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I'm still alive, i promise. finally done with being sick, so now i'm just being a slacker. i know i promised a con report and pics, but well, there's that whole slacker thing...

in other news, i found out that SIR Patrick Stewart will be attending the Philadelphia Comic Con, thus as physics action/reaction will tell you, now so will i. cause srsly. Cap'n McSexypants Picard. nuff said.
Funny enough, i had never even heard of this con before until i found out about the Stewart thing, and it's like, right up my coast, so i'm totally game. awesome and surprising lineup of scifi peeps too, considering how bad their advertising is.

annyway, going for a day. prolly in costume, depending on how masochistic i'm feeling.

speaking of guests...
amusing convo is amusing )

*goes back to slacking*
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Oog this week X__x

so far, i'm halfway through my first week of being officially back to work. full days and everything. hasn't been as difficult as i thought it was going to be, though there's been some juggling about what to do with figuring out the protein shakes i need to get in, along with taking lunch everyday. i never did that before, but hey, whatever's easy on the wallet, right?

on the other hand, because of all the protein i've been taking in (not to mention the still healing thing) i can only go for about two hours before i HAVE TO GET UP and walk around or something. I used to be able to go a full day without getting up from my desk for anything aside from food or bathroom. it's weird actually having energy. totally not angry about this, tho i gotta make sure i still get my work done in the process, lol.

eating is still weird. but peanut butter no longer hates me. HUZZAH.

Zombieland is my new favorite movie. no, srsly. totally gonna be a zombie for Halloween X3

was having kind of a blah day today which ended with me picking up my mail and finding a bill for the hospital that's around $600 :( which, unfortunately i knew was coming, it just wasn't nice to see.
HOWEVER, i then proceeded to open the rest of my mail which included a check from my insurance for the short term disability for work (SCORE) along with a letter from where i bought my car telling me they got my final payment.
the car, my Gabe, he's officially all mine.
that, and hanging out with friends tonight cheered me up immensely. if only my scar hadn't been hurting all stupid day. how very harry potter of me.

despite everything tho, i've been in pretty high spirits throughout everything. i have my bad days, but i've been more positive lately than i have in YEARS. <3

hurray for thursday! and for the weekend, looking forward to hanging with moar friends and being outdoorsy. should prove interesting, especially since i'm GETTING A PUMPKIN. WOO!
*dances* it's that time of year again!! *gleeeeee*

now if only this friggen Steampunk picture i've been drawing for the Dean/Cas fusion thinger would just ink it's own damn self e__e as much as i missed being a detail whore and have been having way too much fun steampunking the Imapala...aaauuuggghhh innnkkkinnnggg

speaking of steampunk, i've got a costume pulled together for Nekocon that i'm totally gonna sport. 8D stupid, nerdy excited doesn't even begin to cover it.
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ugh. gawd i feel ill x___X

Just got back from ACEN a few hours ago (12 hour drive to Chicago and 12 hour drive back through empty farmlands of Ohio in small car makes E something something...)

The con was decent enough. AA was a crock-o-crap, but that's mainly cause someone thought it would be a good idea to stick us in the same room and hours as the dealers room. lamesauce. that, and as always, everyone wants the fan stuff, so original characters be damned. kids these days XP
i think we broke even tho, so all is not lost.

the cosplaying was much fun :3 [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar posted a few pics of me and she in her latest entry and i'm actually kinda proud of myself. cause i can tell that all the damn dieting i've been doing actually did something and i looked pretty good :D (ya know, as a dude and all) my poor hair XD

also awesome, in the dealer's room they had a setup that was selling EVERY SINGLE COPIC COLOR AND REFILL KNOWN TO MAN. thus, my paycheck is spent. u.u and i has more markers. i am weak, i know, and poor, but happy :P

also got to see [livejournal.com profile] bouncy_erbear and [livejournal.com profile] clemmontine as the only two others that could make it this year from our pile of crazyawesome that was last year. i miss you guys already!! <3

am catching up as much as my poor eyes will allow me.
i totally forgot about the whole damn different time zone thing on thursday and turned on the tv just in time to catch the last five minutes of Supernatural. which was a whole lotta AUGHWTFJUSTHAPPENED. *roll credits* @___@
so i had to wait til i got home before i could watch it. this is after passing about twenty Impala's on the trip (2009's, don't get too excited), traveling through the city of Mishawaka, Indiana (so not kidding), and that the most popular brand of milk in the Chicago area is apparently 'Dean's milk'. my life is a sitcom.

crisis averted, however, cause i just watched it. which of course left me with an AUGHWTFJUSTHAPPENED anyway. *sigh* the season finale is gonna be worse, i know it. X3

still need to get the latest ep of FMA:Brotherhood that i missed, and backlog through a million things i probably don't care about on LJ -.- so halfhearted is the key here.
i'm off work tomorow, therefore i plan on being in a coma until the early afternoon where i will promptly drag my ass out of the apartment, grab [livejournal.com profile] happytemplar, and FINALLY GO SEE STAR TREK.
screw you guys and your teasing ALL damn weekend XP you suck.

i would REALLY LOVE TO HEAR FROM THE UK CON SOMETIME SOON. how bout now? now? SOONER? *facedesk*

meh, i'm gonna curl up in bed with some World War Z until my eyes cross. *poof*

edit: asdjkl;askjgh i wasn't paying attention and missed the House finale DX FAIL.
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It was a hundred degrees yesterday and today.

and the a/c in my apartment is busted.
the Galileo thermometer on my desk has informed me that the current room setting is set on Hell.
Sleeping tonight is gonna be awesome.

on a better note, Video Games Live on saturday was AWESOME. I look forward to going again with my brothers in July.
ya know, july, when its supposed to be this hot. not april.

got my hair cut today :3 not much, but enough so that i'll be able to do Lexaeus without looking like a pineapple. just prioritizing for chicago.
i'm also down ten pounds. woo!

this would all be such a great weekend if not for the GODFORSAKENHEAT.
i want winter back ;.;

home again

Nov. 10th, 2008 10:29 pm
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Home from Nekocon, and amazingly exhausted. x.x
i've got a million bruises, i'm aching, dehydrated and just all around irritable, but nevertheless doing ok. NOT SICKyet, and am working to keep it that way. con funk be damned.

we made out like bandits this time tho, and will be very happy to add a few new niceties to our growing collection of con-dragging-junk. like a new button maker, a WORKING air mattress and other things i can't think of at the moment, but i know we need.
all i know is, it will not be too soon when i have to sit and punch more buttons. grargh. my poor, busted up hands ;.;

The con itself was great fun. we were busy for most of it, but i was still able to finagle in a few hours of cosplay and wear my new, awesomesauce Olivier Armstrong outfit. Many pictures were taken by the wonderful Sako, but so far, this is the only picture I have, which was taken by my boyfriend on his phone. I was horribly nervous and self conscious, and Ashley had to drag me out of the room, but it was so much fun. that wig is amazingly annoying tho, and was useless to do much more than just walk around in. Even then i had tunnel vision and kept bumping into people on my blind right side. lame. still, sure as hell loved looking and walking the part ^__^ i even happened upon a King Bradley who was nice enough to let me get pics with him. would have LOVED for there to be an Alex Armstrong, but oh well. Eventually I'll find a good Roy Mustang to throttle too X3
Will post pics once i get my greedy claws on them :D
i have no idea why i don't have a decent Olivier icon in my arsenal here...hmmm

didn't get much sleep, hence the exhaustion, but for other reasons aside from the con too, i think. have had a lot going on from a lot of different directions that i'm dealing with. nothing too far off the charts, but i think my subconscious is straining and backlashing in defense. there's so much i want to do when things have been so stagnant lately creatively that it's frustrating. Ashley also told me that i was crying in my sleep on saturday night and i woke up this morning missing my Father so much that my chest hurt. don't get me wrong, i love that my mother is in love again and having the (second)time of her life, but there's a piece chunked out of me that nothing will ever fill, regardless of time and experience. once a daddy's girl...
i'd give anything for a few minutes or respite.

back to work again tomorrow, and will come up with some semblance of a con report if i can get up the energy to recall it all. hope everyone else had an awesome weekend :3 cause with all of the tiredness and crankiness aside, much fun was had.
oogh. bed tiems nao.
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If not for the fact that I was home sick from work with some weird kinda food poisoning today, this weekend was possibly the most continuous fun I've had in a -long- time.
no exaggeration. :)

ACEN 2008 psuedo con report )

i've got a full plate coming at me in june. a lot going on with work, family, some friends getting married and all around busy times...but i think(hope) i'm going to be ok. i don't feel as tense as i was last week, and even though being sick today sucked ass, i don't mind going back to work again. things needed to change and i needed to vent in a way that wasn't just outright complaining. i'm not foolish enough to think it's all perfect, and i'm still sticking with a lot of the decisions i made last week in order to alleviate some of that stress, but things are looking better.

ACEN was good fun, with good new friends, and a generally good time of being a dork. honestly, i'd say the only thing that could possibly bring me down right now is the fact that i miss them all already.
it's time for a change, and i'm making it.

now if you'll excuse me, i've got some indiana jones to hang up on my wall X3
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I confuse myself on a usual basis. (nothing new)
this time, it was physically. because it was easter last weekend (no comment there, crazyfrickenfamilywhut) and i haven't been able to get myself to stick to my diet for more than three days in a row without sabotaging myself. despite the fact that it's never anything really bad that i'm doing as a sabotage, i didn't expect any good news at my docs appt this morning.
final outcome? i lost a half a pound.

ok, srsly, wtf.
not that that isn't a really good inspiration to start trying harder to stick to this, but still. i'm lost.
in related news, i ordered a couple shirts from threadless for their whopping awesome sale they had recently. am wearing one today, brand spanking new and perdy in a size XL, and it's loose X) LOOSE i tell you! win. got a shirt from the disney store that ended up fitting me better than i thought it would too. which was just as surprising cause it was the DISNEYSTORE, which only sizes clothing for children, anorexics and disneyjapan.
not complaining tho (surprisingly). it fits, it's ariel AND it's art nouveau. i am negotiably sated.

my drawing muse and i had an argument and we haven't been on speaking terms lately -.- not exactly the kind of thing that works with apologies. damnit. i think she found my writing muse and they're off somewhere making fun of my artistic apathy and all-around uselessness. jerks.
i was going somewhere with this, i swear.

this weekend will be busy. argh. i hate busy weekends. especially since some of it will be family junk XP why do i have to be nice and agree to these things?

I have discovered that Organization 13 coats are comfy.
a bit on the warm side, but comfy nonetheless. thus i am pleased.

Molly bought Crisis Core, but it's only for the PSP. it's so pretty, but so small ;.; stoopid squenix.

i have soccer tonight. *twitch*
this is an odd feeling of deja vu...therefore, i am wearing my damn contacts.
if i come home with crutches, i'm swearing off soccer completely goddamnit.
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i'm ok.

If i didn't write it out sometimes, i don't think i'd really believe it. but in all actuality at this present time, i really am ok.
but not great. (which is just going to have to do)

I had been building up a lot throughout the week with no real way to let any of it out, and that's probably what was tearing me up. mom called me on tuesday and i ended up just pouring my heart out over the phone (lord, my poor mother) but felt better for it after.
i feel so damn lethargic tho. as if nothing exciting is going on. Either that or i'm just subconsiously refusing to notice...it's happened before.

i am, however, commited to focusing on better things and happier moments. so here goes.

spent all day saturday with joe, leo and diz watching an entire season of Justice League. My love for batman grows evermore X) i never would have paired him with wonder woman...but for some reason, that works. weird.

reached my 'down fifty pounds' mark and earned myself the little yo sd doll that Shadra was kind enough to pick up for me in Cali. He's really cute and doesn't creep me out. win. thus he shall be my Raph.

i was getting frustrated with my art until i kicked myself in the head and went back to what i knew best. yes, everyone else around me can sketch quickly and messily; and -yes- it drives me nutz if i try and fail to do the same thing. XP i'm too clean of a sketcher, therefore, if i'm going to get it done on my own without assistance, then i have to put it all together piece by piece and it'll take me longer. but phooey. that's how i've always done it, and that's how i'm gonna keep doing it. BAH.
but, rant aside, once i reverted back to an old technique (and about two days of getting irritated) i got something drawn :) win.
Diz says i'm getting better at hands
THE HAND MASTER herself says i'm getting better.
another win.

i'd be ordering my next set of copics if the damn clear cases were in stock already...argh. just when one thing is in stock, another goes out. XP although i've had little urge to color atm so i'm thus ending up with a pile of things i'll need to color later x.x

i miss my story.

talked to my friend Stephy the other day who is now in the process of seeking out the material to make my olivier costume. which is exciting for all the nerdiest reasons. ^.^
my org 13 coat should be coming in the mail soon too. gotta get those platform boots fixed if i wanna be taller tho...crap.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, but I already have a feeling that tomorow is going to be long and tiring. simply because i have a soccer game tonight that doesn't -start- until 10, (wtf) and who knows how long that'll go to.
yes, you heard me right X)
unfortunately, my mutant legs won't fit into any human made shinguards.
this is gonna hurt.

a final thanks to everyone for the love and concern this week. despite the fact that i was crabby, irritable, whiny and sobby...the love is more than appreciated. *heart* i hope you all realize that.
and i'm ok.

so yah.

Sep. 11th, 2007 01:45 pm
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things have been...interesting. yah.

still close on the verge of cracking, yet hanging on nontheless. aside from the obvious reasons, i still don't know why i've been feeling so down and pitiful, seriously. i really have no good excuse.
been dieting, again, and hoping i'll actually stick to something decent this time. doesn't really help my moods, but then, i knew that was going to happen going into it. this is day 6.
i feel like a robot. :(

roomy's have been a great help with the whole diet thing, but there isn't really anyone going to be able to help my attitude but me. but i just hate going from day to day just waiting for the next one to come.
staypositivepositivepositive. !!

started drawing sailor moon art again, on the plus side :) been awhile since i did the chick thing, but good to know i can reach back for it whenever i need a security blanket of fandom <3 amazing how much you can miss something without even realizing it. but it makes me smile, and i'm drawing on my own (mostly) which is something i need to do more of. not inking, not coloring, not working from someone else's work...sketching. :)

for the record, allergy season sucks. XP

almost a week until we leave for Atlanta and AWA. :3 i AM going to cosplay. yessiree.

thus, that concludes the thoughts of the day. forgive my lack of cohesion ^^; it's just how i've been thinking lately.
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I am no offically 3/4 of the way through the last Harry Potter, courtesy of a friend of mine who let me borrow it for the week.

so far so good, but da-mn. i've lost track of the death count. yeeeesh. no spoilers will be here tho, cause someone did that to me and it kinda sucked -.- i'll just be happy when i'm through it and i can go back to not being hindered by the internet.

i MUST see the simpsons movie, omg. if anything? for the spider pig. cause i seriously could not stop giggling when i saw that XD i <3 u homer.
i'm also kinda hoping for a couple other movies i haven't gotten to see yet, such as Live free or Die Hard, Chuck and Larry, Hairspray, Ocean's 13, hell, i wouldn't even mind seeing Fantastic Four silver surfer :\ just haven't had the time or company. oh what a sad movie go-er i've become! woe!

tho i've seen transformers 4 times, so there goes my argument X)

Gonna be busier than I've planned for recently, especially since my poor mother is now living on her own with the recent move of both my younger brother and my half-sister :( i know she's gonna be ok and all, but i still can't help but feel bad and wish she was closer. This is kinda the age she expected to sit around and be an old fart with dad...which really can't happen now.
i swear the woman needs to go on a date or something. it's not like she looks her age.

So i've got my mother to see and go to Phantom of the Opera with at the Kennedy Center -sometime- in the next two weeks.
Got Bellypalooza with Kat and Sako(?) coming up on August 4th
and i'm sure there are other things i'm forgetting -.-

i wanna cosplay my lolita again.
that, and i'd love to do more costumes X) there aren't many characters i can find that suit me without people gouging their eyes out, but there may still be some choices out there to play with X3
i'm such a nerd. <3

ugh, i think one of the cats got up on my pillow last night, cause man could i not sleep with my EYES SWELLING SHUT. damn allergies.

if i wasn't so damn tired right now, i'd be working. my kingdom for an expresso x.x


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