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hello there internet :)

i know, i know, it's been ages, and i'm sorry about the large gap in between posts, but unfortunately it was for a few personal, irritating reasons. (and just may i say, for the lawyer who is currently stalking my LJ? eat me. no, srsly, kiss my ass and find someone else to bother. i'm through being concerned over your problems. eat a bag of dicks.)

so anyway, in all better news, things have been pretty well for me :) i'll recap later, this post happens to be for the purpose of a proposal of sorts.

most of you who know me, also know that i avoid doing commissions at all costs. not because i hate them, per se, i actually quite enjoying drawing for others, but because i feel bad charging for it and can be fairly lame when it comes to finishing them. now i know, boo hoo, what an issue, but srsly, i have a hard time with this sometimes, so therefore i avoid it.

that being said, one of my oldest and most bestest friends is going through horrible financial issues right now, and nothing seems to be getting any better anytime soon :( she lost her job last year, is in debt up to her ears, shares the deed of a house with a husband she's trying to divorce who also has no job and no money, and she's trying to be in school at the same time.
i hate seeing what life is doing to her right now, especially since i've been so blessed recently. tho despite being poor myself, i don't have a money sucking anchor of a husband, crazy debt or a severely low paying job like she does. she's living with my mother, the poor thing.

anyway, tl;dr, i'm going to try doing what i can by seeing if there is any interest in art commissions out there. i'm talking to all my fellow fangirls out there in LJ land, would any of you be interested in commissioning me for art? i could do sketches, inked, full color, multiple characters (not so great with backgrounds), multiple fandoms, slash, fluff, (any nc-17 stuff would have to be negotiated to see if i can do it, but you're welcome to ask) and original characters with good descriptions/references. srsly, try me.

is there any interest at all? i'm also willing to offer prints of any of my existing stuff. i have art throughout a few different fandoms of supernatural, fullmetal alchemist, sailor moon, and a ton of original angel characters.

if there IS an interest, i can lay out pricing and reasonable timelines for both the drawings and the prints, but i'd like to know i could actually pull this off reasonably. I really, REALLY want to help my friend, but without commissions, i don't have much to give :( i don't mean to use the sympathy card, if really, this is the first time i've ever truly asked, but it really is for a friend in need. i think that's worth a little expended effort on my behalf.

what say you? commission me so i can help my friend? anyone? :3
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1. Tomorrow, wedding.
2. Day after that, the world.
3. ????
4. profit.
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if i could have one day to see you; to hear your voice and watch you smile, i would wish it was fifteen days from now. i wouldn't have been getting married six years ago obviously, but i wish you could have been there anyway.
i don't get to walk down the aisle with you, and the thought hurts so much that my chest aches, but your sons are picking up the slack, so don't worry :3

another year gone, still the single most horrible day of my life to date, and still i miss you with all of my heart <3

it's time to make March a better anniversary.
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geezus i need therapy x_x disappointing doesn't even begin to describe this crap lately.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. i so declare it. (gawd it better be. pleeeeeez be)
new body, new home, new relationship, new life, and now a new job. i really am starting over. wth.

but hey, i'm drawing again. woo!

wedding is in 19 days. eeeeeek.


Nov. 23rd, 2010 10:40 pm
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so who locked their keys in the car and had to wait in the parking garage for an hour after a ten hour shift today?

oh yeah, that was me. fml.

at least the guy was nice enough to unlock the car without damage. but he took all my christmas money with him when he left.
hope everyone likes crocheted scarves.
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So. My wedding dress came in the mail today. (fortuitously on a day when I was visiting my mom since it was sent to her)
and it's gorgeous and exactly what I was hoping for. Better than, even, since the pics did not do it justice.
Had it custom made from scratch, my specific measurements and everything.

Cept it doesn't fit.


So that weight I hadn't thought I'd lost in the canyon? It was in inches apparently.

Also, they were supposed to send me three yards of fabric to match the dress so I could make a veil.
They sent me three yards of trim.

I wore it on my head anyway.
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a great big fancy hearted and brilliant THANKYOU to everyone who assisted me in my last journal post <3 srsly, i asked, and you guys delivered. soooo much appreciation as i am now caught up. with like, everything. not that there was much, but hey, i'm entertained.
so yeah :3 you guys rock socks.

and hot damn, Dean. what's with the whole being a dick to Cas thing? dude. he's not your pet. quit it. Cas? Smack a bitch. learned him last time.
and i don't care what anyone says, i still <3 cute little souless Sam. (cuz we didn't see that coming? pfft) the apathy is actually quite amusing and really well played.
yay show!

in other news...
after spending two weeks in the wilderness, under endless skies and enormous walls of rock with no roads, no technology and no white sound....now? its NOISE.OVERLOAD. GAH.

not even kidding, i thought i was going to crawl out of my skin at work today. there was just...so.much.SOUND. and this is all normal sound! for here, at least, something i've long gotten used to living in this horrible city. nothing was out of the ordinary except for me.
but sweet jesus was it difficult, and more than a little anxiety inducing. i wanted to stuff cotton in my ears and call it a day.

by the time i got to the end of my ten hour shift, they started up the earth shaking machine vacuum cleaners and i had just had it. i was out, faster than i'd like to admit. augh, wtfkillmenow. sirens in the parking lot, cars and honking and echoes and highways and meowing and neighbors and just...sdghjkalsdgkjhg.

i'm gonna acclimate, i do know this (sooner rather than later plz) but damn does it make me miss the canyon even more now. not that i, you know, wanna live there or anything...but damn.
i pity my race. no wonder we can't really hear things anymore.

and with that, i'm going to go sound proof my semi-dark yet somehow yellow-lit room and bury myself in blankets until my ears stop ringing.
i really miss all those stars ;.;

vacay report to come, as soon as i get my camera from teh molly. i know i've got some awesome pics so if anyone is the least bit interested, feel free to stick around :3
but yeah, now. noise. sucks out loud.


Nov. 8th, 2010 04:33 pm
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yeah, so...obviously, i am no longer at the bottom of the grand canyon. which is where i have been for the past two weeks. wilderness. middle of nowhere. horror movie fodder. you get the picture. BUT IT WAS AWESOME THO. just sayin.
but anywho, i survived the Colorado River (WOO!) and tho i didn't really miss the internet all that much, i am happy to have it again.

THAT BEING SAID...to all of my Supernatural buddies out there *eyeballs* you know who you are. i am incredibly reluctant to meander through LJ right now until i catch up on the last three eps. so, this is a call out for assistance please. anybody willing to give me some links? y/y? please pretty please? the last ep i saw was Weekend at Bobby's, so the three after that is what i'm missing.

so...otherwise...did i miss anything important? <.< >.> (y'know, other than spoilers. dnw.)
cause yeah. wilderness. peeing in a river. fuck yeah.
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aaaaaaand i'm off to vegas. right now.
then headed to the grand canyon for this ten day river trip up the colorado 8D

a year ago, i wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do this.

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1. Pull on socks
2. Not see the cat that suddenly chose that moment to lay under your raised foot
3. Trip on cat
4. Ram toe into floor trying to stay standing (equivalent of basically kicking a wall with no shoes)
5. Scream expletives
6. ?????
7. Profit?

ugh. OW. owowowowowow.
if i had broken my toe, i'd have killed that cat. cute and fluffy or not. two weeks before i leave for the grand canyon and breaking my feet is VERY NOT COOL.

iz all swollen and achy tho ;__;

in other news, last night was my first nyquil free night in six days. wow, october. you're like, my favorite month. why you do dis?
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] sammywhatammy
oh hai distraction )

One of these days i'll actually get around to finishing the Golden Compass books. *stares at dusty bookshelf* among other things.

In other news, fanfiction is an amazing distraction for a whole lotta awful. now if only i could get my stupid ass to WRITE IT, i might avoid a last minute panic next week.
*coughs* lets see how long those good intentions last me -.-
I'm srsly LOLing at myself right now for reading Legion fanfic, but damnit, it's better than the movie. more Gabe/Mike plz, i miss my own.

and of course, my heart goes out to my poor [livejournal.com profile] fauxfaia. <3 u bb, i'm here if you need me and you know it. day or night.
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Cheers to the universe where:

-Fat jeans are just jeans
-tummy pudge means your food isn't rotten or poisoned
-someone loves you because you make them laugh instead of how perfect your shape is
-happiness doesn't come in a weight loss can
-you can dance without caring what you look like or if there's music
-no one understands what 'ugly' means, or how to spell or use it
-laughing is everyone's favorite exercise
-you can look in a mirror and smile because you're above ground and breathing (no more reasons necessary)
-matching socks are optional

today was gorgeous.
i had to wait way too long for this weather <3 thankyou for FINALLY being september! bring it on, autumn. i missed you.

this was a rare, but good day :3 i didn't even mind working for ten hours.
gonna go home soon and doodle.
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feeling better. got some stuff done, chilled out, ignored phone and nerded for a bit. all is not well with the universe, but at least it isn't tilting off axis anymore.

plus there was this convo; which both amused and terrified me at the same time. friggen work forcing me to use a friggen mac. ugh, diaf you crappy piece of machinery.

auuuggghhhh i''m infected with MAC
pardon me while i chop off my fingers
if that had ended up an isob, there'd have been no hope
carry on without me, M
M: I get your monitors if it consumes you, right?
E: *gaspchokewheeze* idead
M: You're not using them anymore, you're turning into a Mac!
*takes off with all your PC stuff*
*flees into the night*

and on that note, i'm gonna go soak for a few hours and be unconscious for a few hours more. today can go to hell.
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sort of a spoiler, but more of a movie summary with one scene, really )

Now i just need to see Scott Pilgrim e_e
and damnitall, stupid Tyson's was sold out for RiffTrax!live on thursday *sob* this'll be the first one i miss in the history of ever. whryyyyyyyyyy


Aug. 16th, 2010 10:45 am
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the last day to sign up for the dean/cas secret fic exchange is today. TODAY.

do i sign up? do i convince myself that i have far more important things to do? (cause i do). am i really this much of a masochist? or do i just REALLY miss writing? should i do it and swear to NOT write an epic in the process? or am i just fooling myself thinking i can produce something short without hating it...


in other news, defenestrate is my new favorite word.

wedding 101

Aug. 8th, 2010 08:46 pm
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] authoressnebula, cause i could.

mememememeeee )

Been horribly busy. between working, drawing, trying to be semi-social and then organizing as much as i can for a wedding...i have no life.
which, btw, i don't care what anyone says, planning a wedding is a veritable nightmare if you haven't been dreaming of it since birth. srsly. i had no plans, nothing in mind, no image of what it was all supposed to look like when that life altering day would come and everything would just fall into place. pffft. bullshit. its hard.
i am going to be ECSTATIC when i can just BE married and all of this can be done. did you know the average wedding costs 27k? THAT'S AVERAGE. WHERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING THIS MONEY.

on the plus side, the design aspect of it is rather fun, but well, saw that coming since i have an affinity for design. that and so far there have been plenty of people around to keep me sane. so far so good. the wedding itself will be on March 25 of next year, so who knows what'll happen between now and then. at this point, if i don't kill my mother (or myself) before this is all over, i'll consider it win/win. possibly.
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just giving my self esteem a little kick in the ass, don't mind me.

An unplanned, but interesting comparison )
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So, a good long while back, i promised a recap of my trip to England/Asylum. yeah...so didn't get to that. my apologies if anyone was waiting for it (which, i certainly hope not because i can be really friggen boring) i am actually going to do a separate entry for that since i do have some awesome pics to share, but i'm not really gonna go into detail. sorry bout that guys, i fail, i know. i've just been hampered down with a lot of stuff recently and haven't had the time for blogging *gasp*

but hey, free moment. like, now.

so onto inconsequential stuff.

So i saw Toy Story 3 and loved it...SPOILERS )

i've heard horrid things about Airbender, so i'm not even bothering to give the theater money for it. i'll take my chances with assistance from netflix tyvm. its how i saw g.i. joe *shudders* so i'm sticking with that. i heard twilight was better than airbender, which is the saddest thing i have ever heard.

its too damn hot for words this week. i hate running the AC all the time, but i'm on the top floor. in a hundred degree weather at the top of an apartment complex that cooks and does laundry ALL THE TIME? if not for AC, i'd be dead.

is it friday yet? i'm ready for a road trip.
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I'm still alive, i promise. finally done with being sick, so now i'm just being a slacker. i know i promised a con report and pics, but well, there's that whole slacker thing...

in other news, i found out that SIR Patrick Stewart will be attending the Philadelphia Comic Con, thus as physics action/reaction will tell you, now so will i. cause srsly. Cap'n McSexypants Picard. nuff said.
Funny enough, i had never even heard of this con before until i found out about the Stewart thing, and it's like, right up my coast, so i'm totally game. awesome and surprising lineup of scifi peeps too, considering how bad their advertising is.

annyway, going for a day. prolly in costume, depending on how masochistic i'm feeling.

speaking of guests...
amusing convo is amusing )

*goes back to slacking*


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