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May. 19th, 2010 01:40 pm
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I went all the way to England so that Lucifer could tear a big ol hole in my pack of gum.

well, that wasn't the only reason. X)


i can't tell if its con crud, travel crud, your best friend was sick before you left crud, or some other kind of crud, but its crud nevertheless XP laaaaame. and while i'd love to write up a con report for the AMAZING weekend i had, i'm having a hard time braining this week due to dizziness, throat pain, all around tired to the boneness, and falling asleep with my eyes open. yikes. never done that one before.

BUT, on the plus side, i escaped from London with a volcano quick on my heels *breathes* and made it back pretty much in one piece aside from the whole sick thing. and really, its a small price to pay for the wonderful time i had. i met some incredible human beings, from actors to staff to just plain ol regular folk alike, and i will cherish that for years to come. i had a great deal of trust given to me as staff this year and i'm pleased to say that it was maintained throughout the weekend. i got to assist the actors in their comings and goings, speak with them one on one whenever they felt like a conversation, and generally make sure they were ok and not being harassed. which was pretty damn cool. i worked my ass off as much as they let me, and i think i came away the better for it <3

again, i'll go into more detail later when i can think straight and i'm not hopped up on cold/flu meds. work itself is hard enough to get through right now, yeesh.

to be clear, YES i talked a great deal with the actors as a staff member and personal assistant, and NO i will not be sharing everything that was discussed. i was granted a great deal of respect for both their time and their words (and the fact that people tend to forget i'm in the room when they're speaking for some reason), and that respect will be upheld. what i'm going to be reporting on is what happened to ME. cause its my journal, and that's what i do. you want gossip on these guys? go somewhere else.

oogg, and that's where my braining power ends.

although, i wasn't kidding about the gum thing. Mark Pellegrino (he plays Lucifer on SPN) wanted a piece of mint gum in the green room, so i offered him mine. (cause i carry it EVERYWHERE) it was one of those trident packs with the back flap thing that always opens in your bag and dumps them everywhere. he, however, was so tired that he didn't notice this and he tried opening it from the side. so i stood there for a minute, debating just how rudedeadly it would be to point out to Lucifer that he was doing it wrong...when he finally looked at me, defeated, and said he was having some issues. whereas i then hesitantly took the opportunity to point out the great big flap on the back.
he got his gum, after pausing and giving me this look that's difficult to describe aside from how tired, amused and defeated he was at the same time. i gave him a smile of condolence before he thanked me for the gum and went to his q&a. lol, the poor dude.
on the other hand though, since there was now a great big hole in the side of the pack, my gum wouldn't stop spilling all damn weekend.
worth it? probably.

more stories to come X) especially about the artwork and some AMAZING and EMBARRASSING blackmail worthy pictures XD
this is my karma, making up for the past few weeks of suck with a single weekend of amazing. i srsly don't know what i did to be so lucky <3
to be continued...


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:06 pm
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ugh, cry moar )

anybody got any good news? anything? something to make me giggle, smile, laugh even? idc, anything.
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lol, i suck.
so my weekend basically consisted of me switching between being stunted for drawing, to being stunted for writing. i swear i can't have one with the other XP
that, and i totally marathoned myself out after the whole 45k words in a single weekend thing. yikes.
i'm not blaming that for my being sick or anything, but i think i rockem sockemed my muse around just a bit. sorry bout that darlin

thankfully, i am feeling MUCH better! woo! and am glad to be going back to work after missing most of last week and feeling like a LUMP. like a stuffed up, grumpy achy freezing lump.
still can't get myself to eat all that much tho. weird.

and i also drew things! wewt. scoured through all my netflix movies in a day along with the new Friday The 13th and the first Starship Troopers. SHUTUP, i love that movie! i can't recall the last time i went movie shopping, so that was fun :3

not that i'm insinuating that anything doodled was good at all, but it was fun and good practice.
i seem to be able to draw nothing anatomically correct atm aside from chibis tho (which is ironic, and counter productive when you think about it) but oh well.
supernatural scribbles, fyi. two of them are based off of that crazy long story i did.

here, have some art )

ok, bed for reals now. not that i haven't been sleeping recently like i was preparing for the spring, but sleep is good.


Jun. 24th, 2009 06:00 pm
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gawd, i hate being sick x_x

i just stared at my f-list for ten minutes trying to figure out why i couldn't see any of the communities before i remembered i'd set it that way.
i can't even read anything right now without it all jumbling into one big run on sentence in my head.

*blows nose* GET OUT. I NEED THE SPACE.
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Memorial Day weekend. and I've done more the past three days than i have in weeks. yikes.
on the plus side, lots of awesome stuff went down and i got outta the housemy head for some good times.
on the not so plus side, i feel pretty ill XP

on Saturday I went with [ profile] psychosako to the VA Ren Fair. which is small, but cute, out in the middle of nowhere virginia. The most fun was had with her friends, however, half of which are in the belly dancing troupe that i've been involved with recently <3
i got some SUN. holy shit. my arms are a slightly darker shade of greenish-tan now, as opposed to the veiny pale i've been for the past two years. win.

Sunday I got to see Terminator: Salvation.
If you like the series, see it. I was not disappointed. the crazy plot holes from the first three were once again amusingly obvious even in this 4th installment, but oh well. robots kill all humans without reason gets old fast, so i was just in it for the pretty. awesome visual effects, tho the young digi-arnold was slightly creepy. ok, more than slightly.
ya know, i like christian bale, but the dude needs to try something different. musicals perhaps? i loved newsies, shutup :D

Monday was sleep in and then picnic day. I went with [ profile] happytemplar, [ profile] psychosako and Mama!Rachel out with [ profile] happytemplar's family for some bbq fun. Which was actually a lot more fun than i thought it would be (no offense Molly, i've just been frazzled lately) with good food, good company and HOLY SHIT DOWNPOUR. we got rained on like crazy and ended up completely drenched to the bone. Cold and soggy, we all bundled up in borrowed clothes and towels to dry off at the Stackwicks as the storm passed through. The absurdity of it all just made me laugh. It was almost refreshing X)

i've got two days til my plane leaves for europe.
Finally finished the inks on the sailor moon busts for [ profile] ssfseiyakou and trying my damndest to get them colored before i leave x_x atleast the coloring is all thats left.
the asylum guys got the art. so all is (hopefully) well on that front. here's hoping i actually have a hotel room and conbadge to go to. aaaaauuuugggghhh

we had such awesome food this afternoon for lunch, but i spent the rest of the day feeling nauseated and have been unable to eat anything more, even if i wanted to. my nerves will one day be the death of me. here's hoping i can sleep this off and it doesn't get worse...but methinks that'll be wishful thinking until i'm in the air. *cry*

i am going to be useless at work tomorrow, damnit.


Dec. 31st, 2008 12:27 am
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ugh, man.
this time of year can go to hell. srsly. i've about had it.
i tried, i really did, but no.
screw plans, i can't make anybody happy. not my family, not my friends, not ANYBODY. and i'm too damn sick right now to deal with the guilt.
this is why i hate phones. why being a hermit is so godforsakenly tempting and why i NEVER GO ANYWHERE. cause everytime i do? someone gets pissed. regardless. apparently i can't make decent choices without my mother holding my hand.
thanks universe. thanks bunches.
somebody wake me up when it's the end of january.
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So DONE with being sick. over it. done. good riddance. XP
after spending three days straight with a fluctuating fever, issues with breathing and generally being too close to pnemonia again for comfort, i'm OVER IT. *kicks* AND STAY OUT.

Thankfully i was not ill for the trip to NY. Not that i really helped my own state of health any after driving for twelve hours in one day, but I've already punished myself enough for that already. i learned, damnit. even if it doesn't change anything for later, i still learned. x.x
man did i miss NY tho.

another halloween come and gone *sigh* will posts pics of pumpkins when i get around to remembering. it was amazingly retarded and fun X)

in the meantime, making up for time lost and getting as much done for nekocon as we possibly can. x.x also nearly done with the Olivier costume that i shall be wearing for this such con :3 NEARLY DONE. just gotta finish sewing on the snaps and get the coat. everything else is small details.
there shall be pictures :3 promise!

kinkos run tommorow. buttons done, just need to be laid out in a single file. (hur) last little bit of color on elemental prints for winter and off to print. table organization will be worked out there, i think, but we got the general gist so far...mrf. there's more, i know there is.
*breathes* so not ready. never really am.

i nerded out happily yesterday with a copy of the new Indy film as I suspended all belief in physics and swallowed down my severe dislike for George Lucas in order to enjoy it. The two-disc special collection was worth it simply so that i could listen to Speilberg bitch about what a stupid alien fanatic Lucas is before he eventually rolled over and let the idiot have his way. *facepalm* whatever. Indy eyecandy is still Indy.

My room smells like lilies :3 *glee*

heading up to hagersbush after work to go Vote. cause i'm a moron and forgot to re-register in VA after being registered in MD awhile back. meh, mom's excited at least. besides, i need new pants. (irrelevant, but true)
hellooooo november.
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Ugh. )
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Dear good ol body 'o mine, )

Just when I thought they'd blown the all clear...there were sharks in the water. ;.;
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Dear left shoulder:
stay where you're supposed to. the socket was made for a damn good reason.

Dear left knee cap:
stay where you're supposed to. popping i can handle. popping and collapsing on me isn't nice. ouch.

Dear throat:
i'm not supposed to sound like that. your coughing makes my ribs hurt. jokes over, cut it out.

Dear universe:

this weekend better be fan-fucking-tastic, cause I'm building up enough karma at this point to earn me a few happy awesome days of no-hurting.
Tylenol wasn't made for all of this at once. x.x how the hell old am i and when did i miss the war?
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Got my prints done at Kinko's tonight, and they look awesome. :3 hurray for being productive! and doing everything at the last minute lol.
My co-worker today asked me if i was packed yet. pfffffft. yer funny.

I drew tonight! Woo! Some slashy fun times, (warning! mantouch! :O) but it was still drawing. and slash. and that made my evening. how bout yours? X3

i am so happy what time of year it is now, you don't even know. October is NEARLY HERE. Halloween baybe! woo!

ouch, man my throat hurts. i'd like my REAL voice back plzkthnx. I'm sick of either sounding like a dying, cancerous old woman or a twelve year old, bronchial child. wtf. if i still am not in possession of my correct voice by friday, i am going to be many different flavors of pissed. JamesBro called me yesterday and had a field day making fun of what he was hearing. damnit. that gives me no hope -.-
i need to invest in a punching bag.

still haven't convinced myself to go to the gym, BUT i DDRed for like, an hour yesterday with NO ASTHMATIC ISSUES. *so very much love* my knees gave out before my lungs even started to.
BLUE HAIR IS BLUE! or at least, parts of it X)

oh! forgot to mention earlier, [ profile] rudelad737 took me to my first ever concert last week :3 which was loads of interesting and fun to be had, but i think my ears are still ringing from the noise x.x good lord. hot, crazy chicks dancing on stage and some mad guitar and drummin skillz all around. good times were definately had ^.^ just thought i'd make note since it WAS my first real concert. FINALLY.

sleep tiems ahoy. roomies are home and passed out, i should prolly do the same. didn't sleep much last night cause i think one of the cats discovered my pillow and left me with a great urge to claw my damn eyes out before benadryling myself unconscious. fucking cat fur. XP
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lol, sounds like some weird take off of 'jump rope for heart'...

and i'm doing so much better. antibiotics for the win.
i keep swearing that i'll learn from this and actually recognize the next time i'm disgustingly sick...but i never do -.- so bah. regardless of my stupidity, i made my way out of danger!lungissues!omg and am smooth sailing back through sniffles and some irritating coughing.
mornings still kinda suck, but once i get past that horrible lump of *ded* at 7am, then i'm doing pretty well a few hours later. almost makes me want to sleep in and go to work later, but the whole staying at work later as a result thing isn't so appealing. i cherish my time in the light :3 so i'm gonna stick with it for now.

on the minus side, i'm aching everywhere from the ribs up. x.x
as a product of all of the coughing and straining i did while sick, i'm paying for it now ;.; my shoulders are a mess, my back is all knotted up and my neck feels like a brick. *cry* i need to get the crap kicked outta me before anything is really going to unwind itself, but aside from rolling around on the floor, i don't have many other options. *sigh*
but i refuse to go back to the painkillers, so we'll see how long that little shimmer of independence lasts.

*burst of happiness for the week*
FINALLY. they're re-releasing the movie XD! *dances* that makes me -so- happy, and it will SO BE MINE. this isn't as dorky as i get, but it's a damn close third. (or forth or so)

cut for artiness! )

Sako told me about a zombie series she found recently called "High School of the Dead" and although, unfortunately, it hasn't been translated for release yet, there are scanlations of the first 16 chapters or so that can be found.
and i LOVE it. it's fantastic XD
all panty shots and oversized boobs aside, the gore and the irony is fabulous. definately worth maintained attention ;)


Feb. 29th, 2008 12:19 am
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Sooo yah. looks like i get to negate some of my last post. unfortunately. damnit.
for ONCE, i underestimated the severity of something.
no really, i honestly did.
unfortunately, like my father, i seem to have the inability to take it seriously whenever something is wrong with me. and i don't mean take it seriously as in, joke about it, but more like, not take it seriously ENOUGH.

i went to my bi-weekly doc appt. this morning for weight stuff. woke up as i usually have been these past two weeks. with a hellish night and a coughing morning, ready to take my daily overdose of both pain killer and decongestant. again XP. so i'm in the office and the nurse hears me cough, sends me immediately on to the doc herself who listens to my lungs.
i have bronchitis. big surprise, knew that.

what i -didn't- know, however, was that because i'd had it for two weeks straight, i'm now very close to the chance of it becoming pneumonia.
now that got my attention.
i know, i know. i'm an idiot, we've established this. but at the same time, even if i had gone to the docs earlier, all you can really do for bronchitis UNLESS it gets bad, is exactly what i said previously. it wasn't so much that i let it go on like this, but more to the fact that i couldn't shake it :\ lame.

so, now, i'm officially branded as incapacitated until monday. the doc told me to go home, so i had to inform my poor boss once again that i had to take a few days off. (another lame, i feel so bad) but due to the INCREDIBLY COLD AIR outside right now and how bad my lungs have been getting, i'm not even supposed to leave the house. bronchitis i can deal with...pneumonia? heyall no. not with asthma. (in case you don't know how bad it is and were curious, here's some info. Pneumonia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, neat.) so i was given steroids to take for the next four days along with a codine laced cough suppressant for the night. that and a kick back home, thus here i am. got to sleep some more tho, which is good, and i'll be able to do that continually for the next few days.

Sako and her sister came over to spend the day with me (heart) and i was ACTUALLY able to draw something OMG, but otherwise, not doing much else. I was just grateful for the company ^^; the breathing issues, on the other hand, can leave. like, now.

lord i hate being sick. i think it's such a hate too that that was why i kept trying to deny it all. the power of will? methinks not.
idiocy aside...this is all rather inconvenient. my boss forbid me from feeling bad about not going to be able to get any work done, but i really hate feeling useless. this is why i want to be able to work from home...for these such occasions.
and when the weather sucks. because northern Virginians can't drive.
and on that pleasant note, i'm going to bed. u.u
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i know i know, same ol E.
but for real this time, blegh. i hate being sick this long. srsly, it's been over a week and i didn't even notice, wth. it's like being chained to something really heavy and being told i have to drag it around for a few weeks until it drops off on its own. um, no? =.=

so i did some research, and considering my own medical 'expertise' plus the help of quite a few internet resources (NO, not wikipedia) i'm pretty sure i have bronchitis. YAY. which explains why i've had to take so much medicine recently just to function, why i ache everywhere from the waist up, and why the stuff in my lungs is taking so damn long to leave. *sigh*

and no, this isn't something that -should- have required a doctor (aka, my family). unless there exists the possibility of growing my own little pmnemonia garden in my chest, just having this kind of bronchitis requires little more than being told to relax, drink water, and wait it out.
ugh. damn irritating, i tell you what.

moving on...
got to meet both my mother's bf and my youger brother's gf last weekend.
...have a lot of different opinions on it all, but haven't really allowed myself the time to sort it out. I won't bore everyone with useless circles, but all in all, I had a decent weekend X)
they're both human beings, they're both -very- nice, and i don't dislike either one. that's a good start.
not that my opinion really matters at all in the subject, but well, it -is- my family. time will tell on this one, but at least i walked away from it all knowing for a fact that i didn't have the same kind of shuddering feelings like i had with my older brother's ex. XP that just had 'bad idea' written all over it to begin with. so yah. MUCH better.

been having fun writing lately, since my drawing muse is just as sick as i am and leaves me with little else x.x rp is definately a waster of time, but don't get me wrong, it's an entertaining one at least X)

Gonna do the MST3K thing with John tonight :3 really looking forward to that, but hoping i'll be able to stay awake long enough to enjoy it. damn my illness. *shakes fist*
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I am really damn tired of being sick at this point.
and I know I'm whining, but geesus...i'm used to getting smacked with an illness for one gut wrenching awful day only to be left ok but shaking the next. not this holding onto it for a week thing and we'll see what happens in a few days or so. XP LAME.
this kinda thing reminds me as to why i'll -never- do narcotics. i really can't stand not being able to think straight. srsly, it drives me crazy.

and at the moment, considering how little i can breath through my nose, i am greatly irritated by the fact that i have to choose my pacing between eating/chewing and breathing.
ugh. gross.

tried doing the work thing for the second time this week today. and although it's a far better attempt now than it was on wednesday, i'm still not doing all that great at it -.- my eyes keep going lazy for one thing, which doesn't help when i'm trying to focus on a redraw. ugh, driving to hagerstown is going to be SO MUCH FUN.

on the plus side, i'm looking forward to seeing my family, meeting my little brother's new girlfriend, and possibly meeting my my mother's new boyfriend (weird.) anyone else lined up that i should meet? i'm on a roll here.

I'd give anything to curl up in someone's lap/arms right now and just sleep for days, but as of now I am still yet to be reincarnated as something as small as a cat and still somehow end up on the floor. damn disease. no snuggles for E ;.;

on the plus side, doing nothing but sleeping and vegging yesterday did my nerves a world of good. i forgot how nice it was sometimes to simply not be concerned about anything. (even a horrendously filthy house. guh. that's gonna suck next week when i'm out of excuses)
that, and i actually had a date on wednesday night :O (while being sick, yes, i AM insane) and it left me in a good mood X) not knockin that anytime soon.

guh, my poor nose.
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no, really, i mean that.
argh i feel so crappy right now x.x and not because of any sort of bad that happened this weekend, quite the opposite actually, but more the outcome.
damn you con plague. DAMN YOUUUUU!!! *shakes fist* I got it and [ profile] shadrad got it. dunno about any of the others yet, but for us it was almost immediately yesterday.

i almost made it out intact, but ended up getting sick on the last damn day. lost my voice that night, still haven't had much of one today and have an all around feeling of crappiness to go with it. fun times. I'm seriously debating on calling in tomorow, because I have a sinking feeling that I'm contagious. damnit. damnitdamnitshitfuckcunt. i HATE being sick XP and since i'm still doing training at work, i need some kind of a VOICE PLZ. ARGH.
I'd have called out already if I didn't feel so damn guilty. I'm hoping I feel better later tonight, but so far I have yet to reach a low to turn from. crap.

On the up side, the con itself was a great deal of a fun. a lot more interesting/entertaining than i thought it was going to be. I ended up doing cosplay-ish stuff for only one day (which was probably wise) with a dress that [ profile] sunseenli let me borrow. it was really cute, and somehow the -exact- circumference around as my ribs were x.X (i'm still not sure how i got in or out of that thing with ripping it) so breathing and digesting were an interesting feat, but at least I looked cute. (hur. i r smrt)
I bought junk too. con junk. and i love it all. NERD.

ugh. this sneezing/nose running thing needs to STOP.

I was happy enough this con to sneak my way into spending as much time with old friends as I could. Of which, I owe molly a million and a half favors for letting me do so when I was supposed to be at our art table, but it was completely worth it. I'll never regret squeaking in the chance to make new friends and meet old ones, and am starting to run into a lot of familiar faces at cons now :3 I'm also racking up a decent list of skilled and friendly people that I can commission for costume stuff too...which is FABULOUS cause i can't sew for shit. lame, i know.

(almost an hour later)
ok, after blacking out or something without realizing i hadn't posted, it looks like the sudafed has finally kicked in and i have some semblance of a voice. thankgawd, cause that sucked. between being sick, dealing with back/stomach pain, and the various little injuries i acquired from the con (which isn't unusual, believe me. there's always something) not being able to speak was just icing on my ass flavored cake XP

I'm fighting this thing. FIGHTING IT. I have plans this week and i WILL NOT FALL TO THE OUTCRY OF TINY ORGANISMS.
ugh. my head hurts. i'd ask for hugs, but now i'm pretty sure i'm contagious. crud.

in short. con was awesome.
sold lotsa stuff. got to see my crissy. played spin the bottle with the entire cast of sailor moon (X3). bought junk i love. came home relatively sane and in one piece.
con plague, however, sucks balls. great big abraham lincoln balls.
you heard me.

thus i leave with an optional meme thing, cause i haven't got the brain power for much else:
cut cause i should )
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ugh, being sick blows XP
i should have expected this, considering i was sick for the past two years of christmas *insert finger here* but then, so many people have been sick at work that i guess it was inevitable. that, i may just get lucky.

thankfully (or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it) temporary sicknesses and myself don't get along. I have a tendency to get through things quicker than others do, but with a heck of a lot more intensity x.x I think i'm through the worst of it, but it's like a damn marathon. PAINPAINPAINPAINPAIN for a few hours, then it's gone. just like that. i've never been sick for weeks at a time, and although i'm certainly counting my blessings for that, the whole painpain part is non too appealing.

i love the person that invented meatloaf. it's strangely become a comfort food for me today :D which is good, since i'm trying to avoid all the little sugary giftbaskets and candy circlets that were sent to my job.

mostly all christmas shopping = done.
all that's left is random small stuff and maybe one or two people i know i'm forgetting...

One of my coworkers spotted me shivering and bundled up this morning and offered me her space heater @_____@ *CLING*

a surprisingly decent friday. this illness better be on the out, i don't wanna deal with another day of using the dry erase board for communication -.-

that better just be a joke. XP DO NOT WANT.
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Sometimes i wonder if it's worse to only be highly stressed at certain times, or to be medium stressed ALL the time. I think I've been hanging around that range lately of medium stress, and it really starts to chip off of you after doing so for a long period of time. You start to wonder what it feels like to be stress free, like it's something that hasn't happened for so long that you forget what that's like.
don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining...i just wish i had more of an outlet sometimes. :\

Saturday should have been my day to chill out, but i cleaned instead. (it needed to be done, no regrets) Sunday was mother's day and a whole lot of driving, being back in hagerstown, planning things, keeping up with my bro and all that jazz. it was relaxing in the mental sort of way but not really a good chilling out day. So monday came up quick, and I'm not sure whether it was actually food poisoning i had or my anxiety turning my stomach into a knot, because i got real sick quick.
So monday i stayed home and couldn't do much of anything but sit still, eat toast, drink water and draw.

Despite how tired I am from having to be physically sick, i really did appreciate that day of doing nothing. it's been awhile ^^;

I think I'm doing better with the current situation I'm in anyway, especially since I've had a great deal of help from friends where I needed it most <3
tonight is the first of the belly dancing classes i want to go to, and now i'm reeeeeally nervous about it, lol. though i'd really like to dance, and from what I saw of Kat's performance, it looks like fun and something i could do ^^ we'll see how my courage stands this evening >.>

cosplay update:
Dress = GOT! zomg! Dizzy signed for it yesterday when i was home sick (ironically) and it fits perfectly XD i love it so much, and it's actually more flattering than i was expecting <3
so now, all i need are white petticoats to go under it, a curly wig, and really cute socks :3
tho i'm still debating on the wig...originally i was going to go with a reddish-auburn color, but after trying the dress on (which is hunter green btw) i noticed that it looked pretty good with my brown hair. so now i'm torn. i think it'll look nice either way, but, as sako said, it looks like it may be down to a coin toss :\

so that made my week ^^ despite being tired and sick and still feeling the funk from the trauma of the previous week. i may survive all this after all.

-humorously annoyed
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