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sort of a spoiler, but more of a movie summary with one scene, really )

Now i just need to see Scott Pilgrim e_e
and damnitall, stupid Tyson's was sold out for RiffTrax!live on thursday *sob* this'll be the first one i miss in the history of ever. whryyyyyyyyyy
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So, a good long while back, i promised a recap of my trip to England/Asylum. yeah...so didn't get to that. my apologies if anyone was waiting for it (which, i certainly hope not because i can be really friggen boring) i am actually going to do a separate entry for that since i do have some awesome pics to share, but i'm not really gonna go into detail. sorry bout that guys, i fail, i know. i've just been hampered down with a lot of stuff recently and haven't had the time for blogging *gasp*

but hey, free moment. like, now.

so onto inconsequential stuff.

So i saw Toy Story 3 and loved it...SPOILERS )

i've heard horrid things about Airbender, so i'm not even bothering to give the theater money for it. i'll take my chances with assistance from netflix tyvm. its how i saw g.i. joe *shudders* so i'm sticking with that. i heard twilight was better than airbender, which is the saddest thing i have ever heard.

its too damn hot for words this week. i hate running the AC all the time, but i'm on the top floor. in a hundred degree weather at the top of an apartment complex that cooks and does laundry ALL THE TIME? if not for AC, i'd be dead.

is it friday yet? i'm ready for a road trip.
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Update on the AC situation is sort of in limbo.
Not because i didn't go to the office or anything, but because i'm waiting to see if what they told me today is Actually What They Mean To Do.

of which, i've been duped before. )

In other news, Iron Man 2 thursday midnight showing tickets for me and M, GOT. friday morning is gonna suuuuck, but i don't care XD i need more Stark in my life.

also, apparently i wasn't as done with the asylum commissions as i thought? x_x LAST MINUTE GUESTS AHOY. at least it's an easy one tho, so i know what i'm doing all of tonight. possible change of plans for next weekend too...tho not completely certain yet. May is gonna be the death of me.

I'm thinking i'm gonna do King's Dominion this weekend hell or high water. Cause i really do just wanna go, and i wanna do something with my mom for mother's day since i can't remember the last time we did something that wasn't church XP we'll see how things pan out with M's poor mama. and with poor M too, actually, since she is very sick :( *gives her tea and kittens*

On monday night i dreamed about tornadoes at my grandmother's house. which i didn't really think much of, cause well, (1) dream, and (b) my grandparents living in upstate new york. like, syracuse area upstate new york.
so i get an email from my mother last night to let me know that all of the great big willow trees are down at my grandparents place along with a bit more damage too cause of a freak mini tornado disaster that nearly took out their house.
.____. que?

my life is so weird.
but it better be well air-conditioned when i get home 8|
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aaauuugghhh finally x_x after far too much delay and way too much last minute desperation, I finished the secret angels fic exchange story for the [livejournal.com profile] deancastiel com and i am DONE. D.U.N.
thanks SO friggen much to [livejournal.com profile] morgainlefay for the last minute beta too. i owe you woman, srsly.

maybe next time i'll actually write something short? i dunno. sounds difficult.

Back from a long weekend of drama and mayhem in Richmond with the Mad Kat crew, and despite the crazy amounts of unnecessary, it was also a fairly decent weekend. I really liked the Alice movie :3 honestly.

i know a lot of people are hatin on it, and me being a movie fanatic i probably should hold a bit more of an opinion than i do, but to be completely honest, i really did just like it for what it was. and that was FUN. it's a movie to make you smile, make your head tilt and fill your irises with information that isn't supposed to make sense. which it does, at different times for different people, i noticed. if you can get over the stupid hype, the big names, and try not to compare it to either the books or previous movies (general knowledge of Looking Glass aside), its very easy to slip into the movie and simply find it fascinating. Which i did, so i was not disappointed.

That, and Christopher fucking Lee as the Jabberwock. Heyall yes. i lamented his lack of dialogue once introduced.

I wouldn't mind seeing it again, but of course, i'd still like to see Shutter Island again X) silly poor E, why do you have no moneys?


what SUCKED about the movie (or at least the time around when we watched it), was the strangely ironic incident that took place afterwards where gravity saw fit to trip me up the stairs. i went headfirst into a gaggle of humans, but not until after slamming my knee into the cement steps, straight across the bone.
oh sorry, i meant ouuuuuccccchhhhhh.

got a great big nasty bruise for my troubles too >.< damnitall.

the girls took me shopping, or as they called it, retail therapy. which is an odd and somewhat frightening concept to me, to be honest. (maybe because i worked so much retail and the idea seems hysterical? i dunno) it was fun though, and just a bit strange considering how well i fit into things now that look as if i shouldn't. and i mean, srsly look like they shouldn't. like they'd fit a doll or something.

i am no closer to getting used to the way i look now than i was a few months ago. and its still going too. i lost another five pounds this week. yeesh.

and i still keep pulling on some of my bigger clothes everyso often just for the slightest bit of normalcy that i don't see anymore. it's all in my head, and i know it, but when there's the image of something familiar in your head, something you've known all your life and expect to see whenever you look for it...but now its not there? you kinda freak out a little.
So yeah. there's that.

but looking nice is, dare i say, fun. didn't get to do much of that when i was younger.

ugh, far too little sleep i need to catch up on z_z so far, March hasn't been all that unforgiving yet...but it did just start. I'm staying cautiously optimistic. and not looking forward to wednesday at all.
Distractions. I needs them. Maybe i'll trick myself into desperately writing something again XD cause shit that was distracting x__x
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it's playing at Tysons! woo!
[livejournal.com profile] psychosako, [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar and I are in for the live one on Wednesday so far, WHO ELSE WANTS IN?! 8D YOU KNOW YOU WANNA


Sep. 4th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Christie took me out randomly tonight and I bought movies. thus, my day is now SO MUCH BETTER.
not to mention, there was only one copy left of the SPN season 4 at best buy. and, well, i was gonna wait...but it was sitting there all alone...

that, along with sister act 1 and 2, speed(lol) and the omen for five bucks each. I LOVE BEING SO EASY TO PLEASE.

both of my brothers called me tonight <3

i work a lot of this weekend, including the monday holiday, but that's ok. i'm gonna have so much time off after the surgery that i'll be bored shitless anyway. here's hoping i actually write something while i've got the time...or draw, that'd be cool too.
i haven't drawn smut in ages. :O

useless post is useless
but hey, movies.


Aug. 16th, 2009 11:35 pm
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What a decent weekend. The E is pleased :3

worked a couple hours on saturday before spending the rest of the day watching Avatar and doodling to my heart's content. it was lovely <3

then chilled out at the Stackaway place on sunday after going to see District 9. and lemme just say, that that is an absolutely AMAZING movie and everyone should see it.
good lord, it gave me chills. the attention to detail that they pushed into it, making it so incredibly realistic despite the fact that it's a straight up sci-fi flick, was inconceivable. the movie sucks you in from the very get go and it just does not let go until the credits roll. they did some crazy amount of homework, and i loved every second. I don't usually dig documentary-like films, but this one is so worth it. seriously, the trailers/synops give no justice to the movie itself at all.
Go. Now.
i will definitely see it again, if only to catch all the little details i'm sure i missed the first time.

oh, and also? forgive me while i squee for a second here, cause before District 9 there was a preview for a movie called 'Legion'. (that movie poster totally made lol)
[livejournal.com profile] happytemplar and i were so busy shoving our eyeballs back into our skulls that we almost missed what this movie was about, cause HOLYSHITWINGS. AUGH. PRETTY, MESSY, ANGRY, FIGHTY ANGEL VS ANGEL AND NASTY DEMON THINGS AND WINGS. YESPLZ.
gawd that looks yummy, and it comes out the weekend of my birthday in January. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :D
srsly, watch the trailer. om nom nom nom. wing!porn ftw.
dude, and the main chick in this movie? totally 'Jessica' from Supernatural. huh.

also also?
nuff said.

I'm gonna go see Inglorious Basterds as soon as its out X3 i have no high standards for this movie at all, i'm in it for the gratuitous stereotypes.

*goes back to inking doodles* <3 wings wings wings wings


Jul. 15th, 2009 09:31 pm
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ok, so...got to see Half Blood Prince on a random right-time-right-place opening day of tyson's corner today, so i totally took the opportunity.
It's been awhile since I read the book, but the general idea was there when i went in. The whole thing is pretty much centered around...wait for it...the Half Blood Prince along with some pieces of Voldy's soul. whatever. but mainly, it's about the identity and history of this mysterious Prince while other shit is going on around that base plotline.

Or so i thought...(spoilers ahoy) )

and on a random side note, a resounding FUCK YOU to Tyson's Corner. i have never had a good experience driving there and i HATE the snobby whino pricks that use it as a high society social hookup. this time, i was literally stalked back to my car by an asshole in a souped up mustang so that he could snag my parking spot. and i'm not talking a few feet, i mean from the entrance to the mall all the way to the opposite end of the parking lot (which is a huge damn parking lot, btw), he may as well have been pushing me with his fender. assHOLE.
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The only spoilers here will be if you know as much about theological history as I do. Especially when it concerns Judeo/Catholic/Christian history in Rome.

so then, only two things.

both in a slimming, black priest outfit and then all beat up and bruised?


really? srsly?

To anyone out there who is easily swayed into believing what they hear and see about religion from movies and television, do yourselves a favor and DON'T TAKE THIS ONE SERIOUSLY. OPEN A BOOK. IN FACT, OPEN MANY.

on the other hand...Ewan.
nomnomnomnom X3
thankfully, the beautiful Scotsman just barely overshadows the fact that Dan Brown makes up religious history as he goes. and badly, i might add. geezus man, did you research ANYTHING?!
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Ok, so I went and saw Star Trek a second time last night, but this time in IMAX.
and wow what a difference it makes <3
I tell you one thing, tho, if you are even the slightest bit afraid of heights? watch it in the normal theater, or at eventually at home. I have no problem with heights whatsoever and even I got a little bit of vertigo at some parts x.x them newfangled cameras is crazy.

So, second time seeing spoilers!
hey, this star trek thing is srs bzns )

all in all, wonderful to see again. and with wonderful company :3 i am so owning this movie when it comes out and THERE'D BETTER BE EXTRAS. s'all i'm sayin.
this makes me want to watch the other movies again, but all i own is from Generations on up. woe ;.;

i keep swatting my fingers to keep from joining any slash star trek communites DX augh, man. this shouldn't be this difficult to NOT do x.x the SPN fandom is crazy enough with their incest and mpreg slash XP *gags* who knows how bad StarTrek porn could get. (or how good. DAMNIT.)

which speaking of, season finale of Supernatural tonight :3 LET THE WANK BEGIN! \O/
[livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 and i are doing burgers and beer in true SPN fashion for the big blowout. if anyone else wants to come, just gimme a call :D the more the merrier!
hey [livejournal.com profile] fauxfaia! you alive???!

oh, and I finally got to see the House finale. and srsly, guys, you were actually surprised by that ending? I mean...srsly? I totally saw that coming.

thus i have geeked out my quota for the year. scuse me while i go back to drawing SailorMoon and SPN angel slash XD (NOT TOGETHER.yikes)

Star Trek

May. 12th, 2009 04:51 pm
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uh yeah...I kinda sorta LOVED it. :3
even as an oldschool and hardcore trekkie, i nerded most of the way through it.
heyall yes, that was worth the wait 8D

pardon me while i nerd. spoiler alert! )

Methinks I'll be seeing it again. It was easy enough to let alot of things go that stick to the strictness that is the trekky universe, but that's probably because i was waiting for something good to come around.
and something good did :3
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JDM quote! *points above* gawd that man is fantastic.

So Valentine's was actually pretty cool this year. :3
I cleaned and straightened up for most of the day in order to get some semblance of an apartment and actually succeeded in getting a lot done.

I also drew stuffs (YAAAAY) but unfortunately my scanner decided to die on me so i can't scan any of it -.- LAME. here's hoping it's just the power source since that can be replaced. i really don't wanna have to get a new one, i love this giant piece of shit <3

[livejournal.com profile] happytemplar and I went out last night to go see the Friday the 13th remake. Which was awesome. cause i got to stare at Jared Padalecki on a GIANT SCREEN for an EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. which was actually a fairly decent movie, considering. the deaths weren't as predictable as i usually expect from a slasher film, so kudos to that. i had such a hard time disassociating tho, lol. my inner SPN nerd was waiting for Dean to show up and help his brother XD
Of course, I'd have enjoyed the movie a heck of a lot more if i wasn't getting a spanish commentary to my right (how do you say 'shut the fuck up' in spanish again?) and the fact that SOMEONE BROUGHT A BABY. WHUT?! augh. and not just that, i watched a couple people walk by throughout the film that had, like, ten year oldish kids.
i'm no parent, but srsly? i mean, it's violence, lots of sex and nudity, lots of stoner references and blood/gore. sounds like a family film to me! :D
but anywho, i got to see a bloody slasher fic for valentines day. not complaining.

got to see Coraline this past week too with [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737, which is an absolutely -amazing- movie and everyone should see it. I wish all fairy tales were as awesome as the ones in Neil Gaiman's head.
didn't go anywhere near Katsucon, but I heard it was overloaded anyway and that the security was tight for badges, so meh. no big loss on that one. i'm looking forward to ACEN anyway, especially since i'm going to be getting a new Lex coat that'll be long enough to actually cover my big ol' boots and have a nice big zipper down the front.

yar sunday. more work to do, more things to draw (woo!smut), places to go and a new roommate to annoy. hurray for good weekends.
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Birthday was ftw. I had an awesome time in NYC (as we traveled across most of it in 2 degree weather, holy crap) and generally enjoyed myself :3
it was srsly freezing though, i couldn't believe that temperature. my jaw froze. i mean, literally, i was slurring my words because of the wind, and that's, like, one of the first signs of hypothermia isn't it? O__o gawd.
i was, however, happy to continue my wishful tradition of seeing snow on my birthday. and despite how gross jersey is (no offense, all my jersey friends <3) there was a new enough layer of white fluffy snow left for my enjoyment before the air blackened it up.
([livejournal.com profile] sunseenli! i'm sorry i missed you! i tried calling and emailing you, but i think some wires got crossed somewhere :[ )

Another bday bites the dust X) good riddance. I'll celebrate ifwhen I'm sixty.

Otherwise, been trying to kick my ass into gear packing and all around psyching myself up for the move. Am both really looking forward to it, and really not. Not that moving has ever been a problem for me, but you end up with ties to certain things that can be hard to let go of.
My kitty is one of them ;_; gawd, that's gonna be so hard.
E, you SAP.

Went and saw 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' with [livejournal.com profile] fauxfaia and LOVED every bit of it. it was cheesy and gross and dumb and gross and had PORN IN 3D and was fanfriggentastic. I was laughing most of the way through the movie. which got me some weird looks, but you know what? that movie deserves to be laughed at. campy slasher fic ftw.
that, and i'll gladly take me some more jensen in 3-D. omnomnom.

Mom wants me to come home this weekend cause of the birthday stuff. which basically means i come home and sit there with a last minute cake while she snuggles with her boytoy. funtimes. *mmm, boxcake* i'm pretty resigned at this point to limit it to only a day tho with the excuse of packing. (which really isn't an excuse, dumbass) we'll see how that plays out -.-

Ohayhocon is in two weeks (krist) and i still gotta get my damn shoes fixed and figure out what all i need to yank together at the last minute. we won't have an AA table for this one tho, so thankfully no last minute arts to do. which is good, cause i haven't been able to draw in weeks ;.; still crocheting though. wtf. i need to learn to do something more than scarves...

lord knows my muse and i are not on speaking terms right now.

*curls up in a warm hoody and munches on mac&cheese*
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Dear Twilight,


A very concerned movie goer

sparkles? really? i mean...SERIOUSLY?
it wasn't even bad in the awesome kinda way.
and that's really all i've got. it wasn't even worth heckling. We tried. Hard.
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So, yah...I just had THE most amazing day/night.
Seriously. This ranks up there with one of the most fabulously awesome days in awhile, and I mean, strictly in the sense that COOL SHIT WENT DOWN. LIKE WHOAH.

Went apartment hunting all afternoon, for one thing. which was great, if not something that needed to be done anyway, and there's this really awesome place in between Bailey's Crossroads and Seven Corners that both Christie and I really like. and may consider for good. still time on it tho, and more places to look, but still. i REALLY liked this place :3
that was the afternoon.

So i get home, exhausted, wet, still debating when i wanna drive up to hagerstown, and get on the computer only to find an email from a friend that I had made at Nekocon who was in my general area. He basically asked if I was free tonight and that he and his friends were going to see "My Name is Bruce" at the E-street cinema and had extra tickets. Would i like to come?

Cut for the long-winded story of AWESOME )

so afterwards, the group of us left the theater and went to the hard rock cafe up the road where we stayed until like, midnight joking about the evening, arguing art, cons, comic books, tv shows and movies until we were too exhausted to do anything more than get on the metro. i picked up another hard rock pin while there cause, amazingly, it was one i was missing, and i just got home about a half hour ago. (it's like, 2 am)

i called my little brother on the way back and bragged. just for the sake of bragging since i know i'll never have this opportunity again. and amazingly, i now have two people checked off My List. a few years ago, i was made fun of by Kevin Smith, and now I've been made fun of by Bruce Campbell. Just you wait John Stewart...you're the last of my top three X) oh, it'll happen.
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Weekend of lazy and awesome.
I love it.

toooootally empty house, since the roomies are in Atlanta (OMG MOLLY, I MISS YOUR MUSK.) but i've been gladly filling up my time with last minute artiness getting set for prints to take to previously mentioned con, and all around doing nothing. it's fan-fucking-tastic. X)
aside from the very lonely and needy cats. christ.

the spn season premiere was fabulous. yay for angels, and yay for new stuff. have been trying so INCREDIBLY HARD ever since then to ignore/tolerate every fucktwat and their fanbuddy quoting angel shit online from wikipedia, but then, it's not like books are readily available anymore, right? or, ya know, credible sources, or maybe some actual research or old school impossibilities like that. *facepalm* srsly. srsly? no.
it's like a train wreck tho, i can't stop seeing it.
anywho, s4 show? good.
crazy, random, batshit fandom? bad.

oh, speaking of random. So Dan and I were in Claires today (yes, claires) and the three cashiers were all talking amongst themselves and apparently grossing each other out. a conversation of which i missed, but happened to see the aftermath of. Dan caught it, however, and i was amused by the conversation that followed when i asked him what happened.

me: So i'm curious what the hell grossed her out so much. was it really that bad? she looked green.
D: well, yah, they were talking about burn victims.
me: that's it? srsly?
D: ...
me: no really, we're not talking about how serious it is, but how gross. i mean, was it specific? cause it really depends on the burn as to what kind of gross this means here...
D: what, do you have a stomach of IRON or something!?
me: well, think about it. i mean, was it a second degree or a third? was it bad enough to need a skin graft? a small area like a hand or a large one like the whole abdominal cavity? Was it enough to sever nerves? burn away muscle and veins? maybe even something deep enough to go to the bone and prevent re-growth?
me: and that doesn't even begin to touch any kind of infection...
D: you're not invited to my birthday anymore.
me: :(

hahaha X) i had such a healthy upbringing.
in related news, while at said Mall, i picked up a bottle of blue hair dye which i'm totally planning on playing with sometime soon. maybe even tomorrow :O! nothing dramatic, but fun nonetheless. i've been wanting to put color back in my hair for awhile now.

Friday was...man, i dunno what to call it. Isaac and I (the other EPA captain) were given the opportunity to take a class at a nearby place in tysons in order to get more info and learnin on Illustrator. We went right for the advanced class with the hopes of learning more in order to teach others on our teams, and it was all sprung on us at the last minute like, the day before. regardless, we go without much of a problem.

first off, holy crap, Nina was teaching it. lol. however, she was pretty sick that day and ended up going home after about an hour. so they got this other guy instead.
after that tho? man. I thought Isaac was gonna throw himself out a window, we were that bored. nothing against the teacher, in fact he was a really nice guy and a decent teacher, but we both knew pretty much -everything- he went through. by the time 3 o'clock rolled around, i'd about had it. Isaac was crawling in his seat by noon.

It just surprised me more than anything else. I mean, have we really gone through everything there is to know of the program? that couldn't possibly be, yet that's what it feels like.
Still, on the plus side, it pulled me out of my drawing rut since i kept myself sane by doodling. which the teacher ended up asking me if he could see and complimented them, haha. ballpoint pen mess that it is. he had a good sense of humor, and was a freelance illustrator himself.
I am not looking forward to the prospect of a photoshop class in the future, unfortunately :( i fear the same might happen, despite how much i'd love to see if there's more to learn.

annnywho, going to see 'Burn after reading' tonight at tysons :3 happy saturday all!
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As much as I greatly dislike being so busy, I will admit that it's kept me from thinking about anything else but BEING busy.
which isn't really all that bad of a thing, but the losing sleep part isn't so hot.

Last weekend was camping with [livejournal.com profile] psychosako and a whole bunch of her Suicide Girls friends, which was a great deal of fun despite how friggen hot it was. (and somehow creepily ended up being a campsite that was 15 miles from my mom's. what're the odds?)

This weekend, however, is the unfortunate disassociation with reality as I am to be forced upstate to NY for a family reunion. *gagimpalemaim* which will hopefully be over as quickly as it's been sneaking up on me -.- if James was going, it wouldn't be so bad, but both he and David have to work, so I've got no backup. i hate admiting sometimes just how much i miss my brothers :(

in other news...
The Dark Knight = win
SO much love for this movie. srsly, go and see it. at least once, if not more. It was more than worth the long wait and REALLY makes me sad that HL is gone. I would have loved to see an eventual Harley Quinn, but you can't have one without the other. :( woe.
I must see this movie in IMAX.

I'm kinda sad that, once again I'm missing out on the opportunity to go to a comic con. (THE comic con, to be precise, San Diego this weekend) but then, I keep reading all of these so-far accounts and suddenly I find myself somewhat relieved to not be in attendance. Not out of any refusal or want to go or anything, but I have a feeling I'd be sorely tempted to make a mockery of the damn 'Twilight' fandom and all it's batshit crazy that's going on there. Which of course would get my cynical ass shot in the process. Or worse, chewed on. :F *shudders* and I thought the anime fans were nutz, holy crap.
([livejournal.com profile] cleolinda has been keeping a decent cataloguing of the nutjobbing going on at the con right now if anyone feels like watching/reading a train wreck.)

oogh, half day of work today so i'm gonna hit the road here soon for a long and unwanted period of being stuck in the car. alone with my mother. x.x kill me now.
I'm really looking forward to a future weekend filled with a whole lotta nothing.

will get around to posting more art when i get a chance :3 promise.

-humorously annoyed
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just got home from a long(ish) weeked in Richmond. *le tired*

plus on a whim, got a second tattoo. ouch. X3 (j/k. didn't hurt even a quarter as much as the first one did. sweet jesus)
the upcoming family reunion is gonna be fun tho [/sarcasm] gives my mother something to focus on aside from the family sucking at least.

i'd call of work tomorow simply out of exhaustion if not for the fact that i'm in charge of the trainees. *sigh*

hellboy 2 is full of beautiful and win. had it's fair share of cheese and odd/slightly confusing story arc work, but the pretty made up for it.

i just realized July is already halfway over.
come oooooon september.
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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Neutral. Not Northern, Southern, or Western, just American. Your national American identity is more important to you than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity to begin with.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

I dunno how I feel about that ._.

Yesterday, I was a happy fangirl X)
Molly and I went to the late showing of the new Indiana Jones movie (*insert happy squee*)
and yes. i squeed. i can admit it, i'm an adult. u.u

here thar be spoilers )

all in all tho, i was very content with the overall movie. it was definately an Indy flick and i still love Harrison, even with all of the old jokes and his adorably grey head.
As soon as it's out on DVD. it shall be mine ^.^ i wanna see it in theaters again, but prices are crazy high. so since it took fifty bucks to fill my gas tank, splurges are a bit on the unreasonable side regardless ;.;

Am working straight til next weekend and am trying desperately to fit some kind of schedule in around it. not working all that well, but i'm getting there ^^; diet is back on, although i haven't really been able to afford going back to the doc so it's not as hardcore as it should be. don't get me wrong, i'm doing good, but i don't really have any of the medical help along the way :\ time will tell how well and how long i can do this myself.

My older bro still isn't speaking to me. he won't pick up the phone, or return my calls and i've heard nothing so far. which makes me both worried and sad. I've gotten james to try and help, but i can't predict anything yet.

randomly broke out my colored pencils the other night and suddenly forgot why i'd put them away in the first place *LOVES* man did i miss this medium.

i'm still generally in good spirits. here's hoping i can keep them. :3

oh! and if anyone's interested, more videos were uploaded from ACEN and this one just cracks me up regardless of how badly i'm getting made fun of XD we all went out to pizza in costume, and this is where all the phone jokes started. ;)
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I'm not sure how I made it through the weekend.
But I did, so I'm not cursing it.
my stress level isn't where I want it to be, tolerance-wise, and there is a lot i need to tolerate right now if I'm going to stay sane and keep from exploding. exploding = bad news. especially days before a con.

i hate this bad habit i have of not dealing with little things as they come. hateithatehateit. because if i did just deal with it all at the time, then maybe it wouldn't add up so quickly and kill me like this. XP LAME.
thankyou [livejournal.com profile] shadrad btw for your generous verbal kick to the head this weekend and then getting my ass out of the house. you helped more than you know (heart!)

on the plus side, i'm art inspired. (will post some of that later) however, in retaliation, i've lost any want or will to write. for like, anything. (cept bitching, obviously)
i also have my own room now, which is something i haven't had since i lived at mom's. also a plus, and i get to work with my re-organizing/anal retentive nature in a non-self-destructive way. cheers.

i tore up my feet on my weekly hike this past saturday x.x ended up with no skin on my ankles, along with breaking a toe and basically all around tearing the bottoms of my feet to shreds. mmm, bloody socks. note to self: wear double socks (triple?) next time, and get some damn insoles for those boots. idiot.
i haven't been barefoot for this long in years (necessary for healing atm, cause socks hurt like whoah) i feel naked without atleast a single pair.

my hair is red ^^ and short. as of the beginning of this month and in preparation for the Lexaeus costume I'm doing for Acen. should be interesting X3 i'm looking forward to seeing people and hanging out. it'll be weird not having an AA table, but good to get away.

Saw Ironman with Dana. gonna see it more times this week too with all of the nerdy friends i know and love XD not that i'm complaining; damn good movie.

going to fire my first gun this week with [livejournal.com profile] rudelad737 at a shooting range. I'm truly excited for this this, however, another important note to self: don't go angry, stupid.

i should plan a trip to NYC sometime soon. seeing and all-around hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] sunseenli would do me a world of good @.@ you got any freetime in the coming months hon?

i don't want to crash from all of this, but there may not be a choice in the matter if it continues. something needs to change.
it's happy music time x.x


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