Nov. 23rd, 2010 10:40 pm
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so who locked their keys in the car and had to wait in the parking garage for an hour after a ten hour shift today?

oh yeah, that was me. fml.

at least the guy was nice enough to unlock the car without damage. but he took all my christmas money with him when he left.
hope everyone likes crocheted scarves.
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a great big fancy hearted and brilliant THANKYOU to everyone who assisted me in my last journal post <3 srsly, i asked, and you guys delivered. soooo much appreciation as i am now caught up. with like, everything. not that there was much, but hey, i'm entertained.
so yeah :3 you guys rock socks.

and hot damn, Dean. what's with the whole being a dick to Cas thing? dude. he's not your pet. quit it. Cas? Smack a bitch. learned him last time.
and i don't care what anyone says, i still <3 cute little souless Sam. (cuz we didn't see that coming? pfft) the apathy is actually quite amusing and really well played.
yay show!

in other news...
after spending two weeks in the wilderness, under endless skies and enormous walls of rock with no roads, no technology and no white sound....now? its NOISE.OVERLOAD. GAH.

not even kidding, i thought i was going to crawl out of my skin at work today. there was just...so.much.SOUND. and this is all normal sound! for here, at least, something i've long gotten used to living in this horrible city. nothing was out of the ordinary except for me.
but sweet jesus was it difficult, and more than a little anxiety inducing. i wanted to stuff cotton in my ears and call it a day.

by the time i got to the end of my ten hour shift, they started up the earth shaking machine vacuum cleaners and i had just had it. i was out, faster than i'd like to admit. augh, wtfkillmenow. sirens in the parking lot, cars and honking and echoes and highways and meowing and neighbors and just...sdghjkalsdgkjhg.

i'm gonna acclimate, i do know this (sooner rather than later plz) but damn does it make me miss the canyon even more now. not that i, you know, wanna live there or anything...but damn.
i pity my race. no wonder we can't really hear things anymore.

and with that, i'm going to go sound proof my semi-dark yet somehow yellow-lit room and bury myself in blankets until my ears stop ringing.
i really miss all those stars ;.;

vacay report to come, as soon as i get my camera from teh molly. i know i've got some awesome pics so if anyone is the least bit interested, feel free to stick around :3
but yeah, now. noise. sucks out loud.
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Just dropping a quick note on here to let everyone know that I am ok :3

i'm home from the hospital, with my mom taking care of me, and so far so good. aside from it being really damn painful (duh), everything is fine. they told me at the hospital that i was doing better than normal and aside from my oxygen levels having issues, there were no problems they were concerned over.

thankyou everyone for your emails, your comments, txts and calls. i appreciate it all more than you'd ever believe <3 truly.
haven't been taking many visitors, but that's just cause i'm grumpy and achy and i keep falling asleep. lol. it'll get better as the days go, then i can start seeing people again, promise.

love you all!
(and i have some really awesome scars, btw. mwahaha)
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Memorial Day weekend. and I've done more the past three days than i have in weeks. yikes.
on the plus side, lots of awesome stuff went down and i got outta the housemy head for some good times.
on the not so plus side, i feel pretty ill XP

on Saturday I went with [livejournal.com profile] psychosako to the VA Ren Fair. which is small, but cute, out in the middle of nowhere virginia. The most fun was had with her friends, however, half of which are in the belly dancing troupe that i've been involved with recently <3
i got some SUN. holy shit. my arms are a slightly darker shade of greenish-tan now, as opposed to the veiny pale i've been for the past two years. win.

Sunday I got to see Terminator: Salvation.
If you like the series, see it. I was not disappointed. the crazy plot holes from the first three were once again amusingly obvious even in this 4th installment, but oh well. robots kill all humans without reason gets old fast, so i was just in it for the pretty. awesome visual effects, tho the young digi-arnold was slightly creepy. ok, more than slightly.
ya know, i like christian bale, but the dude needs to try something different. musicals perhaps? i loved newsies, shutup :D

Monday was sleep in and then picnic day. I went with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar, [livejournal.com profile] psychosako and Mama!Rachel out with [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar's family for some bbq fun. Which was actually a lot more fun than i thought it would be (no offense Molly, i've just been frazzled lately) with good food, good company and HOLY SHIT DOWNPOUR. we got rained on like crazy and ended up completely drenched to the bone. Cold and soggy, we all bundled up in borrowed clothes and towels to dry off at the Stackwicks as the storm passed through. The absurdity of it all just made me laugh. It was almost refreshing X)

i've got two days til my plane leaves for europe.
Finally finished the inks on the sailor moon busts for [livejournal.com profile] ssfseiyakou and trying my damndest to get them colored before i leave x_x atleast the coloring is all thats left.
the asylum guys got the art. so all is (hopefully) well on that front. here's hoping i actually have a hotel room and conbadge to go to. aaaaauuuugggghhh

we had such awesome food this afternoon for lunch, but i spent the rest of the day feeling nauseated and have been unable to eat anything more, even if i wanted to. my nerves will one day be the death of me. here's hoping i can sleep this off and it doesn't get worse...but methinks that'll be wishful thinking until i'm in the air. *cry*

i am going to be useless at work tomorrow, damnit.


May. 20th, 2009 12:00 am
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Yesterday it was brought up in idle conversation with my friend Kat that I couldn't remember the last time I had been to Hagerstown. Or to my Mother's.
Then she said December.
And I realized she was right.

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It was a hundred degrees yesterday and today.

and the a/c in my apartment is busted.
the Galileo thermometer on my desk has informed me that the current room setting is set on Hell.
Sleeping tonight is gonna be awesome.

on a better note, Video Games Live on saturday was AWESOME. I look forward to going again with my brothers in July.
ya know, july, when its supposed to be this hot. not april.

got my hair cut today :3 not much, but enough so that i'll be able to do Lexaeus without looking like a pineapple. just prioritizing for chicago.
i'm also down ten pounds. woo!

this would all be such a great weekend if not for the GODFORSAKENHEAT.
i want winter back ;.;
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So I'm at work today listening to a podfic instead of music.
Which is awesome, and I'm glad I discovered such things in order to do just that whenever music isn't cutting it. :3

However, as a side effect to living in half of the states in this country as a child, I am a linguistic leech. In every sense of the word. And the podfic I was listening to was being read by an Australian, which is cool and I really liked her accent...
But it stuck. Damnitall. And i didn't even notice until someone pointed it out.

I'm not gonna leave England without somehow getting punched in the face x.x i can see it already.


Apr. 7th, 2009 11:06 pm
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my mother called me tonight, and i couldn't get myself to pick up the phone.
or call her back.
i think james called me yesterday, i'm not sure. he didn't leave a message, and i didn't call to ask him either way.

why is this so godforsakenly difficult? i thought for sure i was doing better.
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ok, perhaps spending the entire weekend working on these commissions wasn't so hot of an idea.
despite the fact that i did get a whole lot done, i also ended up just getting really frustrated and angry with myself at the same time. the more you stare at something, the easier it is to think it sucks. that, along with a few other EXTREMELY irritating things, (including OT and unnecessary outsider emo) this weekend just didn't help for any kind of relaxation.
AND i have to do annual reviews at work before this tuesday that i haven't even touched yet. for me, and for my entire team. along with being in charge of training until wednesday.

thus, i ended the weekend with a House marathon and sketched some fluffy!smut instead.
followed by 'You'll Never Get Rich' with Fred Astaire. which i love, but it just wasn't the same without my dad's commentary X)

internet be damned, i'm gonna end sunday with a goddamn smile on my face.
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I am so glad this week is over x.x ugh.
Ended up going to the docs afterall, but thankfully we all pretty much agree that I simply bruised the hell outta my tailbone and nothing is actually broken. Course, I think I could have been able to tell if it was, but still. Glad to know its something that will just take time to heal, and WILL heal.

on the unfortunate side, sitting is still a bad idea. that, and i had to miss another day of work since the doc gave me Vicodin and told me to go home and get off my ass (lol) thus, i spent another day bored to tears at home and feeling bad for getting nothing done this week >.< mnargh. of all weeks, especially since i know things are busy at work. lame.

i didn't even get to see Watchmen yet ;.; even with the time off, i can't even sit in a chair for ten minutes, let alone three hours. i'd lay in an aisle if they didn't have science experiments for floors.
totally lost the chance to go for the NJcon this weekend too, but oh well. money i shouldn't spend anyway and a long trip that my tailbone would not have enjoyed. meeting Misha and getting to see Sammy would have been cool, but not if i'm cranky and hurting. no one deserves that. (miss u girl!)

the bizarre thing about this whole experience tho, is the fact that i noticed after i started taking the Vicodin that, even though my tailbone was still kinda aching, my knees didn't hurt AT ALL. it weirded me out at first until i realized what was going on. then i got excited about it. and then it just made me sad. cause srsly, should it really be this shocking to NOT have the pain in my knees?
Christie laughed and told me I was like House.
Ironically, she was the second person to say that to me recently. ifail.
and tho i know better than to think i can just keep taking the stuff, it gives a bit of a perspective as to why these things can get addicting. i'd love to be able to walk around like this all of the time without pain, but long term meds at this kinda strength can do other kinds of damage and i know better. *el sigh*

another weird thing about this injury and totally TMI is that i think i forced something to shift in my hip where it usually wouldn't rotate (lol, that sounds weird) i was stretching my poor bruised muscles and realized i could move backwards in a way i hadn't before. not painfully, just different and a bit more flexible. nothing like a little forced and repeatedly jarring pain to reset some boundaries. ouch.

on the plus side, the one good thing about being home this much means that i've been getting commission work and con art done, and that's a -big- plus. also, been just doodling in general with whatever i feel like, and i'm happy to have my muse again. still haven't touched the markers, but i know i'll get there. i had a spot in the old house where i would do all of my coloring, and i think i just need to find that kinda thing here in the new place.

oh! a question for all the SPN peeps on my f-list. Part of the commission i'm doing includes the YED, and for the life of me, i can't think of a pose for him that isn't just him standing there looking menacing with his arms crossed. I mean, srsly, there HAS to be something else i can have him doing without looking too dumb. I know the guy wasn't exactly an action star...but isn't there something, anything else he could be doing? it's chibi, but i still have a decent range of what i can work with. anybody got any ideas? help?


Mar. 4th, 2009 08:46 am
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holy friggen son of a...
i think i was born with a certain quota of just how much i should be injured on a weekly basis.
seriously, so not kidding here.
because this week? it's been pretty mellow. no bruises, my knees don't hurt, my shoulder doesn't hurt, nothing broken or bleeding or healing or anything of the like.

so this morning? i slipped on the ice and went down a flight of stairs.

i thought i could go to work just fine after chilling for a little, but sitting here now is agony. so i'm gonna go home and lay down.
someone kill me.
or give me a hug. or something. cause this hurts so damn much ;___;
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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
*words from Sako*

1. Sailor Moon
hahaha, yah, i guess that one's kind of a no brainer. Sailor Moon was my first love when it came to both anime and learning to draw. I traced a lot back then, overtop of really badly printed scans of sailor moon characters straight from the show so that i could color them. then just started drawing them on my own and went from there :3 it'll always be 'that one thing' that i can love and be embarrassed by at the same time. prolly forever.

2. Gay Angel Porn.
i blame molly for this. i srsly duo. it's completely her fault. if it hadn't been a bribe, if i didn't have to do angel porn for her just to get her to kiss me, than none of this would have happened. tease. of course, it's then my fault for continuing, but hey, i got to draw both pretty wings and pretty men making out. ftw. \m/

3. Media Addiction
wellll, ok. yah. the fact that i have about 400 dvd's prolly wouldn't help any sort of argument for that. i love movies. in fact, growing up, i loved them so much i wanted to be IN movies. and i don't mean as in, acting in them, but being behind the scenes. Hell, i'd have been happy holding the damn grip mic so long as i was THERE and a part of it. Never came to pass, but doesn't stop me from being fascinated, and the extras that come on dvd's were made specifically for people like me. i eat em up like candy. LIKE CANDY.
and i love going to the movies. it's just one of those things i will forever associate with good times.

4. Self Esteem
there's a lack thereof. i struggle with it, i deny it, i spit on it. without really knowing why, to be honest, aside from habit and dislike. the fact that it's really that noticeable bothers me sometimes, but it's not like i can back it up all that much. i don't have a lot of confidence in myself or what i do, despite the fact that i still continue to do it regardless. just another one of those things that i wish wasn't an issue :(

5. Natural Dancer
LOL, now that's a matter of opinion X) sure, i LOVE to dance, but not all those who sing can keep a tune. I'd like belly dance so much more if i could stand to watch myself do it, but truly, i just need to get back into practice. i have a love of music and movement that makes me wish i could do it all the time and never tire, which someday, i hope to do just that.
just gotta work on these damn hips first.

oh, and speaking of the Sako, I'm pimping this out for anyone who might be interested:
Her prices for art commishes and services are crazy low, so if anyone can help out, it would be so much appreciated. She's awesome and very wonderful to speak to, so don't be shy. She just happens to be a bit poor atm. help a starving artist in need plz!

in the meantime, i'm not having an awesome evening anymore thanks to a couple of badly timed phonecalls. one of my dear friends lost his mother last night and mom got dumped once AGAIN by asshole of the year.
i keep trying, but my lips may as well be sewn shut for all the good it does.
i'm going to bed.


Feb. 15th, 2009 08:57 pm
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RIP my dear scanner ;.;
tis ded. kaput. pushing up daisies and is no more.

because that's my universe.

I opened her up and took a look at what i could, trying out a second ac adapter that my roommate had with no such luck aside from a dull throb in the bulb. spoke with Superjew, who suggested a few things, but after some research we discovered that this particular scanner goes for about five or so years before it simply dies. even if the parts are replaced.
he congratulated me on being a statistic -.-

it's been a good five years dealing with you, you great big pain in the ass, but you will be missed.
sucks too, because i love this thing too much and i'm going to be getting a new one that's EXACTLY THE SAME. why does no other company make an affordable 11x17 aside from mustek? i mean srsly, that's gotta be a cash cow amongst comic artists.

i feel like i should mount the dead, glass bedtop on my wall or something.
*wanders over to amazon*


Feb. 9th, 2009 08:29 pm
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ok, so maybe no drawing afterall. *sigh*
Cause I, being the ever productive one *snort*, decided it would be more beneficial to unpack more of my crap than to sit on a pile of clothes with a sketchbook.
(and i decided this, why?)

Thus I followed this bout of productivity by promptly smashing my baby finger between a door frame and a box full of books.
it's a nice pretty shade of purple now, but thankfully not broken.

I also fell off my bed while hanging a plant. hit nothing but the floor tho.
I am a goddamn hazard x_x


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