my head up and finding the time to get presents and the like. I've only broken down twice so far (which is a good thing) so I hope to leave it at just that until after my birthday. I'm looking forward to february x.x

once again had to bite the bullet and go get some new clothes XP As much as I'm starting to get used to this trend, i'm still not a huge shopping fan. never have been, but at the same time, there's something a bit exciting about being able to fit into sizes i don't remember ever fitting into.
What weirds me out tho is the whole re-buying all my underthings. that was something i didn't think about ahead of time, lol.

I look so different now. it's weird. :3 I was tempted to reintroduce myself to me in the mirror this morning *laughs* i really need more sleep at night.

Went and saw the golden compass last night. *love* wonderful movie, followed the book pretty damn closely too, aside from one or two things, and they were able to accomplish that without making it too boring (*cough*potter:chamberofsecrets*cough*) so i applaud them for that in the first place. secondly, omg the costumes O.O<3 i wanted to sketch them out everytime i saw a new character :laughs: which happened a LOT.
I'm glad i got to see it ^.^ despite all the religious hullabaloo about it all *gags*

the only thing that's good about movies that are picketed by organized religion is that it tells me what i need to go see. *checks another one off the list*

I'm writing again :3 not what i should be, but it helps regardless. All my old habits are coming back and it makes me happy ^____^
i miss DDR ;.;


Nov. 26th, 2007 03:28 pm
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thanksgiving was actually wonderful.
no sarcasm here, and no overstatement. I truly enjoyed my time away from home and with family, for the first time in a long time. I'm not sure yet what to make of that, but then, it was also one of the first times I didn't feel so out of place with them. Which means it's probably something that's changed recently in me, not them.

I'm really starting to enjoy spending time alone with my mother. Never thought I'd see the day, lol X)

I was a good girl for pretty much all of vacation when it came to the diet. My mother even took me shopping on black friday (tho not early enough to worry about crazy people) and I got more warm things. which was nice, because I discovered that I am now lingering in the smallest size that exists in the plus size section XD dude, wtf.
warm sweaters in cold weather are happiness. <3

what confuses me about the whole vacation, however and strangely enough, was the instant headache I acquired once I returned back to Virginia. I'm not sure what to peg it as, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that suddenly wanted to turn right back around and go to where I was happy. I got to relax for the remainder of the weekend and did a great deal of artiness that I'm quite proud of...but there was something missing there that I must have re-discovered elsewhere. Like a feeling that 'home' has been misplaced. The holidays are really getting to me already, i think, and i miss smiling for something other than guilt or condolences. that shouldn't be a plausible reason to smile at all.

After some peaceful sleeping (finally) my nightmares decided I'd had enough of a relief and came back last night in full force. :( not sure what to make of that either, and according to the nice bright red streak across my left eye, I was granted less than three hours of sleep. lovely.
still, getting back to work was a good thing, i think, as it leaves me with less to think about than getting my job done. amazing what that can do for the wandering imagination.

I'm apologizing less for the fanart kick i've been on, but I'll be happier when i can draw whatever the hell i want and not care :3 that's a good goal, right? I REALLY need to get that picture done for my bro x.x good gawd, six years is not a good time to spend on a commission. eep.

i'm not miserable, but i want to laugh more. there's a lot of christmas stuff i need to start doing now that thanksgiving is over, and very soon there will be more festiveness in the apartment. I'm staying hopelessly optimistic to make it through another christmas, especially since thanksgiving ended up so surprisingly enjoyable. ^.^


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