Nov. 23rd, 2010 10:40 pm
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so who locked their keys in the car and had to wait in the parking garage for an hour after a ten hour shift today?

oh yeah, that was me. fml.

at least the guy was nice enough to unlock the car without damage. but he took all my christmas money with him when he left.
hope everyone likes crocheted scarves.
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a great big fancy hearted and brilliant THANKYOU to everyone who assisted me in my last journal post <3 srsly, i asked, and you guys delivered. soooo much appreciation as i am now caught up. with like, everything. not that there was much, but hey, i'm entertained.
so yeah :3 you guys rock socks.

and hot damn, Dean. what's with the whole being a dick to Cas thing? dude. he's not your pet. quit it. Cas? Smack a bitch. learned him last time.
and i don't care what anyone says, i still <3 cute little souless Sam. (cuz we didn't see that coming? pfft) the apathy is actually quite amusing and really well played.
yay show!

in other news...
after spending two weeks in the wilderness, under endless skies and enormous walls of rock with no roads, no technology and no white sound....now? its NOISE.OVERLOAD. GAH.

not even kidding, i thought i was going to crawl out of my skin at work today. there was just...so.much.SOUND. and this is all normal sound! for here, at least, something i've long gotten used to living in this horrible city. nothing was out of the ordinary except for me.
but sweet jesus was it difficult, and more than a little anxiety inducing. i wanted to stuff cotton in my ears and call it a day.

by the time i got to the end of my ten hour shift, they started up the earth shaking machine vacuum cleaners and i had just had it. i was out, faster than i'd like to admit. augh, wtfkillmenow. sirens in the parking lot, cars and honking and echoes and highways and meowing and neighbors and just...sdghjkalsdgkjhg.

i'm gonna acclimate, i do know this (sooner rather than later plz) but damn does it make me miss the canyon even more now. not that i, you know, wanna live there or anything...but damn.
i pity my race. no wonder we can't really hear things anymore.

and with that, i'm going to go sound proof my semi-dark yet somehow yellow-lit room and bury myself in blankets until my ears stop ringing.
i really miss all those stars ;.;

vacay report to come, as soon as i get my camera from teh molly. i know i've got some awesome pics so if anyone is the least bit interested, feel free to stick around :3
but yeah, now. noise. sucks out loud.
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feeling better. got some stuff done, chilled out, ignored phone and nerded for a bit. all is not well with the universe, but at least it isn't tilting off axis anymore.

plus there was this convo; which both amused and terrified me at the same time. friggen work forcing me to use a friggen mac. ugh, diaf you crappy piece of machinery.

auuuggghhhh i''m infected with MAC
pardon me while i chop off my fingers
if that had ended up an isob, there'd have been no hope
carry on without me, M
M: I get your monitors if it consumes you, right?
E: *gaspchokewheeze* idead
M: You're not using them anymore, you're turning into a Mac!
*takes off with all your PC stuff*
*flees into the night*

and on that note, i'm gonna go soak for a few hours and be unconscious for a few hours more. today can go to hell.
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Update on the AC situation is sort of in limbo.
Not because i didn't go to the office or anything, but because i'm waiting to see if what they told me today is Actually What They Mean To Do.

of which, i've been duped before. )

In other news, Iron Man 2 thursday midnight showing tickets for me and M, GOT. friday morning is gonna suuuuck, but i don't care XD i need more Stark in my life.

also, apparently i wasn't as done with the asylum commissions as i thought? x_x LAST MINUTE GUESTS AHOY. at least it's an easy one tho, so i know what i'm doing all of tonight. possible change of plans for next weekend too...tho not completely certain yet. May is gonna be the death of me.

I'm thinking i'm gonna do King's Dominion this weekend hell or high water. Cause i really do just wanna go, and i wanna do something with my mom for mother's day since i can't remember the last time we did something that wasn't church XP we'll see how things pan out with M's poor mama. and with poor M too, actually, since she is very sick :( *gives her tea and kittens*

On monday night i dreamed about tornadoes at my grandmother's house. which i didn't really think much of, cause well, (1) dream, and (b) my grandparents living in upstate new york. like, syracuse area upstate new york.
so i get an email from my mother last night to let me know that all of the great big willow trees are down at my grandparents place along with a bit more damage too cause of a freak mini tornado disaster that nearly took out their house.
.____. que?

my life is so weird.
but it better be well air-conditioned when i get home 8|
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ugh, the E feels ill.

and no, not in the bacterial infectious sort of way, just in general. cause srsly, the past two weeks have been like a great big running gag. but there's no punchline. and there really needs to be one by now.

on the plus side, the commissions are finished. Done and done, art for Asylum 4 and Asylum Europe are out of my head, out of my sketchbook and off my computer. Done.

Also good, even though i don't get to go to England, I'm going to NYC instead. sweet. happy b-day to the sako.

i'll be working on a comic project as soon as i can get character sketches done and that'll last for a bit too, but won't be as manic as this last thing was. so yay for things to work on.

so yes, the stress of the commissions is over. and no, it wasn't -that- bad.
WHAT MADE IT BAD, was everything else happening at the same friggen time.

This is what i'll call 'an understandable reason for rage' )

EDIT: i called. they said the manager will be in meetings all day today and doesn't have time for me. he'll call me when he's ready, probably tomorrow.

or probably never. assholes. FUCKSHITCUNT I HATE THIS.
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totally made my afternoon.

which is nice, cause not only do i have this crazy commission to finish, but now apparently i have to upheave the entirety of my apartment tonight because they brought a dog in and he found a bedbug. all before i leave for hagerstown this weekend cause my mother is doing a church play and if i'm not there she'll guilt me forever. FML.


at least its thursday ;.;
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The power was out in my development tonight from 8:30 until 9:55.

went over to [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar's and played magic: the gathering by candlelight.

Which was fun, but wth. FML.

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auuuughgawd x_x four hours of sleep just doesn't work for me anymore. srsly. goodbye college years.

One of those weird personality test thingers )

there are no words for my tired today, not to mention just how much crap i've had to do this week which is quickly rushing up on me now that its reaching the end. I miss the 'having nothing to do on the weekend' thing, i srsly do.
-Richmond early tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get off work and Kat gets her ass to DC to pick up my ass.
-STILL NOT DONE WRITING, FML. *insert expletive deletive here* see all that personality shit i posted above?? DEADLINES, DNW.
-got laundry to do today and errands to run, and all around shit to figure out before tomorrow, tho [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar saved me from having to do grocery store. i <3 you like pie woman.
-work had stupid EARLY MORNING MEETING, hence the four hours sleep, after waking up to the asshat downstairs sharing his morning cable tv with me. THNX BUT NO, REALLY >8|

i feel rushed and stretched and not as excited about this weekend as i was before, but gotta do it anyway apparently. this is why i don't make plans x__x

check please?
(i actually kinda missed bitching on the internet. let's never fight again @.@)

oh, note to self: If you don't get in all that awesome protein you need, you can't walk in a straight line. i know we've discussed this before, but srsly, you look funny. think about it.
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I'm alive, I swear.

I apologize to my flist for my recent silence, but RL has been FORCING ME TO PAY ATTENTION TO IT like an angry little pet. The kind of pet that'll mess up the carpet if you don't stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW.

there are...like...a million people i need to reply to, send stuff to, talk to, and basically all around show some sign of life to...but haven't. Cause i'm a slacker. BUT I'M WORKIN ON IT. promise :3 took me awhile to get the internet set up, that's all.

the new place has heat (woo!), sanctuary, my new awesome fishy Lucifer (cheeky little fish too), and far less boxes than it did a few weeks ago. I even got my hands on an awesome cage so that i can finally start the process of adopting ratties <3
I've also been drawing again (gleee) and writing like crazy because my muse showed up at the last possible minute and i have me some Dean/Cas fic exchange to finish before the deadline this weekend x__x gah.

which, btw, is there anyone from the SPN fandom on my flist that would be interested in doing a speed beta for me? @__@ last minute, i know, and i'm not even done yet, but another set of eyes would be a tremendous help. ([livejournal.com profile] morgainlefay, i'm totally gonna be hitting you up if i can't find anyone. you rock socks, i hope you know)

A special thankyew to [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws for the V-day present! <3 (thankyou sweetheart, you totally didn't have to. they were balloons!)

Forgive me [livejournal.com profile] eldanis! i didn't mean to tease you for this long! sorry i missed you at Katsu too <3 i do have art to share, promise.

and thus, back to writing with me. i colored a bit tonight at art jam, which was awesome and i missed it like whoah, but i have GOT to GET this DONE. x_x
(this post officially has little to no content. please leave a message at the beep)

[livejournal.com profile] happytemplar got her hands on the new Silent Hill game for the Wii, and even though I've only caught a little of it so far, it is already just creepy enough to keep me interested. well played, evil town =_= we meet yet again.
and oh, the ideas that stir. i don't write enough psychological horror. not nearly enough.

Alice in Wonderland in IMAX this weekend with the Mad Kat crew in Richmond. ROAD TRIP.
i still need to find a silly hat...sonofa...

OH HAI MARCH. *hisssssss*


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:06 pm
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ugh, cry moar )

anybody got any good news? anything? something to make me giggle, smile, laugh even? idc, anything.


Jan. 20th, 2010 11:04 am
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I apologize if I haven't responded to comments/gotten back to people I intended to recently. This week has been kicking my ass and running me over with a truck x_x repeatedly.

I'm in the process of moving from one apartment to another, my place is a mess and i have limited internet between homes :(

this was basically the reason i didn't sign up to do the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti fundraising campain (which is awesome, btw, check it out!), despite the fact that i reaaaally wanted to. i just knew i wouldn't have the time and i didn't want to disappoint . So i apologize to anyone who was hoping i'd sign up.
However, a lot of really amazing artists and authors HAVE signed up, so go check it out before the bidding ends! or if anything, Misha's Minions are still collecting through UNICEF and will always take contributions, I'm sure.

anywho, since i'm at work now, i won't make this long. just know that i promise to catch up as soon as i can and i thankyou all for having patience with me <3
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Stupid snow.

Ended up trapped out in boonyville after getting completely winter raped by mother nature 8|
will be tempting fate tomorow and at least TRYING to get back to the city...For, y'know, work on tuesday or something crazy like that.
Should be interesting.

Stupid LOTS of snow.
NoVa is going to suuuuuuck this week.


Dec. 4th, 2009 02:31 pm
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Why is it that most non-religious people i know are far more tolerant of other people's faith than the religious ones? (no, not all of them)
isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

i mean, most holy scripture, no matter the sect or base, preaches about this kinda tolerance shit all the time. did i miss something?

cause its good for me to be ok with the faith of people around me, but not good for the faithful to be ok with me.
Fuck. That.

normally, this kinda thing just rolls off my back and i ignore it, seeing as i have little faith in really old dead people to begin with; but hearing some surprisingly deep rooted hate from good people, just because they think it'll spare them from hell, irritates the shit out of me.

for fuck sake children, get along.
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This took WAY too long for how much i really don't like how it turned out >:[
but oh well. i went too far to just scrap the whole thing so i at least finished, despite the fact that it wasn't how i pictured.
but after seeing the episode where Gabriel shows up (woo!) this got stuck in my head and i had to draw it. yes, there are a MILLION other things i should be working on right now, but it wouldn't let me go, i swear.

regardless, i hope people can at least tell who they are (spn people, that is) and why i thought it would be amazingly badass to draw them this way. (despite, y'know, FAILING at it)

Title: Usual Suspects
Author: [livejournal.com profile] oatmeal_queen
Rating: harmless
Genre: anjuls!
Spoilers: ALL of 4th and 5th season so far
Medium: drawn/inked by hand, colored in photoshop cs3
NOTE: i have NOT included all angels, i know. this is missing both Zachariah and Azazel. cause I'm lazy.

thanks for looking! and sorry bout the mess XP i'm gonna try this kinda thing again sometime and get it to work. constructive criticism is always appreciated and comments are love <3

The lineup )


Oct. 19th, 2009 09:52 pm
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For the people on my F-list that know my phone #, just so's ya know, my phone is currently deactivated. it is pushing up daisies. it ceases to be. it was an accident by my brother while they were getting me my new phone, and unfortunately it won't work again until i take it to an at&t place and MAKE THEM FIX IT. damnitall.

Email would be the easiest way to reach me until then, please don't bother poor [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar, she's not my secretary. yet. At least until i get all of this crap sorted, stick with the email.
gawd i hate phones. XP


Aug. 31st, 2009 02:20 pm
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So i'm in the hospital this morning for my millions of tests for the surgery in two weeks(ack), and there's a TV on playing the news. and this headline shows up for about two seconds scrolling across the bottom:

Disney to acquire Marvel for $4 billion


i...don't even know what to think of this ._.

in other news, having blood drawn straight from an artery kinda sorta hurts.
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ok, as a note from an artist here, to anyone else who thinks they'd like to put some crazy tron-based, bizarre looking alchemical symbol on a t-shirt, please run yourself through a few things first before you make your final decision. I know your guild just HAS to have them in order to be more proficiently professional and show off your dice rolling pride, but still. take a moment.

  • your WOW buddies and your mom probably thought it was cool, but think to yourself how many times you're going to be wearing this outside of the basement.

  • if its drawn by hand, USE A RULER. if you traced it, FOLLOW THE LINES.

  • use a compass if you want that many circles. never used one? google it. it's SO EASY. hell, trace around one of those empty dew cans if you need to.

  • if it's meant to be symmetrical looking, then bloody well make it symmetrical.

  • don't scan it as a bitmap, holy hell, especially when there's both ink AND pencil still in the design. the blocks, sweet zombie jesus, the blocks x_x my eyes!.

  • and for god's sake, if you see a mistake in it, don't correct it in MSpaint. you're just making it worse.

    ugh, that took way longer to redraw than it should have XP cleaning up some little kids drawing with lines all over the place is all well and fine, but i hate when i get some piece of art from a self righteous wannabe that's crazy picky with 'my artz is bestest' and trying to tell me what to do like i don't already know -.- *hissss*

    happy friday! /bitter
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    i KNEW i shouldn't have looked it up. iknewitiknewitiknewit!
    there were two Hard Rock Cafes in England. TWO.
    i got the london one but there was also one in manchester!!1!
    *sobs unreasonably*

    now i gotta go back.

    *sticks out thumb*
    it was RIGHT THERE too ;__;

    for those that are confused and probably offended by this rage, i collect the pins from these restaurants. and its rare for me to snag one out of country as i ONLY collect the ones i've been to, as an agonizing rule. damn my ignorance.


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